Carrefour garden furniture catalog May 2017

The furniture catalog Carrefour 2017, a preview of what we can enjoy with the arrival of warm temperatures and more leisure time.

Furniture catalog Carrefour 2017

In this article we are going to be showing the different catalogs that has taken Carrefour for place especially as the garden and always will be updating it so that you find it much easier to find offers garden effect, as knowing what items are those held in trend.

Carrefour garden furniture catalog: May 2017

The catalog that we show the previous month will remain in force until 11 May, coinciding on some dates with the new brochure that brings Carrefour, for it will run from April 18 Until May 18th.

In this brochure going to be able to find everything you need to enjoy meals in the garden or on the terrace, tables different designs, styles and measurements that combine perfectly with chairs really cared design.

will you also to see armchairs and sofas, as a section barbecues so that nothing is missing during the spring season summer at home.

Then clicking on the image you will see all available offers:

Carrefour garden furniture catalog: April 2017

The catalog that we are going to show below is valid until May 11, 2017, so you still have a good time to design your garden or terrace and pick every detail to create a space to enjoy.

Carrefour garden 2017: Outdoor Furniture

One of the most important sections of this catalog will be the various outdoor furniture you are going to find in Carrefour this season. There are different ranges in many varying materials used, such as design and atmosphere that you can create with them.

In this way, you are going to find suitable furniture for large spaces such as those that can be adapted to small dimensions. All designed to comfortably enjoy the outdoors without having to leave home.

You can see all outdoor furniture options by clicking on the image:

Carrefour garden 2017: Climate Control

One of the most important aspects of spring and summer are the high temperatures, the high incidence of the sun on the home and garden area, so it is very important to have adequate air conditioning and solar asilantes.

In this sense, this catalog will you be able to find different options that you may find interesting.

Seesaws that have their own awning, sun visors that can move comfortably and go turning to suit the position of the sun and the watchmen, where you can eat quietly outside the home without being worried that is giving too much sun.

Carrefour garden 2017: Decoration

The decor is one of the key issues in any room and any time of year because you always have to be aware of trends to make the most of the opportunities that present themselves.

In this case, fijaros the homewares also changes and can find anything from dishes that resemble transparency that have great color intensity.

You can also find candles and candleholders for sensational exterior, a practical and super warmly illuminate your dinner in the garden or terrace.

Carrefour garden 2017: Barbecue

No summer without a good barbecue, is one of the things we never tired of repeating that it is one of the classics summer¡¯s already said the song!

Carrefour has prepared a selection of different models of barbecue that you can be interesting because they have different dimensions, different heat sources and some of them can be saved.

You can see all offers here:

Carrefour garden 2017: Hammocks, camping and swimming pool

The last section we will find in this catalog are as regards the playful moments, where you can find a variety of children's games and booths. To do this, it will also be key management, so going to find trunks and other articles you may be interesting for the rest of the year to keep all these items summer.

you can also find chairs and hammocks to lie comfortably in the sun, either in the garden or camping moments, because we also are going to find articles on these outputs.

Then clicking on the image you can see all items.

Carrefour garden furniture catalog: March 2017

This month we have known the first breakthrough of garden furniture Carrefour this year. At the moment, we can find among the most prominent furniture producos the dining area outside.

That is, again, we return to see how one of the most important furniture are tables and comfortable chairs where one can meet both day and night and enjoy the warm temperatures.

Will also be very present other items quickly associate with summer, deckchairs, gazebos, candles, seasonal plants for spring and summer, with everything needed for one to be comfortable on the outside.

Gardening issues can not miss a tune to have the garden and plants in perfect condition, ready to bloom or to get a garden with a soft and lush lawns.

So far, these are some of the products that we have sought to highlight the catalog but then you can see the complete catalog with all the offers and their prices:

Carrefour garden furniture catalog: Previous years


We are premiering catalog offers each month Carrefour, click to visit him. We will update with each new catalog.

You can visit the furniture catalog Carrefour this link

Furniture catalog Carrefour 2016


In the brochure Carrefour offers for furniture, we continue to find attractive prices for varied, functional and with different designs that can make it easier to find what you're looking for your household items.


In this brochure you will find deals on chairs, hammocks, chill out sofas, bedside tables and umbrellas, swimming pools, barbecues and all for passionate field that leverage the good time to do its hiking trails in the mountains


In the gallery of images that we show below you can see the brochure in magazine format, can easily turn pages with the arrows on the sides. It is a 16-page booklet:

Carrefour garden furniture catalog: april


Last month we began to see what trends proposed Carrefour for this spring summer season but, this time, we see propose some very striking novelties, with very different styles and we already cause that feeling and there is little for the beloved were summer.


One of the major proposals that we are going in the bids of April is the color range They are posing for garden furniture, bright and fun colors out of the ordinary.


