Decorating ideas photos First Communion for boys and girls 2017

If you have time to celebrate First Communion of your son or your daughter and want to celebrate at home or in a garden outdoors, do not miss the next article where we show decoration First Communion 2017, the table decoration and the cake decorating, either a First Communion of a boy or a girl and if you are going to celebrate indoors or outdoors. Look at all the decoration First Communion 2017 we have prepared for you.

Decoration First Communion 2017

Normally, in a First Communion we organize ourselves (outdoors or at home) we usually find two types of decorations: that which revolves around a central table where guests can serve lunch and cake or, in a more classical way with several tables where to sit to eat. You can also combine both forms. Here we give several ideas for decorating First Communion 2017.

Normally, the colors chosen for First Communion are in pastel colors because they are very suitable for boys and for girls. If we are very classic, blue for boys and pink for girls it will be associated with, but the reality is increasingly being exchanged these colors are used interchangeably and whether boy or girls. We can also see other colors for First Communion 2017 as gold or natural shades. Of course, on this day, usually white protagonist. White represents purity, also closely associated with childhood.

Pictured above we show an idea to decorate the table where they will eat all the guests. If you're going to do outdoors, choose bright, cheerful colors, while we recommend using plants and other decorations to give more liveliness and joy to the table. On the other hand, we let down an idea to decorate the center celebration table, where we can make a pretty centerpiece First Communion with the colors you're using, as well as candy and other snack foods, as shown in the photograph. The cake is also often displayed in this table for all the guests see it before being cut.

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If you want more ideas for decorating tables, read on.

2017 decoration First Communion for boys and girls &# 8211; tables

The important thing to decorate the tables First Communion 2017, is to do it in detail. Everything must be careful, since the glasses Y cutlery, through the dishes and following the tablecloths. Something that is very fashionable to decorate tables are table runners. Choose one for a communion with flowers or children's details. We recommend flowers that also do very well with communions own time: the spring.

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To decorate the head table, we recommend going to a store specializing in stationery or holiday decorating where you can find details like those you see in the picture. We recommend buying some pretty for the occasion garlands, balloons that match the decor of the rest of the party and then trifles to decorate the food table and pie. Finally, you can also buy some flowers to give a cheerful touch and celebration.

Read on to discover decorating cakes First Holy Communion 2017.

2017 decoration First Communion for boys and girls &# 8211; tarts

The decoration 2017 First Communion for children and girls in pies, you may also be different colors but there are also neutral colors and colors that combine to both girls and boys. A very simple idea pie is what we see below. We chose raw and white tones very own First Communion and We decorate it with some pearls which give more style to the cake.

In the cakes First Holy Communion we can also make as wedding cakes and choose a doll representing our child or our child. Below you can see a very nice example. The muñequitos that adorn the cake can be plastic or can be made with fondant.

A part of the cake, we can also do other sweet as cupcakes decorated First Communion, chocolates, cakes, etc. All this we recommend that you put on the coffee table so guests can serve themselves and you do not give you much work besides that for them can also be more comfortable. For younger guests to communion, you can hand out some boxes with goodies, which will surely love.

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