Modern decor with table centers

We have already seen how to make original table centers and now we speak of other centerpieces, which have a modern design with which to decorate beyond placing them on the table. If you want to see some proposals for centerpieces that are modern, well keep reading because we will give you ideas for your decor. Espaciohogar we speak now about how we can change the decor with modern facilities table.


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Modern table centers


  • Modern table centers are characterized by a design that may have taken a model that is traditional or classic to turn it into something completely new. 
  • It is the case that we see in this photo, you can enchant us with flowers centers but this does not mean that we always have to choose it, and you can for example buy three small centers which are glass, with flowers and place one above the other.


  • Another idea modern center table can be choosing a flower vase or container and to get out of the norm. You can choose between a large and showy vase or one that has a modern design. OR place both at once and with candles.


  • Returning to the glass centerpieces with flowers, also they can have a modern design without the need to pile them up one on top of another, but they have a elongated or rectangular and not square as mostly.
  • So that you stay perfect, we have to put very few flowers and so it will look fresh and modern. On the other hand, although it is not seen in the picture, this type of vases for table centerpiece can fill it with twigs and dried flowers.


  • And if the Shapes can be defined is what the modern style our centerpiece what do you think a centerpiece that is elongated high and exceeds the above glasses? At a table with several diners can be perfect but beware of choosing a center like this for a small table as it might make this look much smaller.

Modern decor with table centers 


  • Decorating with modern centerpieces can be a good idea If you are searching for your dining room for example has more style or greater presence for a special occasion.
  • You can choose to place several centerpieces where we will have lunch or dinner, but you can also choose to place them on shelves and other furniture that occur in the dining room.


  • Imagine that you recently celebrated your wedding or have had an important celebration in which you have placed a centerpiece that is modern. Why we must remove it or leave it off the table? We can integrate it into the space so that it becomes one more of the decorative elements of the house.

plants center-table-modern-

  • In addition, many of the centerpieces are modern or not usually they have the element or plant flowers as something principal so we can use it for a special occasion as a centerpiece and then taking it decorate any room in the house.

Modern video center table:

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