Color Ideas for dining

The dining room is one of the most important rooms in the house not only because it is the area where we eat dinner, but it also ends up turning the spotlight when we have some important home celebration. Now that we are in a new spring summer season, you might like to change the color of your room, so that Home Space will now give you some ideas and proposals. These are then the best ideas of colors for the dining room.


How to choose the best color for the dining room


The dining room is a room in which we can combine the color of essential furniture, table and chairs, the walls and curtains. That is why taking this option, it is always good to use two colors such as Choose brown as the main tone furniture, and even black, and let the walls are more varied colors like white, beige or trendy colors like blue or green.

On the other hand, architectural elements of a room, such as windows, moldings, or the details of the furniture can provide continuity if painted the same color and combine much better when we choose another tone to the ceiling, or walls, and even the floor.

You must also take into account that the space available is a key element when knowing how to choose the best color for the dining room. Thus, if you have little space, you should choose colors that are soft or paint a wall of intense color, leave the rest of lighter color and thus allow the entry natural light leave everything brighter.

The dining rooms have large windows also can take advantage of this and choose more on, or the clearest of everyone we achieve that look much space full of light and life tones.

You can also decant the latest color trends for the dining room, and within these we have for example:

Color Ideas for dining

Yellow for the dining room


The yellow &8220; chillón&8221; It is a great choice for a dining room, if we consider, and check how well we going to stay with furniture in brown, white or black. The better choose yellow walls and let the rest of the room is available in other colors. In the picture you can see how good it is.

Blue for the dining room


The intense blue is another of those tones that seem to have become very fashionable in the decoration of houses. For the dining room, it can be a great choice for our walls provided that the furniture are lighter shades or combine with brown wood table and chairs. If your dining room is small, try to paint a single wall of this color and the rest paints a much softer blue or light beige, you'll see how good it is.

Dark gray for the dining room


Gray is a color that has become very fashionable for the walls of the houses. We see many rooms and even kitchens with this color, but can also be a great choice for a dining room, and if we choose one red dark gray tone that can combine well with other rich tones like brown, or. This is a tone that brings a lot of style, even in dining rooms with a classic decor.

Orange for dining


If we have already seen how good eaters are in yellow, I also want to show that such is the fact choose to paint the walls of a similar color like orange. This is not a tone that much in interior decoration, but when it does, monopolizes our attention; also it combines well with the color of wood or brown furniture.

Red for the dining room

Ideas-room-red colors

Similarly, I want you to see how good you can be a dining room in which the red color is the main protagonist. You can also make combine with white color for frames and windows, and if you have a table in wood and other elements of this color, you will be a soup kitchen as elegant.

Green grass for dining


If you like the green you're in luck as it is currently one of the tones trend for interior decoration. Of the many shades of green are today, we opted for this first you see in the photo, green grass or green olive, which combines perfectly with other lighter shades. Pay attention to how well it is combined with table and chairs clear color.

Green apple for dining


Another option is to choose a softer green, and so we opted for a green apple that you will provide to your dining room look more elegant. It looks good even with furniture that is of a classic style.

Lilac or purple for the dining room

Ideas-room-purple colors

Which may belong tones, but also modern, it sure will be charmed by seeing the purple color on the walls of your room. This tone, or purple is perfect for dining design, and there is no better color to combine the black.

seawater for dining


Sea water color is another trend shades for this spring summer 2016 in what regards to interior design demodo do not doubt that if you like, because the walls can quedaros luxury. The good thing is that it is a lively and cheerful color, which highlights much more when we mix with other like brown or beige.

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