How to remove flies home with home recipes

There is nothing worse than having insects inside the house. Not only are because they are disgusting but because they land on our furniture and what we eat and also carry diseases that can affect the whole family. In summer we have to do what it takes to kill mosquitoes for example and they have mosquito netting but what about flies ?. Espaciohogar we explain now how to remove flies home with home recipes.


How to remove flies home with home recipes


Although there are products on the market to combat flies, from EspacioHogar we give some homemade recipes to combat flies in the house. Take note!

  • Hang clear bags with water near the openings, where you from the sun. The ray of light on the bags with water forms a reflection that repels insects. Not very aesthetic to say, but it works.
  • If you have a garden, plant a camphor tree (Cinnamomum camphora). According to experts, camphor acts as a biological control of flies, moths and other insects very annoying.
  • Place containers with aromatic plants near doors, windows and openings in general. This option can be very decorative, because you can put together a centerpiece, decorative bags or whatever you can think of with aromatic herbs to repel flies.
  • Keep very cleaning your home, free of waste or garbage that attracts flies. When you have cleaned the whole house, go to the window frames and other surfaces with a cloth soaked in white vinegar. This helps repel insects.

These are just a few home remedies to kill flies but are not unique and have others who may not have ever heard before, and they are also very effective. Here we give other remedies to stop flies home:

trap to remove flies home


A very effective home plot to get rid of flies at home is to introduce small pieces of sweet foods such as bananas, peaches or apples at the bottom of a bottle with a narrow neck. All fly between home will go straight to the sweet smell of these foods, and then not know how to get out of the bottle.

Trap with water and sugar to remove flies


A remedy as simple and easy. All you need is a mixture of water, brown sugar and yeast. This is what you have to do.

  • A bottle cut in half and stay with the bottom, but do not pull the top.
  • Hot water mixed with brown sugar. When you have the hot water mixed with sugar, then the mixture cooled completely.
  • You must then add yeast. No need to mix it. It will create carbon dioxide.
  • Cover the bottle with some black (like a garbage bag) and put in the top, as if you were forming a funnel and leave in a corner.

Trap with an orange to remove the flies


This is another sencllísimas trap and also not cost hardly any money. All you need is a orange and cloves.

All you have to do is nail nails orange spice that hung up on some strategic side, for example at the entrance of the balcony or the window Donden pass flies. All of them will go directly to the fruit and you can use to catch them or kill them.

Corn syrup trap to kill flies


Another remedy with which to catch flies at home, and if you want to kill them. All you need is a bottle plastic, as the any drink soda, scissors, corn syrup, and ripe bananas or raw meat.

This is what you have to do:

  • We begin cutting the top of the bottle, using scissors. It covers the bottom of the bottle with corn syrup. Then we put a piece of ripe banana or raw meat on the bottom of the bottle.
  • Inverts the top you have cut and put in the bottom of the bottle. Together the sharp edge of the top with the edge of the bottom of the bottle. You have to join the two parts with the help of a paper clip if you plan to place the trap on the floor, on a table or other surface.
  • You must make a hole through both layers of plastic on a side of the bottle, using a punch or knife that is sharp. Make another hole on the other lado.Debes then tying both ends of a string to each of the holes. Use the rope if you want to hang the trap.
  • You must change the trap when you see that corn syrup is already filled with flies or if you notice that it begins to emit an unpleasant odor that has been rotten bait.

Video home remedy to kill flies:

Do you have any other trick home to repel flies? Share it with us!