And modern wooden shelves for wall

After speak of which are shelves of floating wood, we want to show now are wooden shelves but have a very modern style, and not only that adorn the wall, but you can place your books and other decorative elements on shelves which completely updated &8220; look&8221; your room, your living room or your kitchen. Espaciohogar, modern wooden shelves wall.


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Modern wooden shelves for the living room wall


If you have a room, or living room, with a white wall and you want to fill with wooden shelves Modenas, perhaps a good solution either, the opt for originality they may have shelves as we see in this picture.

Wooden wall shelves that have a design in which they all have so it seems that we are creating a kind of &8220;collage&8221; on our wall. Larger or smaller, with square shapes or ladder. Try combining them, although if they are of a similar tone for the whole stay with &8220; look&8221; unified.

-Modern-house-small shelf

For those that you may have one house is small you can always opt for shelves that are both modern and of a suitable size for a tiny room.

Wooden shelves as we see in the above image in which from a vertical wood they have been placed several floating shelves to place stacked books.


On the other hand it should be noted that the wooden shelves and shelves with a modern design, fashionable but also can integrate them into spaces like the living room or bedroom with furniture that are obviously the same style and design.


Also find shelves and shelves wooden although they are presented in different colors, how are you now see in white and inside are of another color. They are modern and are very well both in the classroom and in the bedrooms either for marriage or a youth room.

Wooden shelves modern bedroom wall


for a bedroom or study, we can also choose wood shelves that are not only modern but also be functional, so that we can put on it everything you need to read, study or even work.

Drawer models such as shelves we have in the photo above, are ideal also for youth bedroom.


Another option modern wooden shelf and wall, will be the place a ledge We can even make ourselves, and as we see in the photo above.

A shelf that has been done with a simple wooden box, so that recycling becomes a floating shelf on which to place books, a vase and even a lamp for use like a bedside table.


We have already seen a model shelf or wooden shelf that had a white color outside was a different color inside. You can now see how good it is when we hang on our wall and we think that this type of shelf or ledge It will be great in any youth bedroom.

Wooden shelves modern kitchen wall


The kitchen is another room of the house where we can place the modern wooden shelves. We can choose shelves besides being modern, may have a simple design and look appropriate for the kitchen.

Little we can serve in the kitchen, a shelf is a striking color or spiral, for example, when we can choose models as we see above, and which are very suitable to place the tableware shelves and other elements of the table in an orderly fashion.


As we have suggested to the bedroom also be very modern, choose wooden shelves made with recycled elements and you shall be great in the kitchen. For example a box of wine or cava You can serve to make a ledge as we see in this picture.

shelves-shelves-de-wood-2015-designs-functional kitchen

We also have shelves and wooden shelves and kitchen, which occupy much space as they are functional and will allow us to have everything organized.

More models wooden shelves:

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Photos wooden shelves modern wall:

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