Libraries design | Photos

Libraries with design combine beauty and functionality. They are designed to maximize space. Have your ordered books and also to integrate into the room like a nice piece that adds beauty. Espaciohogar, Libraries design with pictures.


Libraries design | Photos


Before designing your library plan in detail what you need.

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The space you have, the amount of books, If you can integrate a reading area near the library. To combine library with low or high cabinets It is a good solution to gain storage space. If you have to save, papers, documents, folders.

Work libraries. The professionals perform and adapt to the space you have.


  • The libraries made from materials of all kinds and then painted in the chosen color. They are nice and sturdy. The price depends on the materials and workmanship. When ordering a previous budget you can have a guiding idea. If you want a design library, you only have to give your idea to the professionals to have the design you like.


  • The Libraries made with plasterboard. It is an economical and very practical material. It consists of two layers of cellulose coating an internal gypsum. It can take different materials inside. They are plates with nice touch, durable material that allows different paper finishes, varnish, paint, withstands even the tiling.


  • Pladur libraries can be tailored to space and they have great ability to bear weight while having different designs. For the attic, the children's room, the study. The libraries Plasterboard fit any space.

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Libraries wood and other materials as


The perform professional, you can mix Sheetrock, conventional work with natural woods. Lots of variety in designs, classical, avant-garde, rustic, youth, ethnic and many more. With materials such as aluminum, methacrylate, wrought iron wenge. If the library the professionals perform adjust the library the space you have so that everything is integrated.

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The result is often great, the library of your dreams. In return you have to look at the price as materials, labor and professionals.

Modular furniture libraries


modular They may form an assembly where integrate library, television space for stereo, or other objects. Variety of designs, different sizes, good price. You need to mount you or an editor

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According to the space you have available You can tailor different modules. The shopping in department stores or specialty stores furniture. There are usually no labor or perhaps an editor. The price is usually very good. You have them in wood, plywood, aluminum, methacrylate.

Unique furniture Libraries


No modules are but a single library furniture. the can found in different designs and prices They are smaller for a corner or a small room. They are auxiliary furniture that help you create an orderly environment as books, magazines and other items will be in the library.

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