Wall decorations

In other inputs Espaciohogar saw some of the best ideas for decorating modern bedroom although it is also important that these, and indeed throughout the house, will devote special attention to such as the decoration on the walls. That is why we want to now show you some options and trends for decorating walls.


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  1. Wall decorations
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  3. Decorating with mirrors
  4. Decorating with wood
  5. Decorating with natural stone
  6. Decorating with bricks "face side"
  7. Decorating with decorative panels
  8. Decorating with tiles or tiles
  9. Decorate walls with vinyl or decorative murals
  10. New ideas in decoration of walls

Wall decorations:


We can consider that the interior walls of any home are under all the furniture, because if you change the wall decor completely change the look of your house and in fact we often get to choose furniture and decorative style from what color will be the wall, or if we will place a frame, box or other decorative detail.

There are many options for decorate your walls and some are easy and inexpensive. Change the look of your home with the ideas that we want to propose below and stand out as being useful for the most varied styles.

For years almost all the floors had the walls with the typical gotelé, long before the wallpaper was wearing. You can use wallpaper, paint and many more options that will vary decorative styles.

Walls with spectacular finishes that look like marble, walls coated with metallic effects or murals of giant photographs that transform your living room with a photo of the Brooklyn Bridge, a forest or a big wave.

wall decoration | paint, paper and fabrics:


The current trend is to have very smooth walls with different finishes. Stucco, mat, veiling, sponge finishes, mopped, marble, Japanese technique, Crackle, patinas.

On the other hand, decorating walls can also be made with paper and indeed we find trends in different types of decorative papers that have prints they can become trend, such as flowers or stripes.

Also the walls with fabrics known as entelados, They are a good decorative choice. They were trend for years, and now again as a sophisticated that is increasingly fashionable.

Decorating with mirrors:


Mirrors are ideal if you want to expand a space, You also have different types of finishes mirrors, some smoked, with drawings.

The mirrors can hang on the wall and are little ones or conversely choose full length mirrors, and is located, for example, in the wardrobes and occupying much of the walls of the rooms.

Also among the mirrors, we can include decorating with crystals. Enamelled glass panels or with different effects. Let in light but divide the environment.

Wood wall decoration:


Paneling. The paneling add warmth to the decor. Mahogany, oak, pine, wenge. The English style uses a lot of wood especially for offices, libraries and classrooms.

They are ideal for everything that is rustic, and even vintage decoration, in which this element of wood is very important.

For chalets or cottages they are also a good choice because they will protect us much more cold.

Decorating with natural stone:


Stone wall coverings. Stone and wood are the randvestimientos walls most often used in the rustic style. Natural stone is a booming trend for bathrooms and living rooms or kitchens.

Another option for cottages, rural or chaletas also have coatings that are not even really that mimic stone and this material perfectly and without the cost is so high.

Decorating with "visible face" bricks:


Style decor decoration prevails with facing bricks you can then paint colors, ideal for dress walls in any style, combined with modern or rustic

Decorating with decorative panels

Decoration-of-walls-with-decorative panels

Precisely decorative panels have become very popular because they are made with plastic materials that mimic stone or wood. With metal panels, geometric effects. Everything you can imagine waves, different colors and textures you have in decorative panels.

Decorating with tiles or tiles


Lately it has become fashionable again that tiles are used in decorating walls. In fact in the bathroom are even trend.

Tiles that mimic crocodile skin, rustic tiles that mimic stone, tiles with metallic effects, embossed tiles. A world of designs  wonderful to decorate your walls.

Decorating with vinyl or decorative murals:


Geometric, children, trees, flowers, cars, words or phrases. The variety of designs in decorative vinyl is huge. They are very easy to apply and are cheap. Anyone change the look of a wall or a corner that barely stands at home option.


Great, one of my favorites because of how easy it is to put them and their outcome. Your bedroom converted into a beach, a children's fairytale bedroom or a living room with a picture of Paris? Not only decorate is that they can make a decoration boring to spectacular pass.

New ideas on decorating walls:


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  • The new one Wall decorations will come with thousands of new ideas that we know every day in our specialized home decoration blog. We are ready to welcome this year and no doubt will be a special year. New technologies for this activity will be on everyone's lips and new ways to interact with our walls. Paintings, designs, vinyls, sconces, and new ideas to know over these next few days.

Photogallery wall decoration: