Conforama catalog 2017-2018

We have here the catalog Conforama 2018, so you can see all the trends and inspirations to enjoy a new home and what styles are most striking decoration.

Conforama Catalog 2018

Two of the trends this season will be very present in Conforama is the industrial style decor and Nordic style. Still, we will find also other styles as can be decorated with a romantic air, although it will occupy second place in the proposals for this 2018.

Catalog 2018 Conforama salons

Loas catalogs of Conforama sofas, chairs and lounge furniture They are best known for its wide variety and prices. On this occasion, as an advance for 2018 we find sofas strong, intense colors that will give a note of vitality to stay.

Still, do not expect to find you only these colors, you can also see sofas light colors or pastels for those who want to enhance the feeling of spaciousness of your room.

As for the materials you can find textile, microfiber, leather, among others. With every decorating style you can see images of what supplements are best suited, both material and color.

With respect to living room furniture, as always, Conforama usually opt for rather minimalist styles. functional furniture, simple and straight lines.

As we have discussed in other decorative items 2018, one of the big bets are going to be textures. Therefore, in this catalog we will find sofas in both tissues, such as pillows or rugs where different experiences for touch arise.

Kitchens Conforama Catalog 2018

Inside the kitchen section Conforama 2018 we are three categories: Premium, Essential and Comfort, differentiated by one or more colorful elegance of finished more technological bet.

Then you will find different cuisines based on how you have in your space or chosen design: kitchens in &# 8220; i&# 8221 ;, gateway in &8220; l&# 8221 ;, in &8220; or&8221; or kitchen with island.

For furniture of them are going to be able to choose between kitchens with very sober tones or more striking, with colors that can be combined white and intense yellow, or colors that convert seawater cuisine in a very relaxing stay.

One of the important parts of any kitchen are home appliances chosen. You can also see different models, prices and features to select one that is more suited to your energy needs and economic.

You can find more photos in this catalog section below:

Catalog 2018 Conforama Room

Conforama dormitories typically offer a variety of add-ons and accessories that allow you to set up a very personalized stay: Headboards, bed frame, canapé or option lower drawers, etc.

In turn, you also have the option of choose a particular bedroom and it is included the above along with tables and matching furniture. Thus, if you need to make a quick purchase or feel that yours is not no decoration, you can have it all combined without headaches.

As a final touch, you can stroll through section mattresses and bedroom textiles to pick colors that go to match the type of room you want to create.

Catalog 2018 Conforama office

Whether you want to decorate your office or have an office inside your home, Conforama also you can find all kinds of furniture to create a comfortable space: desk chairs, desks, lighting, extra storage&# 8230;

Catalog 2018 Conforama decoration

And finally, the section that will get your home and have your own personalized signature, decoration.

In this part of the catalog you will find pictures, mirrors, clocks, lighting, rugs and poufs, organization and decorative objects. Each of the supplements that you choose will help you create a space very yours, to give that point of any room decor.

Conforama Catalog 2017

conforama-brochure-2016-2017-1Conforama has launched a new catalog for 2017 so you can see what all the trends for next season, items and prices that allow you to decorate your home with ease are.

Catalog 2017 Conforama salons


For those who wish to renew your living room, you do not miss all the offers Conforama presents for this next year. He White color It will be one of the most powerful trends, since it is ideal for smaller rooms as larger, because it brings light to the room.


Moreover, white is easy to combine with other colors, so you'll find a multitude of objects, textures and colors that will facilitate you create the design you're looking for ¿Minimalist, rustic, urban, industrial&# 8230 ;?


In turn, as you see in this photograph as the catalog that we showed at the end, the designs will be trend are simple and offer comfort.

Kitchens Conforama Catalog 2017


The Conforama kitchens designs They are characterized by simple, convenient, comfortable and elegant lines. Prices, as you will see in photographs of the catalog are affordable to the pockets.

As always, it is important to have in mind the space to choose good kitchen design that suits your needs and the shape of the house, like lighting.


For those who want to enjoy a kitchen with all the color, do not miss the red kitchen designs alive that you can find in Conforama.

You can also find basic items for the kitchen: Chairs, tables, stools, garbage, kitchen carts, furniture, microwave, etc.

Conforama Catalog 2017 Tableware


Household items is one of the most important aspects of the home, where you can find a whole set of pans, saucepans of different types, crockery with very bold prints and at very attractive prices.

Conforama catalog mattresses, headboards and canapes 2017


In the section of mattresses going to be able to find many models and brands such as Bultex, Pikolin, Flex, and so on.


You can also see that you have headboards available, canapes and bedsteads at attractive prices to get a break sensational space, depending on your sleep needs.


The headboards, as you see in the picture, they are of different styles and textures, which will allow you to easily find them like that.

Conforama Catalog 2017 bedrooms


Conforms dorms are very simple design, a style closer to minimalist. As you see, they are straight lines, betting more so necessary so it takes up too much and does nothing.


Also going to be able to find articles sensational bedroom decor: pillows, rugs, lamps, and so on.


Also you are going to be able to find children's bedrooms design, with motifs of Disney or bunk with which you can take advantage of more space.

Conforama Catalog 2017

If you want to see the complete catalog can do so by clicking on the first image will display on the screen and can turn pages with arrows:

Conforama Catalog 2011

Conforama 2011 catalog. Up to 60% discount on some items. New ideas in decoration, kitchen furniture, appliances, lighting, garden and terrace furniture, mattresses, bathrooms. you more in the catalog Conforama 2011.

Conforama is a large French chain with stores in many European countries. Spain has stores in more than 15 cities. In Conforama always you find variety and good prices when buying in bulk achieve very low prices without sacrificing quality.


compact for the living room with space for television, DVD and closet to store whatever you need furniture.

Different designs of coffee tables in aluminum or madera.v offers in loose chairs or sets of tables and chairs.

If you like modern design you like Word chairs upholstered chair silver New York or chair upholstered in leatherette.

Sofa chaise longue, loveseats, chairs relax deeply discounted.


Offers lighting, floor lamps, pendant jewel with a design full of color (in purple or green, or orange or white). Table lamps.

offers Bamboo rugs, in boxes and sheets to decorate your home.

Offers in wardrobes, cobblers and auxiliary furniture of different sizes and finishes. If you need decorative and useful accessories such as screens and heartthrobs night also you have on sale in the Conforama catalog.


The garden furniture could not miss. Oval garden table eucalyptus wood, combined with folding wooden chairs New York model.

Garden sets sofa, armchairs and precious table, with aluminum coated braided synthetic fiber. The appearance is like rattan but easier to maintain.

Set of garden table and two chairs New Java model also eucalyptus wood.

for solar elastics illuminate the garden.


auxiliary furniture, appliances, refrigerators, ovens, lavadoras  and fans and cooktops at good prices.

shelving and desks and swivel chairs to complete your office.


LED high-definition televisions with Freeview and USB connection sizes. Payment facilities, you can get free the Conforama card and you can have up to 12 months to pay without interest. Check with your center Conforama closest.