C & oacute; how to make flying paper lanterns

In the movie Tangled, Rapunzel saw lights flying each year&# 160; cross the sky, announcing that his birthday. Flying lamps&# 160; They are easy to make and are a visual feast for birthdays, weddings or parties. Espaciohogar we've told you how to make centerpieces, today we talk about the&# 160; Flying lamp.

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How to make flying paper lanterns

What are the flying lamps, sky lanterns and Chinese lanterns?

Are of Chinese origin are called Kongming Lantern or Chinese lanterns. These lamps had a small candle in a bamboo frame and was rice paper. The candle was impregnated with a little oil and when cycled heating the air inside the lamp. This lowered the density and the lamp was floating in the air. The lamp will be flying in the sky for the duration of the burning candle.

First use was military. He invented a wise Chinese strategist Zhuge Liang for signaling purposes in wartime. Although it is possible that this tradition comes from the 3rd century BC. According to historian Joseph Needham the Chinese had experimented with hot air balloons from the Warring States period in the 3rd century BC.

The emperors of the Sui Dynasty between 516 and 618 AD and used these Chinese lanterns to entertain the dignitaries who came from outside. It was used to illuminate palaces and parties. He also began to be used in doors at night even ward off evil and bring good luck.

How to make flying paper lanterns

The colors of the symbolism lamps

  • Blue lantern symbolizes energy in decline, it means someone is sick

  • E red lantern means vitality and energy, announces a new marriage or birth

  • Farolillo white symbolizes mourning.

Depending on the size or height where the lanterns hung indicated social status.

Making lamps&# 160; Flying step&# 160; He passed

You will need to

  • 4 sheets of white tissue paper
  • 4 sheets of blue tissue paper
  • Spray to spray fire retardant paper
  • Barillas bamboo (4 about 30 cm)
  • Tracing paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • White glue
  • Florist wire (this green)

silk paper

How do you do it

1 - Replace the blue paper that will be closest to the flame with tongs on a clothesline sprayed with fire retardant spray part. Let dry. Do not spray the corners.

2-&# 160; Make the pattern for what will be the flashlight. With the tracing paper can draw the pattern must be 101&# 160; cm long by 30.48 cm at the base

3- Paste each sheet of paper blue silk with a paper tissue bank along the edges. Let dry

4- Cut a panel flashlight paper we have stuck above (do 4) and then they are united to each other with glue.

5- papers each stick to the sides, we ensure that the top is sealed at the ends and leave the bottom open like a pocket. Let it dry.

6- Making the wire a kind of ring&# 160; about 25 cm. This ring will rod shaped bamboo X is introduced through the bottom and rim is fixed with glue.

7- two pieces longer than the diameter wire the bottom are put in between the rods that have formed are cut bamboo.

8- Now instead of sailing put a wet ball well alcohol cotton and look closely to the center of the crosshead with wires. It turns on and is ready to fly.

&# 160;

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