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Functional Furniture | Bedroom in the living room

The truth is that there have been many advances in a matter of practical, and is increasingly opt more for homes with limited space due to high rents and home prices. Therefore, we are no longer worth the bulky furniture that only have a single goal. No, not anymore, now we want assemble an entire room with a single cabinet, if possible. And it is, what if it is!

Best of all, of course, is its great functionality and efficiency, as designers have been concerned to make durable and easy to place furniture in the proper position. Come on, easy to use. So much so that in just two minutes we will have a room to stay in our room. How is it possible? Thanks to the functional furniture!

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Today we also not satisfied with the typical closet bed, that wallbed coming out of a closet and pretended yes, we saved a lot of space. Now we want functionality, of course, but design functionality. This means that we care as much or more product usability as the specific design thereof.

Lines, professional, minimalist or cozy: whatever our taste and personality, we want furniture that are now allies, are as our represent us, to go with our lifestyle.

Because that is so, now we care much more for the decor of our home, Maybe because we spend a lot time on it if we work from home, or because coming back from work after ten or twelve hours off, we want to feel that welcome, that cozy space where you feel more comfortable.

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That's why some companies have invested in investigation to find furniture that best meet the requirements of this, requirements such as the need for furnish a loft without losing centimeters unnecessarily or style or comfort.

So, as I said, we found this super thin that you see are practically glued to the wall and anchored and carrying a folded table at the bottom of the bed foldaway beds. Once collected, the table mount we have a dining room or desk where you work or eat during the day, and where we will sleep at night.

This furniture is not only ideal for small homes with limited space difficulties, but also for those who lack extra rooms. This furniture, for example, great when we will surprise guests. Regularly this furniture will be a rigged and a large design desk table and sporadically, the room more cuca some eventual guest.

But there are many other options, such as tables are collected into one another, Like Russian dolls! Or, as with the beds, they fold down or extendable for further functional comfort.

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The functional furniture is designed to fulfill several functions.  Contemporary tables with storage space, poufs convertible bed, furniture shoemakers seem large capacity salon furniture.

In an age where technology integrates features functional furniture are the answer, combine different decorating styles and smart designs.

A functional furniture allows you to save space, it gives you more options, it adapts to the lifestyle. Large surfaces Ikea They have encouraged many design functional furniture.

For years in kitchens and we use the folding tables kind book that unfold and give you more space, or folding tables that are fixed to the wall and use it when you need it. Now functional furniture is in the living room or bedroom.

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Tables with different drawers, fittings that allow raising a portion of the low table and turn it into a kind of table if you want to eat while watching TV, or if you want to support and portable. Tables that carry within them smaller tables. In the same space you have several tables if needed. Extensible tables, when you need more capacity extend comfortably.


Sofa beds, day one sofa night a comfortable bed. In the same space you have two options; trundle beds with another bed underneath or large drawers for storing many things; poufs that unfold and become a bench, or a small bed for emergencies.


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foldaway beds, an ideal way to gain space in studios or rooms solution. Day bed folds like a closet and the room is free. folding beds with integrated desk and shelves.