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Espaciohogar reviewed the catalogs of offers for summer 2014 home in a previous article we told you about the Conforama sales Summer 2014 and now expanded information with the atalogue rebate of Conforama for this summer 2014. In this link you can view the catalog current Conforama.


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Conforama sales catalog for summer 2014


In its Conforama catalog literally "strip the house through the window," this summer offer more discounts than ever, it is best that discounts are not just for summer but furniture, textiles, decorations and other items that will be useful throughout the year. And especially for the bedroom.


We can thus take advantage of the large collection of wardrove you'll find Conforama and in its 2014 summer sales reach a 40% discount.

Conforama sales catalog for summer 2012

LED TVs, sofas, fans, air conditioners. Appliances super prices. Garden furniture and also for indoors. Kitchens, special deco curtains, lighting system, carpets.

Bedrooms price reductions


Back to the bedroom and we can not ignore the rebates Conforama is launching for this part of the house. We can find very comfortable mattresses, ensuring our rest and sold at incredible prices! Between 250 and 400 euros depending on model.


Also in the catalog of summer sales 2014 Conforama find interesting proposals for bedroom decor, especially the youth and children's bedrooms.

Youth bedroom furniture


compact beds with table and drawers, They are incorporating rail beds closet. Bunk beds, double beds of different models, in wood, metal, Japanese style. If you have to renew the mattress, the mattress or the couch have a full range to choose from. the springs have, viscoelastic foam, with storage base to use its full capacity.

The cabinets and furniture shoemakers They are become indispensable, help you to keep everything tidy. In Conforama have some shoemakers of different sizes for up to 15 pairs of shoes.

Cabinets of different sizes with folding doors and drawers.

Decoration living and dining area and garden furniture


The decoration of the room also highlighted in the catalog of summer sales of Conforama 2014. We can find many proposals, for example, tables and chairs and very modern or more classic styles designs. If you like light color you have the set of tables and chairs upholstered in PVC Albi.

catalog-de-sales-de-conforama-summer-2014-jardinTables, shelves, reading lamps, chairs and chairs. Now you can equip your child's bedroom or home office with bargain prices. In addition in July you have the last days of the sales of garden collection.

More pictures of the summer Conforama sales catalog


Click to access the catalog Conforama summer 2012

Conforama sales catalog for summer 2012

Conforama sales catalog for summer 2012

Conforama sales catalog for summer 2012

Conforama sales catalog for summer 2012

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