How to make centerpieces original

After haberos shown some ideas for centerpieces for weddings, we can keep talking about this element that is so decorative, and we can find different styles or designs. We ourselves can make centerpieces original table and are not &# 8220; typical&8221; centers where flowers and candles are protagonists. Would you like to see proposals centerpieces that have seen us before ?. Espaciohogar you show them below and we explain how to make centerpieces original table.


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Centers original table:


  • The centerpieces They can be as original as we want, if indeed we turn to our imagination and think of ideas that can be also related to the theme of our celebration. For example, for children's parties, centerpieces brightly colored and have elements that appeal to children will be a great idea.
  • You can buy glass jars, or use the ones you already have at home and placed inside a doll your child with several candies with which you will go to form centerpieces as original as those we see in this photo.


  • You can too opt for the aforementioned flowers, that they are recurrent in all types of centerpieces, but adding a detail or a touch that makes him the original.
  • For example you can Choose a nice vase with flowers, and placed next to a photo, which can be the person to whom we dedicate our celebration or a party related to why we meet at the table (Christmas, Halloween, wedding, picture etc.&# 8230;)


  • The centerpieces recycled They are also an original idea for our table. We can choose flowers, which may be natural or plastic, and placed in various containers that already have at home.
  • A bottle with a label or a boat striking which I have drawn attention can be converted into an original centerpiece as we see in this picture.


  • And for you to be more classical, we can choose a table in the center of the flowers and candles are present, but with a decor is something more original.
  • You can place a small vase of flowers in water, surrounded by candles and in turn with another floral element that surrounds them.

How to make centerpieces original


  • I said that imagination is our ally when thinking centers original tables. In fact the possibilities are endless for these.
  • You can find such a glass jars , or indeed to recycle you already have at home, and place a photo inside. This way you can celebrate the wedding anniversary of your parents, your own or someone's birthday special.

Video center original table:

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