How to atmosphere romantic dinner at a table?

Now coming the day of love, and if you want to have dinner San Romantic Valentine at home and also perfect, perhaps one of the keys to this will be that the table count with everything needed to make us feel in a loving and romantic atmosphere. Why then we give the keys to set the mood for romantic dinner at a table and get this Valentine's Day is the most special of all.


Ideas to prepare a romantic dinner at home:

romantic dinner

Romantic dinners need not always be in expensive restaurants or have a special decoration because it is something very appellant dining out when our anniversary or Valentine's Day, even if this means that You could hold a much more intimate way and staff.

We ourselves can organize a romantic dinner by the person we want and leave surprised if we consider all the details so that it becomes an unforgettable night, beyond a good recipe cooked by ourselves.

It is important to note that the giving environment romantic dinner at a table It does not have to be related with the fact place flowers or hearts everywhere, In addition to light some candles.

There are many ideas that are also simple to apply and that will bring the romance necessary to our table, as well as allowing even combine with other decoration of the room.

Basic ideas for a Valentine's dinner at home

Before seeing these ideas we can summarize some basic and that would allow you to create the best environment for Valentine's Day:

  • Choose one table linen and cutlery that are special
  • Commitment simplicity, so everything more intimate
  • Place a nice centerpiece or failing candles
  • If you go for candles, it is not necessary that neither many nor too large
  • Place some petals on the table (no need to be too many),

Ideas for a romantic dinner table:

  key ideas romantic dinner

Views the basic ideas to succeed in your Valentine's dinner, we want to focus on what can make your table look more special.

The truth is hit our romantic table much will depend on how the couple it is to sit on it for dinner, although there are some items that never fail and they bring a lot to our romantic evening.

Choosing the best cloth

It is important that we decorate the table or we bring you details you notice that this is a special dinner and not every day.

Thus, we can choose to buy a tablecloth that is new and also has some color to relate how love, and of course, we have to mention the red, or white with red napkins or even a black tablecloth can stay very elegant.

Also tonalidades or soft pastel shades They are ideal for such occasions, so even the green that is now so fashionable in decoration, can serve to put a nice tablecloth this color (I repeat that clarita hue).

If we want to give our quotes a &# 8220; touch&8221; more casual or country It is also a good idea to go for dinner on the floor with a checkered tablecloth and barely cutlery (Nothing is forbidden is a matter of taste as I said). Not that I'm saying that you waste your dining down no more, but Why we can not organize an evening picnic at our house? Choose Bonio checkered tablecloth, place some ambient sound, turn off the lights, light some candles and watch your gratament surprise partner.

Details for the dinner table Valentine

The details that we can &8220; add&8221; our romantic table and allow dinner is round can pass place some rose petals on the table (much better than flowers) or leave a romantic note on the plate your partner and before serving dinner is clear.

I give you an idea and maybe can funcionaros is to catch a poem that we like, or invent some verses and write them down on a napkin. When your partner sit at the table, we ask that the napkin on your lap is set to start dinner and then dIt escubrirá our declaration of love.


Petals for Valentine table

Among the details that add to those already mentioned, we must say that the petals are perhaps one of the best options.

I do not mean that cojáis and petals llenéis table, but we can choose put a few on the sides, or maybe around our table centerpiece or candle to place in the middle.

Cutlery and crockery for a romantic dinner:


As for crockery and cutlery that we use, it is also a matter of the people involved in the dinner, though It will never fail to place the most elegant that we have.

We can go for the best crystal glasses, if we have, and those dishes and cutlery booked for special occasions.

like-to-atmosphere-de-dinner romantic get-a-table-crockery-zara-home

Cutlery and crockery for modern Valentine

At present there are also modern designs which are very, and at the same time very romantic.

For example as outside detail and get your silverware, you can always elegir a tray-shaped heart or something that makes a distinction and romanticism at your table.

On the other hand, apart from designs of hearts, we can buy cutlery and crockery and trays to be special but always with Simple and special design.

Thus, in stores like Zara Home, we now find dishes like you see above, which has a small leaf print. Ideal for a night like Valentine style.

Things that can not miss on a romantic dinner table:



Candles are perfect for to privacy at any momentor, in any room of the house (such as romantic bedrooms), And if we choose to place our romantic dinner table, we will make sure little more missing.

We can find them in different sizes, colors and even smells (though I advise the latter the reserveís for another time because a poorly chosen can smell &8220; pollute&8221; the scent of your dinner).

Champagne or cava:

The drink is also essential element in a dinner for lovers, and if we give our love better than doing it with a bottle of the best champagne or better champagne.

Ceramic or centerpiece:

Before I have already suggested putting a few rose petals or other flower on the table (which can form a heart for example), but we can also make or buy a nice centerpiece, but yes it's not too overdone nor large.

Maybe, I repeat, it is opt for simplicity and above all not to recharge the table as we run the risk that with many things, we end up having to trouble speaking or see our partner.

Environment Music:

Finally I have to mention something that can never fail to give room to a romantic dinner, as is the fact of having music that is soft, or some singer that we like but not exceeding decibels.

Five tips for your table perfect Valentine:


We have spoken of everything needed to decorate the table Valentine, but as mentioned we can add these five tips.

1-Doing homework dinner event

Let's make Valentine's dinner an event and so we can try to make it an activity of two then enjoy together.

Open a bottle of wine, and while you go cocináis and entering conversáis environment. Sure to be a different and ideal way to celebrate.

2-Set mood

 Whether it only illuminate the dining room with candles or make a beautiful centerpiece made with hand picked flowers, you must create the environment in creative fashion.

For example, we can go to a shop for arts and crafts inspiration centerpieces in order to find the best for the dining table.

You can also choose some small decorations and candles to turn your table in a special dinner.

3-Set the mood

Next to the perfect table for Valentine's important is to create the perfect environment. So we can put a quiet music.

Create a playlist of the application you use for music usually serve so you will always have the best songs for the night.

4-Start with incoming

Apart from elaborate menu, it is important also not to forget the starters, as these will help us to start dinner a quiet conversation before we actually dinner.

5-Choose a good dessert

On the other hand, it is important to choose the dessert. Those who lead chocolate They are certainly the most popular and we can surely choose a better option.

Video of how to prepare the table for a romantic dinner:

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