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Christmas pictures, Christmas trees, Christmas lights, landscape photos, photos of Santa Claus and the Magi&# 8230; Here are some photos of Christmas.


Christmas and images

Christmas is one of the most family celebrations, moments of meeting around a table full of rich delicacies. There is usually exchanges gifts, shared and exchanged wishes of happiness, toast the coming year and magic decoration both inside and outside the home.

This is a magical time for both children and adults, since we all keep that bit of innocence and live the Christmas decorations as something special.

The houses are decorated with Christmas tree, Bethlehem, lights and Christmas stars. This produces images of peace and harmony that are transformed into prints for life.

Cities dress up with lights of different reasons, Christmas trees that light up the place and other Christmas decorations that often prove surprising.

Therefore, in this article we are going to show pictures of different visions of Christmas: Christmas landscapes that are often associated with snow, photos of Christmas lights and trees. And of course, the most inspiring pictures of Christmas decorations.

Christmas landscapes


Many people have associated the Christmas snowy landscapes and it is certainly spectacular scenery. So many people take the opportunity to go to celebrate these dates to houses in the mountains, where they can enjoy the warmth and magic of fire in a fireplace while watching falling snowflakes on the outside.

Of course, what adult child or who has not wanted to have some fun in a snowball fight or make a Snowman incorporating some cloth house, humanizing with buttons and carrots. I do not know about you but in my family, with each snowfall, the street is filled with both small and large.


Without a doubt, sometimes truth is stranger than any Christmas card and a good photograph, with a landscape as white as snow, usually a good opportunity to frame a great year around an image and enjoy it intensely.

Of course, who knows if that picture will not become the next Christmas card?


think Also in the streets, and they decorate as when Christmas comes. In fact also a beautiful landscape for a celebration in which buildings and traffic lights appear decorated with lights of all kinds.


And of course, apart from the snowy landscapes and they impress themselves. We have pictures like this, in which a Christmas tree in the woods on a feeling of the most romantic.

Christmas lights


For me there is nothing more Christmas lights that light up at home and around the city. A decoration that can be magical, romantic, funny&# 8230; and ravaging the houses, filling illusion that puts both as to the notes.

In many parts of the world Christmas is celebrated by decorating the house inside and out. In some cases they are as spectacular as in these photos, where the lights that cover an entire facade and even curl into the trees.


Not everyone has a garden that illuminate or budget as something to be able to access many lights or the expense of light, but we can always choose to take a walk through downtown places and see the lights of others and illuminate the interior of our home as we both desired. Yes, some tips can read here &# 8220; How to light your home at Christmas?&# 8220 ;.

Lights in the garden

Another option, for those who have a garden but with limited budget, is to illuminate certain areas of it to focus all attention on one place. For example, fijaros in spectacular that this tree is full of tiny blue lights. The effect is magical, like something out of a fairytale.


In turn, the Christmas decorations are not only put lighting in the garden trees, is also putting a decoration chord.

To me passionate about the Nutcracker, so I'm madly in love with the decor that I show below. Can you imagine walking around, following the path of the nutcrackers and lights like the tiles of Alice in Wonderland is involved?


And as you see, have not only chosen the Nutcracker for decoration, there are also stars, giant candles and a combination of red and gold colors, white to remind us what time of year we are.

Christmas trees

One of the great symbols of Christmas is the tree, it is certainly not the only, but one of the most accepted regardless of the religion of each.

How does the Christmas tree come from?

Its tradition dates back centuries and say it was Martin Luther who she started because as he walked through the cold snow covered forest on Christmas Eve was surprised by the beauty of a group of evergreen trees full of snow glistened in the moonlight.

They say that after such a view, wanted to relive that scene at home and in doing so, cut a small fir to have him around and tell his story to his wife and children. Finally, Luther decorated the tree with small candles lit in honor of the birth of Christ.

Then this tradition was extended with settlers from Europe who traveled to America. Ziemassvetku-bildites-12

Now, today, rare is that in any home or even at the office, we do not see a Christmas tree shaped detail, there are all styles and all the decorations.

In addition, large cities are full of trees with different motives and even begin to be sponsored by companies symbols.

christmas-tree-decorating-ideas,  15-beautiful-christmas-tree-decoration-11

Decoration Christmas tree It is also something we have to take care because it not only have a tree and point you sure you want to have that feeling of warmth, of their own, the traditional but also new.

We recommend you to take a good look at these articles you may be suitable for decorating this year: &# 8220; Christmas tree decoration 2015&8221; ,&# 8221; Modern Christmas tree minimalist&8221; Y &# 8220; green Christmas trees&8221;


Photos Christmas: Santa Claus and the Magi

Other pesonajes Christmas are usually never miss Santa Claus and the Three Kings, they also symbolize the magic and innocence, hoping to ask all desires and aim to achieve healthy purposes.


Depending on where you live or where to do tourism at this time you can probably see some emissary of the Magi or Santa Claus, even you may be fortunate to take pictures like these where is Santa Claus with his reindeer.


Nor can we forget us a unique event, the Cavalcade of the Magi in which you can see close to their Majesties and even some lucky or clueless, your face can give directly to the pages.


Photos of Christmas decorations


We did not want to forget the importance of decoration at Christmas, and this being a blog dedicated to the decor, which unless we show you some other image thereon.

Thus, although we have already seen some ideas of Christmas trees, with beautiful pictures, we have to repeat the importance of this element in holiday decorating.

Sometimes it seems as if the tree that will be marked as the rest of the decor of the house, so if we choose a model that is large and classic. The decoration must be in line with this, with stylish lights, mistletoe and choice of fashionable colors like green or gold.


If instead you choose a model tree that is more modern or have some detail how the fact of being snowed, we can say that the decor It could end up being more modern than usual as this you see here, very colorful elements.


Christmas decoration also get to any corner of the house and thus, we can find decorated stairs as we see above. With traditional elements such as mistletoe and they look good anywhere where you place it.

You can also place leaves how are you in the bathroom, in the kitchen, chairs for example and even in your bedroom.


And of course, we have to show you at least one holiday table as the pictures of these are the most recurrent when that time comes. They can not miss Christmas table centers, candles and of course, the best clothes on tablecloth and dishes.

If you want to send your holiday photos or telling us your experiences you know we're delighted! Do not hesitate to leave a comment.

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