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Does not drop water into your toilet or otherwise can not flush the toilet? Breakdowns in the toilet tank are very common. In Espaciohogar.com, we tell you the steps to repair the tank with videos.

How to fix the toilet cistern

In a previous article, we tell how to repair a washing machine, Today we will focus in the cistern. Often the fault has easy fix and can repair it yourself with what saves you call the plumber. First of all we need to specify what kind of damage have our tank.

How does a toilet work?

The most common system is that the water enters the tank through a pipe and is controlled by a valve. The valve in turn is controlled by a float plastic recess on an outstretched arm, which opens or closes the valve depending on the level of water within the cistern. This water level is pre factory set.

Most frequent types of faults in the toilet tank

Fault number 1, leakage in the tank, loading mechanism&# 160; When there is a fault in the loading mechanism. We appreciate the water falls without ceasing for the tank and this does sound like unfinished constantly recharge water and filled.

In this case we need to open the tank to see what kind of mechanism have our toilet. It depends on the type of toilet you have, if you see old water tank in a kind of float slowly rise as the water level rises in the tank.

How to fix the toilet cistern

Once the tank is full the float remains above.&# 160; The float regulates the movement turn of a screw which presses the valve rubber or&# 160; which is responsible for opening or closing the water inlet.

If not go up if half or lets constantly under water. Check if the float is well regulated, if the rubber is worn&# 160; and must be changed or whether to tighten the screw. You'll have to try all these situations until you locate the fault.

If tightening the float the problem persists, shut off the water from the toilet&# 160; and pulls the chain to empty the tank. Now we must check valve gum or water inlet see subject to a kind of arm. Said valve unscrewed and removed. If we appreciate that is loose or damaged here we are the problem. We will have to replace it with another (at hardware stores or department stores).

If your toilet is modern, you have less to do since usually have to replace the entire mechanism. How to fix the toilet cistern

Fault number 2, in the tank leakage fault discharge mechanism

In this case we have water escapes through the bottom of the tank. Once the tank is empty the float drops and pushes the valve closing the liquid inlet. In this case we have to disassemble the valve calmly turning slowly. In the lower zone you will see a piston to be removed, then a rubber shoe that is opening the passage of water into the toilet. Loosen the nut and replace this paste the other.

Fault&# 160; No. 3, problems push the toilet

Sometimes it may happen that there is a fault in the mechanism switch. Button and the mechanism are connected by a rod&# 160; It has and be vertical. A kind of tie wire rod hold this position.

If for whatever reason the straps are not well aligned rod may fail, tilt and then fall can cause water to see the toilet cistern. You just have to straighten these braces for the rod back to the correct position to solve the fault.

If none of these options fix your problem you will have to call a plumber, although it is likely that the failure is one of those described and Logres fix yourself.

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