Coloring Halloween pumpkins 2017

Espaciohogar as we speak of those who are coloring on Halloween 2017, but now we speak of other pictures and are also traditional during the celebration of Halloween, today extended to everyone. We speak then of the coloring of Halloween pumpkins 2017.


Coloring Halloween pumpkins 2017


Pumpkins are one of the traditional Halloween elements. They never fail since it is Tradition buy a really big pumpkin, empty inside, and drawing a terrifying face, it puts a candle inside so that it is illuminated at night.

ogovern this tradition is found in Ireland. The history of Halloween calabeza born from a cheapskate and Irish brawler, called Jack, which he had the misfortune of encountering devil himself in a tavern. It was Halloween or Halloween night.

The drunkard asked the devil for a nightcap in exchange for his soul and this became currency to pay for that drink. Entonce Jack tricked the devil to save the money in her purse which had a cross. To release him asked him not to return to his soul until after ten years that the devil accepted treatment.


After ten years. being in midfield Jack is visited by the devil who comes to claim his soul, but the drunk you requests to reach an apple which it is at the top of a tree. When the devil climbs the tree, Jack painted on the cross and then asks the devil to let down must promise to never accept his soul to what this reluctantly agrees.

When last year Jack dies, It is rejected in the sky thief, swindler and drunk. Sent to hell, the Devil can not accept his soul as promised so Jack He is condemned to wander forever in the darkness and carrying a turnip with a burning coal that had given him the devil and would guide him through the darkness.

Over the years the tradition was adaptando.Al principle, peoples of Celtic origin hollowed turnips and put coal them to illuminate andl way back to the world of the living to their dead most beloved and so they welcomed them at the same time protected themselves from evil spirits. But to get the Irish to America, they met and pumpkins they realized that these were much larger and easier to hollow out turnips, from the time that no person has grown up knowing one Jack-o-lantern, Jack candil the dark.

Nowadays hollowing out a pumpkin is something that is done in all households in the US, and other countries to you that this country has exported Halloween, so kids can also devote themselves to paint pumpkins at school or at home, so we can hang wreaths or as if they were making a &8220; collage&# 8221 ;.

There are many types of drawings of pumpkins for your children, and we will show all the way down we have selected a photo gallery so they can paint this Halloween 2017. To download size bigger just need to pinchéis on the image.

Decorating pumpkins for Halloween 2017

Decorating pumpkins for Halloween 2015

On the other hand, and for parents who want to decorate a pumpkin true for Halloween 2017 we offer below some ideas. The truth is that the pumpkin life, which has the eyes and mouth in the form of terror and we have to do with a knife, after having emptied the gourd, is a classic but also with the times have come other decorations they are undoubtedly amazing, and I can inspire.

Decorating pumpkins for Halloween 2015-skulls-Mexican

Decorate a Halloween pumpkin in the traditional way, it requires some esfuerrzo as we have to empty them completely, and then know how to make it carved us a good face or drawing that can light a candle. Perhaps that is why it seems that currently imposes pumpkins give other styles and indeed, are many people who choose to paint their pumpkins with all kinds of colors or paints as we see in the picture above, so that they are more original and ultimately they do not require much effort. do these Mexican skulls also it will allow you to spend an evening with Supercreativa you to involve children without cuts or handling knives.

Decorating pumpkins for Halloween 2015-de-hello-kitty

We can even get our pumpkin paint of one color such as white, will then stick pieces of rubber or plush eva to form a face like Hello Kitty and ready! You'll see how soon enjoy having a pumpkin with your house will be decorated as never before was on Halloween.

Decorating pumpkins for Halloween 2015-de-witch

What do you think the face of a witch? For this you must first draw the Face with a pen and then picks and painted with green paint to the face and with white eye and tooth. Sure that everyone will be fixed in your pumpkin as the funniest element of Halloween party. it is best that children can also help.

Halloween pumpkin decorating for 2015-with-chalk-paint

One of the latest crazes is also decorate Halloween pumpkins with paint known as &# 8220; Chalk Paint&8221; paint or chalk. It is special for this kind of thing. All you have to do is paint your pumpkin, and then let it dry. You can then paint with chalk and you'll see that it will be as if you were drawing on a blackboard.

Photogallery Coloring Halloween pumpkins 2017

Then we leave a complete photo gallery so you can print the picture you like and do so your child can color it for this Halloween 2017.

For more inspiration to other drawings to decorate Halloween 2017, we recommend that other post we have prepared and surely will be of interest.