Catalog bedrooms Conforama

Conforms dormitories catalog shows a wide collection of designs for both adults and juveniles, that we show in this article.


Conforama is one of the decoration shops where you can find all kinds of household items, high average quality at affordable prices. In this article we will focus only on the dorms but if you want to keep up, do not hesitate to access (by clicking on the corresponding word) to &# 8220; Collection of sofas Conforama 2017&8221; or if you want to be aware of this month offers have to click on:

Conforama catalog: Offers

As before I overtook, the catalog of bedrooms Conforama is divided into two sections: the designs for adult bedrooms and designs for youth bedroom. The big difference between them are the colors and, in some cases, bed type chosen.

Then we are going to show what Conforama bedroom designs each of these sections with its image gallery, so you can see both beds as the combination of furniture and predominant materials that have been chosen to give life to the room.

Catalog bedrooms Conforama: adult bedrooms


One of the predominant colors that we will see over the collection of bedrooms Conforama are light tones in furniture, from white to wood in very soft tones.

One of the key issues we all have to take into account when looking for a bed is the space we have available in the room. If space is small we will always have the option to get more out of bed opting for buying a couch, where we can save all kinds of objects and items. On this occasion, I recommend other extra items for perfect storage: &8220; Storage vacuum bags&# 8220 ;.


Collection of Conforama we can see two different designs of extra storage in bed through drawers.

One of the silent advice that we provide through this collection or different images that we are going to be showing adult bedrooms, is the color combination so easy that we can achieve and how it will enhance the style we want to give our room jovial, sober, modern, timeless, Nordic&# 8230;


For example, Conforama describes the design done in this room as a minimalist style that you can find under the name Anouk. They describe it as a kind of decoration that easily fits anywhere where the predominant colors are based on a combination of dark and light brown in various shades with beige and white, offering light and makes us pay attention to very specific places of stay.


Another completely different design would be this one, under the name of Amelie, which takes us to a room with dyes romantic combining a wrought metal bed with a canopy of voluptuous forms that can combine with fine fabrics and light colored to create an intimate space that takes us to a world of story.


Another of the designs that will highlight Amsterdam is the style in which we see a simple and compact design It can be achieved cozy decor without ever losing its functionality. The also described a similar minimalist that is easy to mix and match your personal taste style.

Conforama bedroom collection

So you can continue to see what the collection of bedroom Conforama, I bring this image gallery with adult bedroom designs for this season. You just have to click on the image for you the other options they appear:

Catalog bedrooms Conforama: Juvenile Bedroom

Youth bedroom that we present below see that are suitable for a good range of ages, from the smallest house to teens seeking their own space within the parental home.

These youthful designs include not only the shape and size of the beds, also it draws attention to the furniture and change the color palette used to create these different designs. On the one hand, we see that the light tones in the furniture will remain very present in each room; On the other hand, are the decorative elements and walls which give that point of distinction and color to stay.


As for the Beds, we will see that there are trundle beds, bunk beds and even folding that will enhance the available space of the room.

On this occasion, desks they will be an essential element in youth bedrooms, so they can have their own studio space.


After the usual beds, we also find beds sleep and fantasy targeting children in the house. Two spaces in one game combining sites with hours of sleep who would not want to rest on a bed like that?

Without going so far, one of the easiest ways to bring fantasy to a single bedroom is through the decorative elements, as you see in the collection, where bedding and decor walls play a very important role for a fun room, appealing to them and the feel of its own.


We can not fail to mention that you also going to find styles of sober youth room, in very light colors and Very simple designs which will be ideal for those who please you decorate your style, incorporating new elements of color to stay and so make it appealing to them.

Conforama youth bedroom collection

In the gallery of images that we present below you you can see the rest of the collection of youth bedroom Conforama. Like I explained before, you just have to click on the first image so that you are appearing other like an online magazine: