2017 Christmas crafts easy to make: Christmas crafts for kids

Crafts for Christmas, easy, fun and inexpensive materials Are you urge one? Crafts are a fun and useful activity to combat stress and allow us to spend the days leading up to Christmas a little distracting small house, which is fun and may participate in the home decor so that it is us as if by some expertly decorated.


Decorate your house original and beautiful way to save money is possible with Crafts for Christmas. In this article we are going to show many ideas to decorate your house for Christmas.

There are no easy crafts that do not require expensive materials and the result will surprise you because you can reuse ornaments other years, wrapping paper, gift wrapping ribbons, stickers, glitter, cardboard materials are easy to find and that can give you a lot of play.

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How to make ornaments for the tree?

You can do all kinds of ornaments for the tree and get a completely Christmas, persoanlizada and unique decoration. With your own style and your favorite colors.

Christmas Angel


In previous articles we tell you how podíais make a Christmas angel with three different options: fimo, clay or cold porcelain. Non crazy with repeated information you again, remember that you can click here to see the step by step &# 8220; balls Christmas angels&8221;

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Reindeer for Christmas tree


The crafts from recycled items are not only ideal for Christmas, but also allow you to follow fashion. For example with wine stoppers and a little thought you can make an ornament for the tree as much fun as este.Y if you want something a tad less elaborate but just as funny, you can do this reindeer head and hang it on your Christmas tree.

As you can see, the materials used are minimal but with a funny, funny and homemade result.

Stars for Christmas tree

With the cardboard boxes of cereal or crackers and a bit of your creativity will have a very decorative Christmas ornaments, they do not take away too long and you will very cheap.


You can make the picture and size you prefer, on the Internet you have Christmas drawings that you can download for use as plantillas.Materiales you will need for these stars in particular: Cardboard boxes of cereal, crackers or the like; gold craft paint, gold glitter, glue stick, scissors, a brush, a pen, a folio.Para answer to how to make these stars Christmas, we leave this great video where you can watch step by step. Choose colors that you like and throw yourself to do multicolor for a perfect result:

Christmas balls recycling

It may not be as showy as typical christmas balls but if you want to continue recycling, you can also create this circle as a decorative element more.


To be most original even within this lid you can put messages on Christmas Day may have to discover hidden gifts or the beginning of a gymkhana to find gifts kings.

Another option is to take a large piece of paper, or several of them (you can go taping) and forms a spiral to fill inside a plastic cover. Below places a strip of string or yarn and make a hole in the top so you can spend a rope or wire to hang from the tree.

How to make an Advent wreath?


Advent wreaths, besides the symbol they represent, are also a sensational element in the decoration make this craft navideña.Para I will recommend you to go to the post in which we tell you step by step and with pictures how you can make at home . There will be some crowns that only adults may be able to make them but others can also prepare with pequeños.Podéis see all the information by clicking here:

&8220;Advent wreaths, Christmas wreaths step&# 8220 ;.

How to make Christmas cards?


This craft excites children and the not so young. The materials have at home or you will cost very little, the result is not only beautiful but endearing, send someone a Christmas card made by you is very valuable to a Christmas card purchased. You can also choose the best Christmas cards made by you and your sons and place them on the tree or Navidado hang threads so well serve to compliment the holidays with your family and friends are also a good decorative choice.

Christmas-Crafts post-

Materials you need

  • Colored construction paper
  • gold glitter and other colors
  • Glue stick
  • Brush
  • Scissors
  • thin ribbon gift

Making Christmas wreaths

Wreaths are a sensational decorative item for Christmas, you can do easily and with colors you have chosen as the theme of this year.The can place wreaths on the Christmas tree or anywhere in the house, from the entrance to the hall or anything goes bedroom like other crafts, fijaros what materials you have at home that you can recycle: cardboard, wrapping paper, ribbons&# 8230; Because these may be the key elements for a completely different, unique and fun result.


Materials you need:

  • vinyl wallpaper or wrapping paper
  • Glue
  • Needle and thread red / green
  • a stapler
  • Scissors

How to make garlands?

On this occasion, we will leave written in an explanatory video that you will be very useful to follow it step by step. Just do not forget to give your personal touch to make it sensational:

How to make Christmas crafts for kids

By last I suggest yes Christmas crafts are specific to them with the children while they are at home during the holidays.

We can for example, a santa Claus or Santa Claus from a popsicle sticks or wood, painted white. Drawing of a face, that the children will draw and paint on a card.

He gorrito we do with cardboard and cellophane, and some cotton at the tip. The doll mustaches can do with a little wool.


Another craft for children is this also can keep as a souvenir forever. You take a little porcelain clay or cold; beams that support children with their hands and then make a hole in the center. You let it dry and then spend a little fabric or thread so that you can hang the Christmas tree.


Did you ever think that Worn rolls of toilet paper They will serve for decorating Christmas? Look at these beautiful echos Santas dad with two rolls of cardboard, some plush fabric and a hat. Do not you are lovely? You can do it without problems and also enlist the help of the smallest of the house. Do you like crafts? In Espaciohogar.com we care about your opinion, if you want, you can leave a comment at the end of the article with your ideas we can all learn or you can share it on your social networks.

Felt Christmas crafts

Christmas begins with a time of illusion and imagination where what we want is Decorate the Christmas house and, among all kinds of ornaments there, you can choose from felt because if you like crafts is the perfect material. Discover the manalidades felt then.


For do Felt Christmas crafts only you require imagination, a little time and materials the following:


  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Cotton
  • Needle
  • Thread

Those are the main materials that can add more to give them a more personal and original touch. In addition you can make different types of craft like stars, trees, socks&# 8230;


These are the classics but we can do everything, reindeer, snowflakes, angels, bells&# 8230;


They are easy to make drawings not take much effort, all that will take more work is sewing the two contour felt fabrics with cotton inside.

Crafts-de-navidad-en-felt-kings magi

The last thing you do is incorporate the loop on the top these crafts to hang on the Christmas tree.


We can also make crafts out Christmas tree or decorative accessories as such. For example, a napkin holder for the table will be the most original.


So you can see more examples Christmas craft felt with these completed we leave this gallery.

Christmas crafts or Goma Eva foami

For the handyman of the house and that you like working with your hands now we are going to teach how to make Christmas crafts foami or rubber eva.


The advantages of this material is that it is very cheap, very easy and comfortable to mold for both adults and children. If you want to spend time with the kids in the house we recommend that you use this material to create faomi figures together.


As we have said it is a easy molding material so you can do all kinds of shapes and forms, this is because you can cut, paste and fold.


So you can see more examples of Christmas Crafts foami or rubber eva the best casts of the figures we recommend that pinchéis in the next gallery.

Making Christmas balls

He ornament that never fails on a Christmas tree is the ball or sphere which is usually accompanied by lights and star in the tops of the pine.


Let's see the best ideas of Christmas balls this year. One, who has caught a lot of strength are the transparent crystal, which will fill in the style and colors of the tree. An example is the following image.


Another example is to fill the glass ball with pens and colored ribbons to encourage and brighten the area. You like?


If you do not want to complicate much better it is paste paper messages on the ball, desires and dreams for the new year either colored letters in black and white&# 8230; there are many options.


What do you think of origami? You can make different balls completely to your liking, you only have to decide what type of paper and color you want.


To see more examples of Christmas balls we leave the next gallery, with many ideas to make your tree is the most original.

Making Christmas stars

The most important accessory is the star tree Christmas, we usually put it in the cup pine and usually want it to be eye-catching, elegant and beautiful. Our tree stand for it.


We can make many kinds of Christmas stars, the first thing to think about is what material we use and what color. Once you have'll see what kind of star beats on our tree, how many points and how.


There are plenty of materials we can use, wood, wool, string, paper&# 8230;

How-Do-stars-of-Christmas-sticks-of-yo catramelo

What is your favorite star? So you can see more styles, colors and shapes we leave this photogallery, you have all the ideas.

Making Christmas ties

What kind of ties want for your Christmas tree? We will show you the best Christmas ties which the ye yourselves. Read on and discover how.


To make Christmas ties you need tape and think the color of this. To choose the color you have to think which color does not destroy the harmony that has the tree.


Once we have decided that we focus on the size ties therefore we recommend you to buy a long to go cutting with the appropriate measure tape.


To see more examples of ties and have all the ideas we leave this gallery.

Surely you find it interesting how to make Christmas ties, if so pinchad on the following link, you will find all the information on how to make Christmas ties.

  • Making Christmas ties

How to make Christmas wreaths

The door of our house at Christmas we usually decorate for it in this section we will see how to make Christmas wreaths with the best ideas for you to have the most original and beautiful.


Everyone has their taste and style, so you have to choose the crowns that most identify with you, because there are many Christmas wreaths to choose: fun, classic, colorful, floral&# 8230;


Usually they take the Red as main color, It is best represented Christmas but there are many possibilities.


Crowns may also be of many materials, not only can be candy balls, branches, fruits&# 8230;


Discover all ideas and colors kroner in this gallery. What is your style?

Making Christmas Stockings

What socks are going to put in the fireplace this Christmas? They are not only red socks and placed in the chimney of the houses in this section you will discover all the options and possibilities.

Christmas socks,

You can put all the Christmas socks being the same elegant style if you choose white as in the next picture.


Another style is customize with your names, initials or something that you represent.


For the most coquettish of the house, what if we put boots with heels?


Where you shall put socks this Christmas? Click on the gallery to see all the possibilities.

How to Mesa Navideños Centers

Here we focus on the center table with all Christmas colors, flowers and style that characterizes these dates.


What is your style for a centerpiece? It may take several elements such as pine cones and balls to animate the center, as in the image.


Use glass vases to fill what we like whether candles, colorful flowers (not necessarily have to be red), fruit&# 8230;


He Doradeor it is one of the most used at Christmas because it is also elegant and beautiful colors. For a centerpiece it is perfect. Pinchad in the gallery and discover all the ideas for a centerpiece.