rustic stairs

In a living room or a rustic loft ladder can be an essential element. In we give you ideas of rustic stairs because if you have space for a house that to place one of these ladders we recommend that is rustic as it is currently trend.


rustic stairs

rusticas stairs-stair-de-wood

The stairs are one of the oldest elements. In Mayan or Aztec buildings for thousands of years and we look at the use of stairs. The stairs emerged as a need to bring spaces at different heights. When there is a gap between two zones closer stairs allow space by rungs or steps. They are necessary for houses with various levels, so if you have to place a ladder in your new house or renovating, you can choose from different styles and types of stairs but perhaps the most commonly with this 2015 are the rustic since it is in fact a type of decoration has become very hard for the whole house decor.

spiral stairs

Throughout all historical periods stairs have been present, but from the fifteenth and sixteenth century when the stairs reach significance from the architectural point of view. At this time true works of art, like the ladder of Miguel Angel's Laurentian Library in Florence Bounarotti are created. These stairs are certainly remarkable but I do not tell them to go bet for your home; It is better to choose something simple with wood elements or steps that are like what you see in these images and they are the latest trend for 2015 stairs.


Among the current rustic stairs we can find, we must have the a design that is more or less modern without forgetting that rustic touch that makes them so desirable in any home. The choice plus if you need a ladder that is quite spacious and great for you can choose an elaborate model (as you see above) or a model like depend on previously seen was a sort of spiral staircase and stood for their wooden steps and wrought iron railing.

taller9 escalerasrusticas00

The truth is that we can mention other materials besides wood for choosing our rustic staircase. I said the wrought iron which it is perfect for the rail and all its details, and we can also add cement and stone, which they are perfect for the stairs to place at the entrance to house for example (as you see in the picture above) materials.

Where can we place the rustic stairs?


Together with the above, if you're still wondering where you can place a rustic staircase, in case you need a ladder, you say that they are perfect and that you can find in places like rural Vasas in rural properties, chalets in barns. Thanks to them, the stairs are fundamental to communicate the different floors of houses or warehouses.

Rustic stairs | materials


Before when we have seen examples of rustic stairs and I have spoken of materials but as mentioned we can add others and see what would be the most used.

In this way:

  • The materials used for rustic stairs are: wood, iron, stone, brick, granite, marble, tiles.
  • As for the woods, rustic stairs usually brewed from stairs in woods such as pine, oak, cedar or beech.
  • Combine materials is always a good idea as this will achieve good examples of more elaborate thanks to the presence stairs for example, wrought iron and wood.
  • The stairs are not just steps so that for rustic models must we also look at handrails, sills, balustrades. All this if we choose the rustic style staircase can make a major decorative element in the house, able to attract all eyes.

Types of stairs


Although there are many other more conventional designs in the rustic style they are:

  • straight staircases
  • curved stairs
  • Counterbalanced stairs (with straight and curved sections)
  • colonial stairs
  • Spiral staircases
  • open stairs
  • closed stairs

Please note when putting the ladder

He He passed a person normal level ground is between 55-65 cm in length.

DSCN0033 IMGP0461

Should think instead that if the land is rising step thus shortens the distance between steps should be somewhat lower.

On the other hand remember that it is always harder to climb down the ladder demodo not put too wide steps since they cause the to try harder to raise them and especially to lower them. Nor they must be very narrow If you do not want to drop us to take them down very quickly.


For safety reasons it is recommended that the trace-riser ratio remains constant throughout the course of the stairs. In this way the person automatically perform movements both ascending and descending smoothly it can stumble and lose balance


When it comes to placing a staircase we always turn to a professional you know which model is best for us depending on how the house, and advising us know that if we say we want a rustic model.

Video rustic stairs:

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