More than 100 photos garden decoration: Ideas to decorate the garden

When the warm weather arrives, we like to enjoy the outdoor areas of our house. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, we have prepared a series of Ideas illustrated with Photos for the landscaping.

The garden is a cozy place in our house where we can enjoy both spring and summer, good time with friends or family. Therefore, it is important to keep in good condition for the time we spend there is most enjoyable.

For those who Have a garden and you do not know how to start decorating, we give a series of very practical ideas according to how is your garden:


Decorating small gardens

If you want your small garden appears to have some more space, we show Photos with examples of landscape designs small gardens that help you achieve an effect of amplitude.


As shown in the example above, we have a garden area well separated showing a very nice scenery and feeling of spaciousness at first sight. The plants They have their own place that is growing, independent of the part for the area dining room garden, It is accessible to plants through the stone path, very practical, running through the garden.

Decorating small gardens with plants


The small gardens They may also have luxurious decor. Eastern culture of Zen gardens is very beneficial, alongside useful for those outdoor spaces that are not too large, providing feeling of spaciousness.

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Small decorated gardens with minimalist design


Maximum use of space and efficiently with levelings It is the best trick to make the garden look bigger. Levellings can be teakwood, as you can see in the example above, and used to isolate the dining area garden.

Small decorated gardens with teak wood pergola


One of the most important and to consider elements within our garden is the pergola of wood. In gardens are small they will be fine, as we see in the picture above, giving the space a nice looking It is combining different styles, but demarcating each of the parties to the specific role of each.

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Decorating small gardens with landscape design

Decoration-of-small-garden-design-landscape painter

We also have the ability to create demarcations with ornamental elements for our small gardens, as may be the case pictured above with decorative strips of stones, gravel or pebbles. The only function that is to beautify and make a much quieter place in the garden, mixing different materials and textures.

Now we leave you with a gAleria photos decorating small gardens:

Decorating small gardens &# 8211; Photos

Decoration rustic gardens


We continue with the aim that our garden stay as nice as possible with different styles and environments. If what you're looking for is decorating the garden to transform it into a much more comfortable environment, garden decoration you're looking for is the rustic decor.

The first thing you need is rough wood and / or wicker furniture, combined with the rustic and cloth tablecloths and pillows make our environment is in a relaxed atmosphere, an atmosphere much more rustic.

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Along with the details that I have set before you can add any rustic accessory you most like: flashlights, tools used, candles, antlers hunter style, wooden tables, stone paths &# 8230;


we are going to also give a series of tricks to get the rustic style in our garden or patio, with a few touches we achieve elements or have a nice garden.

You can not miss greens, ie with hanging plants or vines will We give that natural and rustic touch What are we searching for.

Timber is another very important element, always looks good and if we want an intimate and also beautiful corner, wooden curtains can help us achieve this. If the curtains do not you convince much to separate and take that corner can choose a wooden logs forming a pergola, and will decorate our garden in an original way.


If you have a garden or large courtyard, a good idea can make a road surrounded by plants or a flower garden to encourage our yard and if we put aromatic plants also smell very well.

We like the natural and feel a little jungle can put wooden roofs with lots of vegetation giving great value to our patio.

For meals with friends, family or just to spend some time disconnected from the city and pollution, we can put a stone path that leads to a large table and if also has open views to nature we feel great, like in paradise. We can also get it with a table, two chairs and rustic wooden pergola.


Another way may be put off chaises and so we have our place of relaxation, getting a different and inviting space. If you have little space perhaps the option of putting it pleases you about hammocks and two old wooden benches will also be welcoming.

Below you'll find examples in the gallery photos of rustic designs to decorate the yard.

Photos decoration rustic gardens

Landscaping with pool

One of the most important things when decorating a garden with pool is the Location thereof, must be a place in the sun and away from strong winds, ie, a place where we relax and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere. Once we have well positioned we will see a number of elements that we can put in our gardens for perfect decoration.

How to decorate a garden with pool: Plants


Plants are essential in the a garden decoration, a touch of nature always looks good but does not need to look like a jungle. Add a few pots with plants or planting a tree and palm trees is enough, so we can enjoy a spot of rest after bathing.

We can also choose Exotic plants so our garden is different, they are nice and easy to place anywhere in the garden and have planted it where conseguiréis that different and original site.

How to decorate a garden with pool: pergolas and loungers


You want to get a place in the shade, to disconnect and to assail something quietly, the best you can put a pergola with a large table with chairs to prepare large cookouts after a morning pool.

You can also put to lend a good nap and get away from everything, put several loungers that you can use to sunbathe and rest in the shade. They are also comfortable, nice and our back will thank us.

You can see a wide range of pergolas here.

How to decorate a garden with pool: Walkways


Nail footbridges loungers or putting in some area, outdoor floor, can be very decorative and useful in the garden, whether any materials: stone, wood or cement. A walkway near the pool will create a zone change where we go from front lawn to the material you choose.

On that path or walkway we can place more items like umbrellas, pillows or anything that suits us rest and have a good time in the pool and garden.
What it takes to decorate the gardens? There are trends in landscaping that can help you improve your garden and save money. oriental gardens cottage gardens or Mediterranean style gardens. If you have a garden, get it the best corner of your house. This article will pay you to give you a general idea and make decisions, but you must navigate to the end to go step by step. Then Ideas to decorate the garden.

Landscaping: Fabulous Ideas

To decorate the gardens and courtyards of an original, neat and nice way is tricky, now we are going to give a great ideas to decorate our gardens and surprise our neighbors and friends.


Details matter, given that original touch to the garden and we can do with materials that all have at home and no longer used, such as a tricycle use pot, use a wheel planter, old chairs, a lamp&# 8230; everything is reusable and can get a nice and original garden.


If we have a large garden and want to put a sofas to create a nice place to relax and have a drink, we can create them or get the rustic wood that is very well.


For smaller, we can also create them a zone, a children's corner where they can play and have fun at home. If you like to see more examples to decorate your garden and be the envy of all the neighbors have to do the following Gallery Photos that you will find the most fabulous ideas for your garden.

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Decorate the garden where do we start?


Before you begin to see what ideas and trends we can offer to decorate your garden this summer, we will help to answer the question that surely many of you will have done where do you start ?.

In matters of gardens and decor, sometimes choose a change or renew we can reach resutlar more complicated than for example redecorate the living room or bedroom. It is not a matter of painting and ready and if we consider any small garden for it will seem quite large when compared to a room.


The first thing you have to do is decide on what items you need and what not. Knowing what kind of plants and flowers are appropriate depending on the space and especially the incidence of the sun as it can you plant something to be receiving sunlight all day or will die eventually have to be constantly watering it.


It is also important to bet on elements that allow you to enjoy your garden to the fullest. Little will serve you buy a whole cojunto of tumbosa or a large table with chairs if you barely fit two or three. It is also essential to know what kind of shade in our garden and we make the most to be in areas in which most affects where you place furniture rest, or plants that need.

Now let us see what ideas are for decorating gardens and so you can have the garden of your dreams whatever their size.


When you start to decorate your garden, as I have already pointed out, you must begin by knowing exactly how much space you have. If you have a small garden, you have to use it to make it a space filled with plants and Treess. A small garden is often associated with walking distance to the next house, so that you may be interested to create a garden that gives you privacy. If you're starting out, the best choice are plants that grow quickly: vines or bamboo. Also a small tree or a large one without the other, can be a good choice.

If you have a big garden can create different zones delimitándolas with decorative stones, fences, pergolas, gazebos, different heights, pools, fountains. Obviously the possibilities are endless and we can begin to consider trends such as these gardens filled with night lights are so pretty, or have a glass of water.

If you want to put a barbecue a wood oven, you can have a dining area, another chill out area to relax, an area for children. All in the same space but divided by sectors.

Also if you can take a circular shape or square shape to simulate more or less space; we can place the items and decorate also in terms of the incidence of the sun on the ground and how we &8220; take advantage&8221; of its light and heat to illuminate certain areas.

If you have a square garden is always good to place large plants in the corners, so that suavicemos lines. This takes a lot in the gardens and so can benefit the center to place a swimming pool, a water fountain or dedicate to place furniture such as a table with chairs, loungers for sunbathing, etc&# 8230;

Rustic decor Gardens


One of the decorations that takes over is now decorating rustic gardens because they provide a very romantic look and the fact is that we have many options for this style.

Gardens rustic decor is characterized as a decoration Remember to green areas and natural areas. Thus what we have to do is get the plants, herbs and flowers that we grow plants in the most natural way possible.


With plants and flowers that we can place, I must say that the gardens and feature rustic furniture and details that are of this style. Furniture can be for example wood and if you are somewhat worn much better as this will get the &8220; look&8221; we are looking for rustic.

Stone garden decoration


If the soil in your garden is all equaled or is irregular, if the land is good for planting or need to enrich it. If you want all lawn, if you want rural land ...all are options when decorating the garden but the truth is that one that are more fashionable now is to do with stones and that is a real change to the overall appearance of your garden.


If your soil is not level must level it, come over turf or soil. Artificial turf is a good choice to decorate the garden without the drawbacks of conventional lawn, usually unlevel over the years, but, of course, is not the same sensación.A this we can add a number of stones, either covering all the lawn or the surface we have chosen, or simply placing them next to the plants and flowers decorate the garden.


On the other hand decorating a garden with stones allows us to pave precisely with these and thus, we can create a path that does not have to be irregular but even placing stones can be smoothed and are about the same size.  Another option is to opt for stones as a simple decorative element and so many choose first place a floor that is completely smooth.

To see more pictures of gardens with stones pinchad at the following link:

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Place the ground before the stones

decoration-of-gardens-with-stone-20154-floor-smooth-decorating stone-

To place a floor, there are many options, but you We recommend stoneware for strength and to make a simple garden that is easy to maintain. If you opted to use wood, be very careful in choosing (here you can not skimp) and make sure the placement makes an expert. In my case it was not and in 5 months, the wood itself was quality but was misplaced, he has burst at different points and has produced significant damage. Wood expands and shrinks much, mind forever.

On the other hand if you do not get away with slopes you can always opt for planting certain types of plants or flowers the cover and pass the disguise and as I did not finish it all with stones.

Minimalist decor gardens


Another idea is to decorate the garden with a sense or minimalist style. This will be a ideal for decorative style gardens that are not very spacious since it is based on being able to get simple lines, with little decoration, using neutral colors like white or black in contrast and focusing on plants that do not require a large maintenance and elements that do not stand out too much. Also the extensive and large gardens can benefit from this type of decoration as it will allow them to be bigger still.

One aspect to consider for this type of garden design is that we must have a small space look even wider. Or indeed we may get betting on a decoration that is not excessive.


As an inspiration, you can look at the Japanese Gardens as these have elements such as water which give great importance and are very well in the minimalist gardens. To do this you can choose a font without having to be too large.


You can also bet on lighting up your minimalist garden lights &8220; hidden&8221; or are indirect light as you see in the garden above. Everything will be more romantic and with that feeling &8220; zen&8221; that provide this type of gardens.

Exterior Decoration Gardens


Yes Mediterranean and live in a hot area or if you live in a humid climate and cold, your garden should adapt because in this regard It can vary and the decor of outdoor gardens.

He climate is vital when choosing the type of trees, plants and shrubs suitable that, in addition to fulfilling a decorative function, adapt to their environment. It is also important guidance. A garden facing north, will be fabulous to cool in summer, but will require plants and trees can survive with little sunshine. A garden south west orientation and requires plants capable of withstanding large amounts of sun in summer. Whenever we raised in the northern hemisphere.


On average, very hot climates need plants and trees resistant to temperature. In very hot weather will not grow anything, as in a very cold climate plants and trees will not adapt. Ask for advice at garden centers or nurseries on What plants are the best and the amount of sun you are able to endure.

Anyway and although the weather is essential when choosing our garden plants, It needs not be a determining factor when choosing a type of flower or plant that we like a lot for an outdoor garden decoration, as there are always greenhouses or we can place one, so that we have any kind to its temperature and adequate moisture.

IMPORTANT NOTE: My experience with greenhouses has been disastrous and &# 8220; I've cooked&8221; several plants in long sunny days in winter, has flown me, they have fallen pots&# 8230; Come all. Inquire well and find a sheltered place for the greenhouse.

Your style


If you like classic, modern, Japanese-style gardens, is a good way to start. In garden furniture You have a lot to choose from and many prices. exist rustic furniture as I mentioned before, teak wood, natural fibers such as rattan, wrought iron. Something that never goes out of style are wicker furniture, provide great warmth to the garden, and there are also in different styles, both classical and modern.


Modern furniture teakwood, aluminum, or metal fiber braided imitation natural fibers are the latest trend, besides being very strong and nice furniture.

The plastic furniture are practical, economic and have many designs to choose from.

white chairs and garden table

Blank furniture for the garden are trend so choose models like this that you see above. Spectacular and very current.


Choose well furniture models that are for decorating materials such as aluminum. This way you can save some money (because it is not as expensive as others) and are also trend.


As well our style can be defined in decorating garden through details that seem so simple such as a simple gardener.

The budget you have available

Adapt your budget if your garden is small begins to plan the space more ready to use. If you need a pergola or garden umbrella, table, chairs, wooden lattices plants, flower pots, you can go looking deals on large surfaces.

buy-pot-cylinder air-aigua-vondom-exterior_2

If your garden is large, you can go through phases, if you want to create different spaces, such as a romantic or chill out zone or area Moroccan style.


You will achieve a pergolas dramatic effect putting Metal tangling plants and flowers create a trellis. Or you can put outside columns creating a gazebo in the style of French gardens, or if you prefer a tent in the garden for guests or children, or a source.

The small space can decorating on a budget and more with garden furniture increasingly cheaper and then you mention in a small shopping list.

For large budgets, and despite having a small garden, it is not necessary to place many elements because despite the money, a small garden can be easily saturated.

Use what you already have

It's a good way to save and create a personalized garden. If you have flowerpots, barrels of wine that you can use for plants, wooden stairs, iron furniture, ancient sources&# 8230;

Lanterns that make it unique to your garden. Lighting you choose, flowerpots that can be old. An old table that you can cover with a nice tablecloth oilcloth.

Video ideas for decorating the garden

Photogallery ideas for decorating the garden

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