Ideas for Bedroom Curtains Decor 2017

Renew the curtains it is something that you can always recommend you please make your house look upon change without the need to spend much money or do work. Stays especially as the bedroom benefit greatly from these kinds of changes, so that you now offer 20 Decorating Ideas for Bedroom Curtains 2017.

Ideas for Bedroom Curtains Decor 2017

There are many ideas we can find about curtains for the bedroom in this 2017, but some of them are really particular trend such as the use of curtains in shades like gray and others now see.

Therefore, we can show you then some of those ideas that are really inspiring and also will allow you to combine with different decorative styles also have for our bedroom. Let's for them !.

white curtains: they can never fail

We started with our ideas of curtains for the bedroom, with the safe bet involving white.

This is a color that has always been on the curtains, and although for a while it seemed that much no longer had, the truth is that the tendency to choose bright colors for the bedroom walls, makes white curtains bring more light and the truth is that they combine well.

The novelty of the curtains in black

On the other hand, if you want to break everything, shelve and white curtains you can decant for those who are black.

You may think that this type of shade or color, is perhaps too dark and turn off the brightness of your bedroom, upstairs it is shown to actually make an interesting counterpoint if the rest of furniture and colors are clear or white.

In this other image in black curtain, we see how are you They combine perfectly with a wall gray, a tone that now also see for curtains.

The trend of patterned curtains

inside Bedroom

On the other hand, we can choose the option to bet by curtains that have stamped. You can find models that are as varied and will serve both the dining room, or for saló as well as the bedroom where you can even put curtains that although white, count on the drawing of leaves or flowers.

They bring elegance gray curtains

Following the trend of choosing a shade that is black, we can also opt for shades that are gray, incidentally it imposed a color for the walls and overall decor of the house.

Thus, we can select curtains in gray, and dark, like the ones above, Ikea also be combined with tones are also turned off. 

Modernity of lilac curtains

Modern interior apartment of a living room in white and purple tones

On the other hand, we can descantarnos some other color curtains which make our living room, or stay in which we place, acquires a modern style and even I would say, sophisticated.

Curtains in lila for example, are a great option for those who want to bet on something that is really different. Also, if you opt for one of visillo, which are transparent and the rest of the room is painted lighter and also furniture in a shade lighter color, you will achieve an ideal combination, which also sets the trend.

The tendency of neutral tones

If you are looking for colors that make the decor of this 2017, you have to bet on the soft tones, and those who are neutral.

Thus, we can decant for all that are curtains in beige, soft blue or sky blue, light pink or salmon. This type of curtains combine perfectly with all kinds of colors, but especially are very well furnished in white.

Bet on two types of curtains

On the other hand, our bedroom curtains need not be a single color, and even have that option shades of dark tones, we can also choose from two types of curtains for a radical change in our bedroom.

Thus, the image above is inspiring but has two shades, a curtain, the other thicker in two tones are also disparate and create a counterpoint with elegance.

In this other image, we also see the option to combine these two types of shade or shades, with a white, central color and the other is blue.

A really cool style for this year also brings a youthful look the bedroom so I recommend them for your children's rooms.

You can also combine with curtains that are of varying intensity of blue. So you can choose a dark blue curtain and one that is of a clear blue sky.

Or you can also choose una white curtain and one that is of a striking pattern on a dark background to create a counterpoint that is really outstanding between the two.

So that we can get the bedroom, and indeed any room of the house, like the living room or dining room, are two of the essential tones this year also allow us to get more or less light depending on the time of day when we are.

Green curtains that are fashionable

And of course, we have to mention the trend of green curtains, as this color is imposed for both walls as decorative elements placed throughout the house but especially in the bedroom.

Thus, following the proposal of combining two shades of shades you can choose which one of them is green as shown in the image above. A curtain having a thickness greater than the sheer white which has also been placed. With that, we left our house more or less enlightened as it suits and top with the latest trend of color in interior decoration.

Curtains for any bedroom

Decoration curtains Shower Curtains

Among the proposals curtains that you're showing, I would also add that if you are looking for the curtain to serve you for any kind of bedroom does exist: the white that we saw earlier.

Why the best option is to bet curtains are white, It occurs because these combine with everything and serve to cover and you can not see anything from the outside if you so desire, but also the mix with any decor can we have in the bedroom.

Modernity of estores

And if you've already tired of the idea of ​​curtains lifetime, with visillo, which are long, they reach the ground and perhaps take up too much space, nothing like using the idea of ​​hanging a curtain because they carry being trend for years and are still considered as the most modern of all option.

In stores like Ikea, they have Blinds in neutral tones like those you see in the image above, They are contributing not only modernity, but elegance and are ideal both combined with white furniture, and darker shades as we see in the photo, in brown.

On the other hand, we must add the shades of white that is also much wear and in fact, are good for any room in the house. Blank blinds give a lot of play and are especially furniture blank mind.

Choose blinds and curtains

With the talk about the modernity of the curtains of the blind type, or the tendency to combine two curtains at the same time, we also option to hang a curtain but also have sheers.

This way, you can rest when you get down opaque blinds, curtains and other will provide the desired and necessary lighting for every moment of the day.

Choose fabric curtains and venetian

With the option to choose the combination of curtains and blinds, we can also opt for the pick up and hang fabric curtains in a window and in the other place some Venetian blinds.

Venetian blinds are such a somewhat retro style that is characterized by lamas or sheets so we can see out through them and hide inside.

As we can see in the picture above, the mixture of the two types of curtains in a place of the house as the living room or living room, can be a great idea, on the other hand, can also be applied in the bedroom.

We have already seen some ideas for bedroom curtains, which are trend and that will allow you to completely renovate this space, but if you want to see the rest, I leave them below in this photo gallery:

Photogallery bedroom curtains

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