Kitchen IKEA catalog 2018 (September 2017)

Who has not dreamed of have the perfect kitchen? We bring you the latest news from Ikea kitchens, pure inspiration to keep on dreaming and you be much easier to create the kitchen of your dreams in your own home, regardless of the space you have or the color you like.

Continues to see with us&# 8230;

Ikea 2018 catalog full

IKEA kitchens Why are successful?

To me, I love to cook and eat, you can imagine that the kitchen is one of the most special places in my house. It is not only a transit place where one can get food at all. The kitchen is a magical place where one creates, which combines flavors and textures, which creates different for each of your guests and family dishes.

So today I want to share with you all these dream kitchens which can become yours if you count with adequate space.

It is the best you can create your own, with your personal touch depending on your tastes, styles decorating your space at home, you please add ons&# 8230; Let's create together!

Ikea kitchens are defined to be practices, with simple designs and expensive materials, which also allows one to do with a cheaper kitchen.

Yes, you remember, you can mount the yourselves at home or you can hire Ikea specialized staff so that you have your kitchen ready at home.

In turn, as we shall see in this article, they also have different cuisines colors for large and small spaces, what makes it a very powerful option when looking for who can create the kitchen of your dreams.

Ikea kitchens catalog 2018

This catalog of Ikea kitchens 2018 will valid until July 2018, which means that we then expect many more new features.

In this catalog you going to be able to know what the New Ikea kitchen for different sections of the same: designs, colors, shapes, organization, appliances&# 8230; Details, although one thinks that go unnoticed are crucial for perfect kitchen.

Every time I see the new Ikea kitchens I always wonder why I will not have a bigger kitchen where you can put it because they're so pretty! Although, as you will see a little later, there are also designs for small kitchens Ikea stays I think you will love.

The best thing is that this year we will find us vintage style designs but with modern touches that make them practical, comfortable and equally beautiful.

You also have an important section for kitchen organization, from all kitchen utensils and culinary details that will make cooking a moment of absolute enjoyment.

In the latter part of the catalog we show the new which have recently introduced, as this cuisine in a brown clarito which is a perfect tone for this season.

In turn, a special highlight as to furniture ikea kitchens 2018 It is that the black color will have more prominence than in the past, so you are going to find kitchen models in dark tones that will not go unnoticed.

Another element worth mentioning is the possibility of acquiring wireless LED doors, a different, striking and bright option for the kitchen.

In this gallery you will see the 2018 Ikea catalog of kitchens full: 

Then we are going to show some designs kitchens IKEA, Ikea first small and then kitchens, Ikea kitchens differentiated by color of them, so you can view the available options:

small kitchen Ikea

You know that we have several specific items of small kitchens, where you talk about the furniture and how to get the most out but did not want to miss the opportunity to show you some IKEA designs kitchenettes that you can be inspiring.


Small kitchens can also be irresistible and welcoming, all you have to do is search information and photographs to find ideal furniture for the space you have.

ikea kitchen-small

Although they always say it's better choose white colors to generate greater feeling of spaciousness, those you want kitchens in black color for a small room, you see that Ikea also committed to show that it is possible.

And do not you advance, if you want to read more about small kitchens I recommend these two items (you just have to click on the name): &8220;small kitchens&8221; Y &8220;small integrated kitchens&# 8220 ;.

white kitchens IKEA

One of the most sought after and desired to put in any home kitchens are white kitchens. One of the biggest cons is that dirt is much faster than in a dark kitchen but, being white reflects light and appears wider, so it is always more interesting for both small and large kitchens.

As you see in the picture, to enhance the natural and pleasant feeling, they have added wood elements such as countertops or different sections of the waitress left.

Compartiros wanted this other kitchen design so you can see how in a same store designs can be completely different and, for those that you are not fully convinced of a white kitchen, you can always combine it with other tones.

Red kitchens IKEA

IKEA has two types of kitchens red, shiny or matte.

It is important to make this first-hand, and not by the shade of red but by the effect it will cause in the kitchen.

