How the washer

If you have to put the washing machine and do not rinse it in Espaciohogar  we miss a hand. You'll see it's easier than it sounds and often we have to just follow the logic.


In addition washing machines today come with instructions as simple and will also give you some tips to put your clothes washer and remain untainted and new.

How the washer

Today's expert was an apprentice at first. If you now do not rinse it with the washer,  It's just a matter of having a clear guide and then there will be no washing machine that you can not beat. Many students, or people who are going to live alone are not accustomed to using the washer and thus may end up mixing colors, do not know that temperature is right or does the word &8220; spin&# 8221 ;.


We do not have to get nervous, just follow the step by step our instructions and see how you rinse it.

You and the washing machine. You stand in front of the washer and see:

  • The drum, generally round, it is where you enter the laundry.
  • Washing programs.  It is this command usually round with different numbers. Most washing machines tend to have similar symbols. There are economic programs that are usually less temperature of 60 °. Delicate programs etc.
  • A small drawer or box that is where you can put the detergent, softener, bleach. It is divided into 3 apartment


washing symbols

  • The symbol I: It's for him Detergent if you do prewash. Prewash is a first wash the laundry is very dirty, spots, then normal washing will be done. (If you do you put prewash detergent in the box symbol I and II)
  • The symbol II: It's for him Detergent without prewash. Daily or weekly laundry is not very dirty. daily or weekly wash if you do not prewash.
  • The symbol *: It is for the softener.

washing programs

How the washer. Tips 
Housework: young woman doing laundry

How the washer. Tips - Transfer of colors

Depends on the type of clothing, not to hook you up, it's the best thing Do not mix linen clothes in bright colors, this first step. There is a wipes you can use to avoid colors are transferred. Put them in the washing machine drum and thus can avoid it break through colors

How the washer. Tips - Programs

Here you have a chart to know which program to market. On clothing labels also usually comes washing recommendations, the ideal temperature etc. A higher temperature greater consumption. Click on the image to see the types of programs washing machine.

washing programs

In bed sheets, shirts, towels and general clothing label see some symbols, here meaning.

How the washer. Tips - Symbols

They serve to determine whether the garment can be washed in washing machine, at what temperature. If it is to be dry cleaned or hand washed.

I simbolos_lavado

How the washer. Tips - Use bleach

If you can use or not bleach (Triangle, if you have a stain before using bleach check the label or can damage clothing) .In clothing labels also have ironing symbol.

How the washer. Tips - Clean Machine

After haberos we have talked about how the washer with the many choices of these, then we emphasize the importance of like cleaning the washer.

It is important that the machine is clean and I refer not only to Exterior (Which you can be cleaned with a simple wet cloth or a cleaning), I refer in particular to inside as it may on occasion I bring you undone that you have some rest &8220; cast&8221; with the clothes.


Usually it is sufficient to remove the filter, which is usually down on one side or the rear of the washer. Usually a small box that opens by pressing and that allows you to remove the filter and see that will be full of accumulated dust, hair and other debris and We must be kept clean for proper operation of our appliances.

Do not forget either Clean the door with a mop so that the circular bands having not go as deteriorating and should not, clean the small box that can easily extract and then clean it with a little hot water elimiar soap and all kinds of soap scum and other products that you have missed.

How the washer. Tips - limescale


By last, it is important to use descaling products we can easily buy and extend the life of your washing machine also prevent lime buildup in pipes and could end up staining your clothes.

How the washer. Tips - Misconceptions

You may know how it goes washer and know what to do at every moment, which clothes you use, what products take ... but we are all human and occasionally we see ourselves applying a wash program was not and when we have wanted to realize, you are already spinning.


Nothing happens, here is our ally centrifuge program. Usually it represented by a sort of eddy or vortex. We stop the washer and give recentrifuged.


Then the washer will drain all the water and begin to remove all excess fluid from the garments. When you're done, you'll get the clothes or change the desired program.

This way, you will know the different ways the washing machine to wash clothes.