More than 30 ideas modern kitchen in L

Do you have a kitchen L-shaped? In this article we will show you how to place furniture in the best way to maximize space and your L-shaped kitchen is modern, functional and practical. Join us and discover more than 30 ideas modern kitchen in L.


Kitchens L

What does a kitchen in L? Ye probably wondered what the designing an L-shaped kitchen. The answer is simple, these kitchens are divided into two zones or locations.


As you can see a &8220; L&8221; creates a 90 degree angle where the key is to take advantage of all the space with functional furniture, usually with long tops.


The objective here is that you can post gain greater breadth in your kitchen. An idea that you can make is to put an island and thus achieve the kitchen is functional and modern.


Like a kitchen with bar that has drawers or drawers to store items and kitchen accessories.


If you are interested to know more to a modern kitchen with different ideas Echad an eye to the next gallery with pictures of kitchens L.

Kitchen Ideas Modern L

Let's show you now a few L ideas in modern kitchens so you can find the perfect design for your kitchen.


Gradually you going to go see different types of kitchens with different styles and designs kitchens in L and our advice will you do that your kitchen has a new look and becomes a modern kitchen L.


Look at this gallery where we give you a few ideas of modern kitchens in L.

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Small modern kitchen in L

If you have a small L-shaped kitchen you have to use the space for them to gain breadth furniture, colors and layout.


In the image below going to see some simple but functional furniture They distinguished by the color red and bright tones.


Here you see modern furniture even a small kitchen, which has little space does not mean that you can not put modern and practical furniture. Here are white furniture with wood finishes, making them nice and stylish.


In the next gallery going to be able to see kitchens in L small, with enough ideas to think what you like best for yours.

I am sure you are interested to know more about small kitchens, therefore we recommend that pinchéis on the following link Small and Modern integrated kitchens.

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Kitchens L &# 8211; Decor

Now we are going to teach the best decoration and designs kitchens L. Placing furniture, appliances and choose which colors to get the best kitchen decor in L.


A good design is becoming increasingly popular is to have laminated wood furniture where they earn in soft tones light and a cheerful touch to the kitchen.


But if you like you can be entirely of wood, as wooden furniture They are very nice and conseguiréis a rustic touch to your home.


He minimalist design It can be applied to all kitchens, in this case we see a minimalist kitchen with purple and white furniture.


A tiled kitchen It is another option that you can shuffle. The tiles are easy to clean and beautiful What do you think this kitchen?


So you can see more options to decorate a kitchen in L we give the following ideas, pinchad in the gallery.

Kitchens white L

We can not speak of kitchens and kitchens not comment white, color star par excellence. A kitchen in white L never gets old.


Although it is also a color that blends well with others, as in this case a gray and white kitchen giving a modern look.


But combinations, which is this year's fashion is the white and black kitchen, both the wall and furniture. You like?


For you to see more kitchens white L you just have to click on the gallery below.

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Photos Kitchen in L

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