Zara Home Christmas Catalog 2017

Christmas Decoration will be the main protagonist in every home soon. If you're looking for the best ideas to decorate your home on dates that are so identified, we look now at it's new catalog Zara Home Christmas and which will find decorations and colors that are already trend this year and with which to &8220; dress&8221; to your house last Christmas. Then the new catalog Zara Home Christmas 2017.

catalog-zara-home-christmas-2016-table-decoration-red-individual-snowflake-snowIf you want to know the latest trends in Christmas decorations in all areas and different brands, you can see it in full at:

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ZARA Home Christmas Catalog 2017

catalog-zara-home-christmas-2016-Decoration-ornaments-tree-merry-christmasI do not know if you're like me, but each time it reaches the pre-Christmas period some catalogs are essential, and among them is as the Zara Home that has become one of the most complete because in it, you can find the latest trends for decorating the house for Christmas and in highlighting all kinds of elements that allow us to have a Christmas tree with ornaments and colors that are are now the rage.

catalog-zara-home-christmas-2016-decoration-candle-decoratedCandles are a good option when decorating the entire house this Christmas. Zara Home you can find them in toto kinds of styles. You have them in colors like gold or silver, of which can placed in a candelabra (also for the table), with a pina center or the original shape of a tree.

catalog-zara-home-christmas-2016-Decoration-ornaments-calendar-AdventThe candles, candlesticks, Advent wreaths and of course, the best decoration for the table, dishes, bowls, centerpieces and covered, They are also very present in this catalog Zara Home Christmas in which you also have the trendy colors for a time of year so endearing.

catalog-zara-home-christmas-2016-table-decoration-red-single-flowerThe gold, the silver, but also red and white are essential in Christmas decoration, so that is very much with the new Zara Home and its many proposals as I will show below in great detail .


Christmas Tree Decoration Zara Home 2017

catalog-zara-home-christmas-2016-Decoration-ornaments-tree-balls-glassOne of the first things we started looking every Christmas, when decorating our house are tree decorations. In the new catalog of Zara Home Christmas, have different styles, but takes much the balls in white, and other embellishments that have Christmas images with a certain style &8220; vintage&# 8221 ;.

catalog-zara-home-christmas-2016-Decoration-ornaments-tree-balls-paneledWith ornaments &8220; vintage&8221; and those who are white, also highlights that are golden tones as sure many of you seem more traditional and appropriate for the Christmas tree. But be highlighted in red ornaments as balls and other diamond velvet. catalog-zara-home-christmas-2016-Decoration-ornaments-tree-balls-velvetThis year take a lot embellishments such as these pretty geometric shapes you see and combine well with other decorations, such as bells, stars and snowflakes, perfect for Christmas 2017. catalog-zara-home-christmas-2016-Decoration-ornaments-tree-barkZara Home usually excel for their modern proposals for all types of decor. For its Christmas catalog could not be less so highlight balls as originals how are you, where we see are transparent and details very &8220; Organic&8221; or recyclates, such as cotton or a simple rope. catalog-zara-home-christmas-2016-Decoration-ornaments-tree-bottlesTogether with the original balls just seen, also highlight the red. Zara Home very clearly committed to this color on Christmas and you have to know that red decoration is perhaps the most recurring trend. Thus in their stores you can already find balls of all sizes also are not only red but include small pictures such as reindeer or snowflakes to be white stand out more.


We also ye see the wreaths which they are essential in any Christmas tree lighting. In the catalog of Zara Home opt for a like you see above, which are silver and small round lights that you see how good you are when the lights go off and light up. With these garlands you can renew all your tree this Christmas.

Zara Home Christmas table decoration 2017

catalog-zara-home-christmas-2016-table-decoration-red-green-starsFor the table, Zara Home offers a varied and decor where we can find table linen different styles. Some of them with very traditional look with images or printed sheets Advent. For this type of tablecloths, stick modern glasses, photo as glass and gold and dishes that are simple. Overall it is a type of decoration rather traditional table we can find bets that are more &8220; risky&# 8221 ;.

catalog-zara-home-christmas-2016-decoration-path-table-gold-whiteThis applies, for example, bet you do for decoration in gold, which provides a much more bohemian style and especially stands out above everything else. If you have a large table on which to place a tablecloth like this, with such a bold print, do not hesitate to bet on it. Sure your guests will remember forever Christmas this year.

catalog-zara-home-christmas-2016-decoration-path-table-merry-christmasOn the other hand, if you like Christmas color red as (Since it is one of the most traditional), we have to say that is very present among the proposals for the table Zara Home Christmas catalog. For this color tablecloths, Zara Home proposes those with gold details, and combine perfectly with drinks in the same red and gold, but also with white crockery.

catalog-zara-home-christmas-2016-table-decoration-golden-individualFor those who seek the big trend this year, I recommend tablecloths like this and Zara Home presents with all kinds of elements in which the gold is present. It is an ideal place for Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve but you can also use for special occasions tablecloth.

catalog-zara-home-christmas-2016-decoration-path-table-silver-starsAnother option that we love is the fact bet mantelería somewhat simpler, white, in order to make it stand out much everything placed on top. You can see an example in this other image in which the table has a tablecloth without prints, but has co elements such as crockery if provided, or that tray-shaped golden leaf is spectacular. In addition we also find placemats with green hair and thus become the protagonists of the Christmas table Zara Home.

catalog-zara-home-christmas-2016-decoration-path-table-gray-starsHowever, one of the big bets we find in this new catalog of Zara Home for Christmas 2017 is the inclusion of table linens in gray, though all silver also becomes very striking, especially placemats or items to place under dishes, as this sheet. Beautiful!


Zara Home Christmas Home Decor


At ZARA Home catalog for Christmas 2017 we can find not only decorations for the tree or table but also cushion covers and all kinds of stuffed animals and dolls for decorate the room for Christmas or other areas of the house. Doorstops even we see as funny gnomes.

catalog-zara-home-christmas-2016-Decoration-ornaments-owlWe also find a large number of bets animals of all kinds, such as owls, squirrels, foxes&# 8230 ;, always in its natural version. As we already know, Zara Home always opted for wood, snow, the effect of spending Christmas in a cozy cottage, but also risks with exotic proposals, like birds.


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