If you have a small kitchen, and you are seeing in the photographs how best combined with white furniture lest it seem too small, but there is a balance of color and intensity without losing vitality.

IKEA wood kitchens

The kitchens in wood tones, either in natural color or chocolate, they are another major desired position reminiscent of earlier designs. This time, we have a kitchen in chocolate brown with some more rustic touch but distinctly modern.

In superior images we have seen kitchens with Strong rustic, with shades of light wood and the feeling of seeing the very grain of the wood.

In this picture, we find a wooden kitchen design but with a more industrial style with that touch the metal exhaust tube-shaped, island and appliances.

gray IKEA kitchens

Gray kitchens attract much attention in Ikea, usually they have a soft tone but can not forget that You need a good natural light to fit well in small kitchens.

If you really like the gray, always combinadla with white furniture to be reflect more light and look wide. Details of the cooking can keep putting in black, as you see in the image: countertop, appliance, kitchen, etc.

Another option to consider, especially when we talk about small kitchens, furniture is combined with shelves or choose furniture with glass, so it seems a less closed and more space.

Yellow kitchens IKEA


Before we have seen kitchens in shades of brown chocolate, which have seen that are darker and better for larger spaces.

In this case, we see how you can include some vitality in that kitchen furniture through yellow tones that completely change the dynamics and feel of the space.

Green IKEA kitchens

ikea-green kitchen

In addition, we show the photographs are pure inspiration because what you have imagined a door of each color, having a bicolor kitchen and you can change whenever you want?

This commitment to include a section furniture in green tones it is a wonder. Yes, fijaros well then have to include other elements so that there is harmony at home; ideas are proposed Ikea curtains / curtain in tropical greens and plants.

Ikea kitchens: 25 designs

Here in this section you can see more designs of Ikea kitchens you can find in your local store or online, where you are invited to choose the one you like so that then can adapt to your home.

Just click on the image and gallery kitchens will be deployed in magazine format, passing-shot:

Design your kitchen online

ikea kitchen-penthouse
The truth is that any easier:

  • To get a rough idea of ​​how to be your kitchen Ikea has a kitchen planner, you design the kitchen that suits your space.
  • You will see the simulation of your kitchen Ikea 3D, you can do Arabian combinations with furniture and appliances until you find your favorite.
  • Keeping the project on the server and when you go to the Ikea store you open it.
  • Personnel Ikea verify your design, and gives you an estimate of your kitchen valid for one month.

Counseling Service

ikea kitchen
Ikea has a practical system before mounting a person Ikea checks in your home that you measured correctly, and gives you tips on where you can or can not locate an appliance (which can have designed in one place and there may not be) .
This person verifies the kitchen can be installed correctly, whether to make any changes in the distribution. All designed to make installing your Ikea kitchen is perfect.

Ikea appliances

ikea kitchen
To give it easier to bring you all your kitchen a place, also going to be able to buy your appliances in Ikea and see how exhibitions are together with the furniture.
ikea kitchens
For example, you can find refrigerators and freezers, ovens, microwave, extractor, dishwasher and so on.

Ikea catalog Kitchens: Previous years

To watch the catalog, you just have to click on the image and you can see all the new kitchen for 2017:

Here we are going to show the section Ikea kitchens catalog 2016, all you have to do is click on to see the word &# 8220; Gallery&8221; and you can see other surprises that await you for this next year in decor and cuisine.

It is an opportunity to create something different, unique and very personal.

Other designs Ikea kitchens:

ikea kitchen ikea kitchens
You know that every year Ikea is changing its kitchens and I think there's always something we can draw from previous decorations to continue learning, to continue to inspire us for our own kitchen.

ikea kitchens ikea kitchens

Not to abandon the past, you have to tweak it and renew it for something completely unique and novel.

ikea kitchens

If not fijaros how well we see again that fashion elements brings back so far.

ikea kitchens Ikea kitchens
Ikea kitchens

You can find more information at Ikea: