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If we have to search among existing firms appear to have targeted fashion collections to have dedicated home, we can not avoid mentioning set ourselves and Zara Home. This shop is dedicated to everything related to the decoration and the fabric of the famous Zara, which we offer you all the information below in addition to show you the best of their latest catalog.


Zara Home What is it?


Zara Home is the Zara store in which we can find all kinds of accessories and related home furnishing items. From textiles for the bedroom, a textile for dining, with crockery, cutlery, glasses and all kinds of decorative elements, Zara Home aims to bring excellence to the signing of Inditex already has in the world of fashion, to our house.

In addition, collections Zara also typically include clothing or clothing that is used when we are relaxed at home, whether pajamas and dressing gowns, bathrobes and all the clothes we can define as &# 8220; homespun&# 8221 ;.

The year when the first store opens Zara Home is in 2003, as a result of the success of Zara in the fashion market. Currently the company already has more than 300 stores in 30 countries.

Zara Home what do we find?


A mentioned or what I have explained, it should be added that Zara Home you can find not only tablecloths, napkins, towels and linens, but each season, the company is full of new collections with which we decorate the house in full.

It even has special collections, such as that often take on Halloween, or Christmas, but with these, Zara Home also has many proposals relating to elements that allow us &8220; dress&8221; best home such as frames, pictures, mirrors, candles, or lamps.


In its stores (including online shop) we can find it all in terms of the different categories in which your articles are divided and thus we have:

  • BED : Section dedicated to everything that is textile bedroom
  • BATH: Section dedicated to everything that is textile bath
  • TABLE : Section dedicated to everything that is textile table and crockery, cutlery, cups and glasses
  • DECOR: Figures from photo frames you find all the decorative elements
  • ACCESSORIES: Section dedicated to accessories you may need in a house like a hanger, or a notebook or slippers
  • HOMEWEAR & SHOES: Section dedicated to clothes to be at home.

We also have a section of newly created Zara Home Kids, which it is dedicated to the children's room decor and They market their own essences and fragrances.

The decorative styles of Zara Home

zara-home-you-can-find-styles, decorative

As for decorative styles, Zara Home is usually always opt for the latest trends so that depending on what takes at a certain time, we'll see how everything is full of elements representing the decorative style.

For example, when the spring-summer season arrives, Zara Home usually opt for the sailor style and modern trends that allow us to have the house decorated with a fresher feel. Sometimes they have had collections devoted to tropical.

Many also tend to opt for style minimalist, and sometimes we have encountered some other collection dedicated to east.

Zara Home | Catalogue


After haberos talked a bit about what is and what you can find in Zara Home is not bad let's look at some of the proposals from their catalog because in this way you can do with one better idea of ​​what exactly they sell.


At present we have to look at the new catalog Fall Winter, and in particular in those proposals for 2016. Zara Home opts for a new season in lto retro style elements are carried and can even find decorative elements and prints reminiscent of the Victorian style Romantic. mixed with new proposals that combine very well in the minimalist style.

zara-home-catalog-bedroom bed

Among all offering it stands as the bet made by textiles for the bedroom with all kinds of pillows, quilts, comforters, bedspreads, sheets, quilts ...and soft tones sets the trend as well as others who have more striking prints.


Zara catalog also includes the best proposals to the table, betting on lace tablecloths, or those with different pattern, not forgetting the crockery and glassware approaching mentioned that romanticism. Proposals both indoor and outdoor.


As for the proposals bath, we are also much inspiration &# 8220; retro&8221; betting on details and small decorative items, with a fabric that comes in very neutral tones.

If you want to consult all the current catalog of Zara, you can do entering its web, which also They have an online store so you can buy all your products without leaving home.

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