Angels ball for Christmas tree

Angels are one of the symbols and decorative elements frequently at Christmas. Today we show you how to create your tree angels and images that can inspire you.


How to make Christmas balls with angels?


To make these balls with angels to decorate the Christmas tree need some skill with your hands, especially to model the angels.

The truth is that it is not too difficult to make, provided you have the necessary materials as I will explain below.

As for the colors you can choose them, but to guide I can tell you need cold white porcelain (for clothes), skin (head, hands and feet) and brown, yellow or black (hair).

Materials you will need:

  • Christmas balls (you can buy them at any store)
  • Cold porcelain
  • Glue for cold porcelain
  • Chopsticks
  • gold paper
  • universal glue

Steps to follow:

Before you begin, recommendations Go riding the angel on the ball to look like it is supporting. Once the angel is dry, with universal glue paste on the ball.


  1. The body is a cone porcelain White color. He performs arms making two rolls also white and color torso sticking with glue porcelain.
  2. The feet and hands are skin color balls that if you want, you can mark it with a stick to your fingers.
  3. The head is a flesh colored area or skin should stick to the body with a stick to make it very strong. Make dough rolls brown, black or yellow to make the hair.
  4. Píntale the angel's nose, eyes and mouth acrylic paint or a nontransferable fiber fine tip.
  5. To make them Angel wings you can cut pieces of gold paper and hit the body. Then once you're done waiting until everything is completely dry before hanging on the tree.
  6. You can place one or two angels ball, that is at ease. Note that if angels are very heavy then it will be difficult to place the bowls properly on the tree.

Angels ornaments for the Christmas tree

Besides being able to create and customize your own christmas balls with precious angels made by you, you can also create angels that you can hang from the tree, preventing the passage of paste angels balls or choose color combinations that give harmony.

One of the materials that are causing a sensation is the Fimo, which it is very flexible and can be molded easily, and get paint Chulis angels. You also have the option to do with clay and, for those who have children at home, it is a hilarious task to share with family.


To give you an idea of ​​how you can work the Fimo, I leave you this video that shows you step by step how to create an angel-shaped pen, you can change it to make it a Christmas tree:

Who knows, it may even become a tradition going creating different figures and ornaments at all times of the year.

Angels for the tree with popsicle sticks


The truth is that in addition to the aforementioned balls, and the recommendations made, we can find many other ways to decorate our Christmas tree with some pretty angels.

So the idea that we want to propose then is to make Christmas angels with a base from Popsicle sticks.

How do angels for the tree with sticks


Set well in the photo above because they have a step by step as detailed. You see how simply you can do these angels and then hang Christmas Tree.


1-The first thing you have to do is pick up a few sticks of ice cream. Three together and stick with some tape. 

2-Take two sticks and place them slightly crossed on the basis that just made so as to allow us to be forming the body of our angel.

3-Now take two sticks and the parts in half. Once this is done, you stick to the base of the two crossed sticks. So you can form the arms of the angel.

4-Da back to the base you've created and between the two poles of the first three we put you must measure so we can cut cardboard or cardboard that will be the neck and head angel.

5-Cut out the shape of the head and neck leaves something. This paste it behind the base made of the sticks, and making sure that overhangs (step 6 and 7).

8-Paste some double-sided tape on the back, and cut a card that has shaped wings. It can also be a bit of wallpaper, but above all, see that you will not bend or crumple.

9-Seen from the front, your angel would be ready. Just would get to us paint and decorate as we like. And do not forget to paint a face to our little angel.

Furthermore, we can add some wire to be the crown, or we also serve to hang the tree and some lace (such as that used trays cakes) to be a completely decorated angel.

Angels for cold porcelain tree


Another style of angel to hang the Christmas tree may be one as you see here and you can do with cold porcelain.

All we have to do is molding the cold porcelain to shape the body of an angel without having to paint the face or anything.

We can draw details number and thus, we will be a beautiful angel to hang on the tree.

painted angels


You also have the option of paint it so it is not completely white, and if you dare already and are very crafty, you can always create a bulkier angel, paint and dress detail. That ye may have more information, I leave this great video so you can see how to make an angel with cold porcelain:

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