Tricks for aging wood

Wood is one of the most common materials in any house and although we often see as damaged or needs that we restore, the fact is that we also encounter the fact of wanting to have a style &8220; vintage&8221; in our wooden furniture and a good idea it will be to get this look aged. Espaciohogar will now explain tricks for aging wood.


Article Index:

  1. Growing old wood with bitumen
  2. Growing old wood with paint
  3. New wood aging
  4. Video of how aging natural wood

Growing old wood with bitumen:

  • If you seek to grow old one wood furniture to have a more elegant air or &# 8220; classic&8221; there are some products such as bitumen and that combined with others can help us give the wood a worn look.
  • What we have to do before you apply this bitumen, will be sanding the cabinet so that we can paint it. Sanding will allow us to open the pores of the cabinet to better take the painting, but it is very deep maybe we should use a paint stripper.
  • Once we have sanded the entire cabinet we paint with a brush that is flat and also the grain of the wood and also applying two layers.
  • When we paint dry, we have to do is apply the mordant and then remove it and thus make it look like paint or torn as if it had fallen. Do not forget to wear gloves and mask.
  • And the time comes the bitumen that will be applied at the edges and in some parts of furniture so we get a slightly darker color on the wood and thus the display with aged effect.


Growing old wood with paint:

  • Another trick is to age the wood which we paint so that then withdraw the paint to give it an aged appearance.
  • It's a very simple trick and that you can, for example, if we want a wooden frame look aged.
  • To do this we just pINTAR white, frame or furniture in quesn, and then once it has dried, apply a painting of a stronger color (Eg blue or green).
  • After applying the paint strong, we catch a kitchen scourer and had all the wood so we go mixing both layers of paint and simultaneously get that with this mix, the material look more aged.

old wood

New wood aging:

  • Finally we explain that many times when painting or applying shoe polish wood or any kind of stripper did not get the wood to achieve that old look we want and maybe the reason is because it is a very new wood and very clean.
  • If this is your problem we have to say that perhaps an effective trick is the Using a torch and allow you to give the desired effect although you have to be careful so that on the one hand not burn wood and above all do not hurt yourself.
  • The idea is to burn some areas of wood slightly and then we can sand so it look like an aged wood and even wood that has many years.

Video of how aging natural wood: