Catalog 2017 Conforama beds

2017 beds Conforama catalog is packed with all the latest brands that are going to be able to find all year at your nearest store.

For those of you who are thinking of changing your bedroom or at least renew your mattress improve your rest, in this catalog Conforama going to be able to find all the news, brands and types of mattress that I can be useful for the whole year.

The slogan of this year will be linked to #Camitis, that feeling of needing the bed all the time, it costs up in the morning because it is very gustito. So you can enjoy that feeling, they have selected the best brands and propose attractive prices.

Catalog 2017 Conforama beds Pikolin

One of the most important brands that are going to be able to find in this catalog is Pikolin, famous for the diversity of mattresses that offer comfort them and guarantee that feature each, so you can enjoy it at home knowing that you'll have the best conditions.

In the lower area of ​​the image you can see what steps you can find each of the ranges and mattress that you have and what are the reference codes that will allow you to request them faster and comfort in Conforama.

Conforama Catalog 2017 Bultex beds

What the others Bultex mattresses differ? Bultex is the trademark for a type of mattresses that are breathable thanks to its alveolar content. In turn, it features a padded Progression Visco and the flexibility to provide the perfect break its occupants, being a convenient and comfortable bed.

You can find three different types: Quark, Neutron and Proton.

Conforama Catalog 2017 Flex Camas

Flex is another brand with more pull and international demand, -more has a long history of 100 years can find mattresses made from materials such as memory foam, springs and technical foams.

In this catalog you going to be able to have different ranges of beds on offer, with very attractive prices and covering very specific needs. An opportunity to purchase a high-end mattress at more affordable prices.

Conforama Catalog 2017 Somnalis Beds Premium

Your bed only you use to relax or even watch movies, read books, etc.?

One of the interesting facts is that Somnalis can find beds that cater to your most specific needs, may find a mattress which can be adapted to lift you need.

They are handmade mattresses which they have been concocted by combining traditions with technological breakthroughs to meet all needs.

Conforama Catalog 2017 Somnalis Essential Beds

If what you're looking for is a mattress with the above characteristics but is of springs or viscoelastic at a more affordable price, Somnalis Essentials may be what you need to enjoy your rest again.

In turn, fijaros in the blue box image, initially recommended that weekly overturning the mattress to prevent lame brands. Thus, up to 6 months and then we can use it without many twists.

Conforama Catalog 2017 Beds: Canapes

Whether you are looking for a particular brand as the best price, Canapes They will also be part of the catalog Conforama offers 2017 beds.

One of the great advantages of canapé is that you can have a extra storage without you remove space, which is often fabulous. It is important that the climatic conditions of stay are taken into account to avoid dampness, mold and other things that tend not at all please the owner.

Conforama Catalog 2017 articulated beds

For those who need it, whether for whatever reason, a mattress that is articulable also going to be able to see a selection with prices more affordable and big brands.

Also you can see in this catalog other comfortable and decorative details such as headboards, as some are on offer.

Conforama Camas Spring 2017: Full Catalog

Here we show you the latest catalog to complete with all the latest in mattresses.

Conforama Beds Winter 2017: Full Catalog

If you want to see the complete catalog with all products that are part of such Conforama discounts throughout the year 2017, just back to top of the article and click on the first image, where the gallery will be displayed.