Terraces IKEA catalog 2017

Terraces IKEA catalog 2017. Regardless of space that you count on your balcony, have compiled the 2017 Ikea designs terrace so you can find the perfect inspiration for your home with furniture, lighting and perfect decoration.

This is a comment absolutely personal but terraces, from my point of view, they are one of the most exciting and versatile spaces you can have at home. A place to create something completely different and unique, can be an ode to comfort or create a paradise, a place where escape or where they meet again, it all depends on the eyes that look and that it will inspire.

Depending on what it is you want to create and how you want to use your deck, you'll see that in this article you can find all the inspiration you need, because we will not be only show you pictures but we will try to get decorating ideas own designs proposed by Ikea so you can implement them in your home.

Terraces IKEA catalog 2017: Decorating Ideas

In this section we are going to show designs Ikea terrace and we will be removing most interesting ideas of decoration, so you can transfer them to your home and create a custom design.

Terraces IKEA catalog 2017: Terraces Indoor

A few years ago there was a strong tendency to close terraces, so today there are many who have this enclosed space but have not included in the living room or decorate then how?

Having an enclosed terrace does not mean you can not enjoy a Natural and decoration, the only thing you need is to have good lighting and the ability to ventilate the space.

Ikea It reminds us that, among all the furniture that one can find to create a dining on the terrace also has tables that can serve as a work area, shelves for storage with optimal materials for outdoor areas or that are not damaged by contact with ceramic or metal, decorative and useful as natural and artificial potted plants.

Terraces IKEA catalog 2017: Lighting

The illumination It is one of the fundamental aspects in any space but, on the terrace we find a world of possibilities to be caring for it the ideal deck with what you have imagined.

If you want a intimate and relaxing space, nothing like having an indirect lighting or warm light bulbs. You can find paper lanterns or wreaths with simple, romantic or flashy designs, depending on the style you want to get (romantic, chill out, pop&# 8230;).

You can also incorporate such as lighting and decorative elements, lanterns outside or candleholder, where to place electric or natural candles and get a space very carefully.

Terraces IKEA catalog 2017: small terraces

Because you have a small terrace does not mean you can not enjoy it.

For some years every time you put more emphasis on creating a suitable furniture for these dimensions and we can find folding tables and chairs, so that only occupy space at the time you want to use; shelves that measures to adapt your chances and never missing plants to fill the space of life.

Terraces IKEA catalog 2017: floors and carpets

At Ikea you can find different types of soil for terraces, with varied styles and colors so you can create a unique space for spring summer. Ideally, these wooden floors for outdoors It is that they are easy to assemble and disassemble, so in the winter can save comfortably.

In turn, we also find trends in used carpets outside terrace, from artificial grass mats to generate the feeling of a natural area rugs textiles by quietly walking barefoot.

Terraces IKEA catalog 2017: furniture

Depending on the terrace style you want to create, you'll find a different furniture. Furniture designed to quietly enjoy the outside and a design to lie relax, while we can also find contrived Furniture lunch and dinner outside.

The materials They will be very varied: plastics, wood or aluminum.

Terraces IKEA catalog 2017: gazebos and umbrellas

Ikea also going to be able to find gazebos and umbrellas to enjoy outside the home, but are not only designed for large terraces or surfaces, you can also find designs that cater to smaller terraces.

Umbrellas with support or without it, straight or customizable angle, gazebos with or without curtains&# 8230; You can find various colors and patterns for this season.

Terrazas IKEA catalog 2017: storage area

There are materials that are perfect for being outside and that support very well the climate changes. It is therefore important to always choose these materials to avoid having to remove them during the winter and enjoy good organization throughout the year.

You can not only find shelves as we show in this photograph, to save the tools for plants, you can also choose to banks where you can store things inside without being all at a glance.

Another interesting aspect is that many drawers which have wheels, which will facilitate moving them if necessary.

Terrazas IKEA catalog 2017: chill out

For those who have a large area of ​​terrace, plus arbors that we mentioned earlier has Ikea in your store, you can also find from sunbeds armchairs to the outside, everything you need to relax outdoors.

Also, do not always have why choose plastic, you also have the option of choosing natural wood elements offering great warmth the decor, but need some care.

Terraces IKEA catalog 2017: designs

If you want to see more designs 2017 terraced Ikea can see them in this catalog, where you will find more decorating ideas, examples and designs for large and small terraces:

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