Boric acid Where I can buy boric acid against cockroaches?

For those who suffer from the appearance of Cockroaches at home, They are buying products and more products and see that they are useless you want to give a solution to these annoying insects so they can carry diseases to your family. Heat insects multiply and cities cockroaches are one of the most prevalent insect. Let's go for a solution based on boric acid solution.


What is Boric Acid

boric acid

Boric acid It is a slightly acidic chemical. Its most common use is as antisético, or as an insecticide, as a flame retardant and other precursor chemicals. This also used as the buffering agent for pH control.

It is a quite toxic acid, despite its widespread use in the home to kill insects and especially with cucaracahas, so we must be very careful when using it because if you breathe or come into contact with our skin, we can intoxicate and we have to go to the emergency medical immediately.

What is the purpose Boric Acid

For-to-serve-the-boronic acid

Despite this toxicity that we have noted, is a simple, easy, economical and without the need to use elements chemicals strong gravity that pollute both the environment and our health to kill some bugs that slip at home, but not only this as besides killing pail used for other things.

The Aboric acid, but its medicinal version is also used as an antibiotic for bacterial infections or fungal type. In addition it can also be used as an eyewash to clean or watering eyes as it provides soothing relief of eye irritation, and helps to eliminate eye contaminants such as chlorine, or other chemicals. Despite this, we must be very careful, repeat, and use it whenever we want, be well informed of all risks.

Home is a product widely used, especially when summer comes and we end up with annoying cockroaches, so you can maybe you're wondering where you can buy boric acid.

Where I can buy boric acid against cockroaches?


The solution against cockroaches and can also be true for the appearance of ants in the home is based is boric acid. Boric acid will allow you to stop these pesky critters also often appear in many homes when the warm weather arrives.

Boric acid can acquire it in the supermarkets or pharmacies, they usually sold in containers of 500 grams or 1 kilogram.

We must add that They sell a type of boric acid is medicinal and it found in pharmacies but we must not confuse this it is used as an insecticide. That is, that although you throw in the corners of the house to kill the pesky critters will not get nothing but stain the floor and cockroaches continue &8220; campando&8221; wherever they want.

In the case of boric acid which interests us now (to kill cockroaches), it is important not to apply it on the skin and not to be confused with that I said it's medicinal.

Procedure for using boric acid

procedure-a-go-to use

Once you have boric acid, preparing two tablespoons of this product and dilúyelas in 100 milliliters of water, then Dip a piece of bread with this mixture and place it next to the active colony of ants or cockroaches. In about 24 hours after placing the bread, the queen of the colony (if ants) or cockroaches will be dead and so your house will be free of cockroaches.

To make sure that not reappear for home or that you really eliminated. Proof to take more of boric acid in bread appointed for a couple of days. You also will verify if the cockroach problem at home is a blip or something more.

Where to put boric acid to kill cockroaches

The first thing to do, as we indicate anteriorimente is to make the balls to distribute throughout the home and kill cockroaches. In fact, we must not only put inside the home but also abroad, where they enter cockroaches. You should also be careful if you have pets and avoid placing boric acid in your area because you can get food poisoning and endangering their health.

What we must do is mix the sugar with the acid and place it in every corner of the home. Although many people do not recommend take milk to the mix, we do recommend from experience.

How boric acid kills cockroaches

When cockroaches run into boric acid causes them constipation and tamponade so that eventually the animal just exploding. Powdered sugar is placed for a very simple reason: it attracts cockroaches and it is easy for them to ingest quickly. When a cockroach takes sugar is intoxicating and bursts into the nest, ahead of other roaches that return to see the sugar leaves the body of his companion, nor can they avoid consuming so with this system we ensure kill nests roaches.

This is the most effective technique to kill cockroaches but if we chase them away, the best is the smell of cucumber and displeases them.

How to make homemade insecticide with boric acid

Insecticide-to-home-with-boric acid

We've already explained where to buy and how you can use boric acid to kill the pesky cockroaches, but there is also the option to make your own insecticide from the use of boric acid. Perhaps it will be an equally effective remedy against the plague that you should remove, but not so aggressive to us, or our health.

Now let's see how you can have this insecticide from boric acid and can also be used in addition also as a cleaning product. With this insecticide home you'll end up not only with cockroaches, but also with ants and even termites.

Steps for insecticide with boric acid


1-First we have to make the mixture of boric acid from which you bought at the grocery store (note other than for medicinal use), and other components. Tablespoon acid mixture with sugar and milk. You must stir the mixture well until all three ingredients have formed a paste.

2-Once you have a paste or dough, you have to throw in bottle caps. Take the cap of a bottle of any plastic and filled halfway exactly. You might seem little but enough to kill the cockroaches that you have at home, ants or termites.

3-You must have located places or corners of the house that you see coming out cockroaches, or where ants always appear. Simply let a cap with the mixture you have pointed out, whether in the ground or in the closet or under furniture, but yes, you must ensure that they are not accessible to children or animals as they may suffer poisoning.

Boric acid 4-attract insects and animals and will destroy them, but not enough color plug and go. We recommend that you go charging plugs with the mixture for at least three or four weeks periodically.

5-Boric acid has a sweet substance which attracts insects, and causes end up eating the mixture further carried nests to distribute to others and can end all the pest.

Finally you should know that if you You want to specifically kill ants, we recommend instead of sugar, the mixture you use peanut butter or jelly. 

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