Furniture Catalog 2014 El Corte Ingles

In a previous post I already talked Catalog Zara Home 2014 focused primarily on decorating the house for next year so we will speak now of trends for furniture and so what better way to show you which is Catalog Furniture The Corte Ingles 2014.


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Furniture Catalog 2014 El Corte Ingles


El Corte Ingles is one of the best known stores throughout Spain and in their centers have all sorts of items either clothing, technology or even furniture.

Now that was just 2013 and begin to advance some of the trends that take much for houses next year in decorative issues, and also focus on furniture at the best price, so we want show you the best of its new catalog in which included ideas on the other hand also have the video 2014 decorating trends that I leave then.

Furniture Catalog 2014 El Corte Ingles | clear line


One of the first trends found in the new catalog of furniture El Corte Ingles is the fact that They are going to take the furniture in light colors, so this store by a line bet have christened &# 8220; clear line&# 8221 ;.

Sofas like the photo, inglenook, They are the best choice for large rooms but also seems to become hard for the next 2014 so if you have room for them, do not hesitate to bet and colors like beige, light brown or white.


also rugs, and the coffee tables Salon takes in light and even transparent tones. are one ideal for decoration colored summer, but also for winter begin shortly.

Furniture Catalog 2014 El Corte Ingles | Importance of Recibidor


Another trend we found in the new catalog of furniture El Corte Ingles 2014 is the big bet made by decorating the hall. In this catalog you have all kinds of consoles for this area of ​​the house that in recent years seems to have recovered.


In a good hall you can not miss items like a lamp, a console or a mirror. All these furniture you have them in the latest catalog of El Corte Ingles and so beautiful shades like gold, silver or white.

Furniture Catalog 2014 El Corte Ingles | sideboards storage pouch

catalog-furniture-the-court-English-2014-dressers-storage pouch

On the other hand a lot in the catalog which El Corte Ingles bets on a piece of furniture stands as is the sideboard storage pouch in previous years it was present in every house and has returned to trend for next year.

Models like you see in the photo, in white are the latest trend and also I shall be great both in a modern style as minimalist which also imposed between 2014 decorative styles.

catalog-furniture-the-court-English-2014-dressers-storage pouch-brown

This type of furniture, which can store everything, and often placed in the lounge or in the &8220; office&8221; house, They are in different colors and wood outside the white we've seen before. Thus the catalog of El Corte Ingles also have brown color and a contemporary style that will look great with decorative styles such as modern, but also with styles like &8220; vintage&# 8221 ;.

Furniture Catalog 2014 El Corte Ingles | Bedrooms


Also in the new catalog of furniture El Corte Ingles found proposals for the bedroom and imposed between the &8220; Urban&8221; as a decorative style. Colors so bright like red and very current details for decoration make the beds and bedroom furniture are modernized so that everything is filled with light and functionality.


Furniture collections present in the new catalog of El Corte English, allow you design your own bedroom. For that you can mix those pieces of furniture that you like from the same collection or make your own mix with pieces from different collections. The furnishings in this collection are made MDF pine wood lacquered in white.

These are just some of the proposals that have highlighted the catalog Furniture El Corte Inglés 2014; in the Web this store you will find many others.

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