Swings for the garden and terrace

Summer comes and certainly those who have a garden or a large terrace from which to enjoy, starting at the outdoor furniture that may be ideal to make better use of this space. This is the case for example of Balancines for the garden, although in the case of the smallest sure you will love them install a swing.

garden swings

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  • Where to buy a swing for the garden?
  • Types of swings for the garden
  • Make yourself a swing garden
  • Video of how to make a garden swing
  • Garden swings is one of the best ideas or tips to decorate the garden if we have children at home, and want these fun as ever as we can find different models and designs and not only that, but some of them are really cheap.

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    Swings for the garden

    Where to buy a swing for the garden?

    wooden swing

    • The truth is that while before we could find several difficulties in finding a place or site where we sell a swing for the garden today many shops dedicated to toys or the sales of items for the garden or terrace market swings we can also find various materials, with one or two seats for children and are also easy to install.
    • For example, in department stores like Carrefour or toy store Toys R Us, We can encontrarmos with all kinds of swings, whether for young children, for those who are a little bigger, and they need structures that can withstand more weight and especially for babies who have a seat or special chair to avoid falling.
    • As for materials, we shall see each, although the most popular are plastic. Almost all swings are very simple to install and usually do not exceed 150 euros price.

    Types of swings for the garden:


    • Wood: Wood is a very good material if you're looking for a garden swing that is resistant. Since some woods endure much weight, but yes, its price is usually around 250 or 300 euros.
    • Usually present with wooden poles, which can reach up to 50 kilos withstand weight, although seats often plastic.
    • Metal: We have said that the Plastic is the most common materials and it is also very simple to install, so it is widely used for those models whose structure is metal.
    • his lightness we can do place or move whenever you want, although we must be careful with this type of swings as they usually have all kinds of colors and colorful designs that make all children want to climb on them although not to withstand a lot of weight or fact it is not recommended that children ride weighing more than 35 kilos or placing two is heavy.

    baby swing

    • Baby swings: Finally have baby swings, often held in plastic. Are quite Cheap, we can place them anywhere and best of all is that many of the models sold are folding so you do not need complications in installation.

    Make yourself a swing garden:

    do it yourself

    • Finally we have to recommend that you opt for making your own swing, since formerly many people chose hang one of any of the trees in his garden.
    • Try to have a nice tree in your garden, whose upper branches are sturdy and can have a swing, with orn pair of strings and some wood. In stores such as Leroy Merlin, you'll find all the necessary materials to do so.

    Video of how to make a garden swing:

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