Moreover, they bring several proposals on garden furniture armchairs, chaise longue and chairs that can easily be combined. In addition, all they padded with cushions that increase comfort and well-being abroad.


Section tables and chairs exterior is to be divided depending on the materials used for the same wood, forges&# 8230;


Although you can also see how they propose different styles to adapt to the trends that will perpetuate the favorite or chosen type of decoration inside the home with the outside.


A very interesting section is that of the balconies. Not everyone has an outdoor terrace or balcony large, so bring very attractive and versatile with which to enjoy a meal on the balcony comfortably and tastefully proposals.


Watchmen, seesaws, sunshades&# 8230; They are decorative and functional elements that may be suitable and be sensational when it comes to outdoor gardens in which affects a lot of sun.


And how could it be otherwise, we also find a section for fantastic barbecues Summer with interesting and attractive offers.


There are also offers for children's toys, plants and decorative elements for gardens, swimming pools and spa at home, plus everything you need to go camping.


So you can see the catalog presented to us this month, you just have to click on the image and you can see all the new features:

Carrefour garden furniture catalog: march


When the warm weather arrives we all like to go out to a terrace to enjoy a refreshing drink or a nice meal with our family and friends. Those who are lucky enough to have a terrace or a garden on your property, they can also do it at home. To do this, you just have to put the garden to your taste, and for this there are many possibilities, for example go to Garden furniture catalog Carrefour.

We anticipate that in 2016 Carrefour catalog you can find all kinds of furniture and accessories for your garden, but let's order step by step and see what you can find in your catalog.


The tables and chairs are, of course, the major players among Carrefour garden furniture. The firm has several exhibitions in store and catalog, as we see above, and in which it is clear that currently betting on those Modern furniture design and in shades that go well with all kinds of gardens as is the case of gray.

Carrefour: Tables and chairs


As it regards tables and chairs have a huge variety of shapes, colors and materials, so you can choose what you like, a style much more &8220; recharged&8221; as another &# 8220; functional&8221; If your garden space is limited.

carrefour-furniture-de-jardin-2016-4Also if you are looking for furniture sets they are somewhat simpler, or allow you to combine them with other furniture that you may already have. You can opt for tables as we see here made in materials such as steel or plastic and can also be purchased together or separately.

carrefour-furniture-de-jardin-2016-5Carrefour Garden 2016: umbrellas, parasols and watchmen

With the arrival of summer it will be necessary to cover the garden or terrace with all kinds of sunshades so that we can enjoy (for example) a family reunion outdoors without we finish all burned. Carrefour not only will you find the above umbrellas, but we also have veladores that allow us to create more intimate and more stylish for garden environments.

carrefour-furniture-de-jardin-2016-6Of course, in 2016 Carrefour garden catalog also find umbrellas and items that can be moved, to enjoy shade during the hottest days, no matter where you garden where you sit.


Carrefour Garden 2016: Sun

You can not overlook the fact to have in the garden with a nice deck chair (In bold colors that are fashionable) and with which to sunbathe during the holidays.

They also have tremendous value as its price (depending on model) can vary between 14 and 60 euros.

carrefour-furniture-de-jardin-2016-8Carrefour Garden 2016: Barbacoas

Although not exactly a piece of furniture, I want to highlight the barbecues which they are also present in garden catalogs Carrefour and at affordable prices so that we can enjoy great barbecues with family and friends this summer. carrefour-furniture-de-jardin-2016-9Carrefour Garden 2016: Plants

Decide what kind of decor You want for your garden and what elements are essential to achieve the garden of your dreams. And remember, it's so important that the garden remains pretty as you make the most of the space.

carrefour-furniture-de-jardin-2016-12In addition, you must have beware plants you might have, so more reason to grieve very much in the distribution of the garden.

Carrefour Jardin 2016: DIY

Many people take advantage of the months in which temperatures are a little higher to make your small DIY work at home.  carrefour-furniture-de-jardin-2016-13Moreover, it is also true that becomes a necessary element when we again use items and spaces during the winter have not been touched, a tune It is necessary for everyone. carrefour-furniture-de-jardin-2016-14 carrefour-furniture-de-jardin-2016-15 carrefour-furniture-de-jardin-2016-16Carrefour garden catalog 2015

In this space we share with you the offers and items last year so you can compare, be aware of past trends and if anything I can be of inspiration for the better.

Therefore, the gallery of images that we present below will show you all for your garden, from furniture to inflatable pools, children's toys such as slides and swings for outdoor fun .. All so you can enjoy summer days.

Then just click on the image to display the content:

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Hope to have been helpful and that you have caught some ideas for decorating your garden. In any case, if you want to see more garden furniture and accessories, you can do so by going to the official website of Carrefour where you'll find all available catalogs updated.

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