Making Christmas ties: + 50 photos with ties Christmas ideas

Christmas decoration for your house you want to teach a new element, it is the Christmas ties. A Christmas ornament with which we can decorate Christmas trees, doors, windows, &# 8230;

Here you are going to see some big Ideas to decorate Christmas trees, and a small, simple tutorial in which you will teach how to make beautiful Christmas ties. In addition to Christmas ties, we have other Christmas ornaments I surely will help leave your house with a perfect Christmas air, very American style:

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Christmas ties


How are you going to decorate the Christmas tree? We will show you the best original ties so that you will be the prettiest tree with beautiful ornaments. You will find that there are many types of bows and ribbons and each has its trick.


You can buy the bonds or make them yourself (We will explain how to make the links below) but first consider what type tape You want and what color to decorate your tree.


While we all know what the colors Christmas can use you like and favor decoration. You also have to take into account other Christmas tree balls, angels, wreaths, lights&# 8230;


Yet the most typical are the ties in gold and silver because usually the other ornaments are of these colors or are made of glass or transparent glass and stand out more and make the tree has an elegant look.


The bonds may be other ornaments like balls or bells, so you have to think loa how to use loops. The easiest and most common is as if a wreath.


He size ties It is very important because they have to be proportionate to the tree. As a tip we recommend you to buy a large ribbon and you may do you more than small loops and made ready to place.


You can use as other accessories ornaments, as you see in the following photo to accompany the pineapple and get a more beautiful and sophisticated motif.


So with the balls that can make them unique with a simple color tie that you like, in this case the tie is blue.


O bells, it's a little like the ornament is because the tie is the perfect partner to decorate the Christmas tree.


But there are many kinds of Christmas bells ties with different sizes can be different. Which one do you like the most?


They can also be funny ties who they are inspired by Christmas as in this photograph, ties Santa Claus, very easy to make and pretty.


And for the classics, typical ties as the next photo in beiges with red, very Christmas stripes.


Never Fails gold, as we have said above. So we end this section with an example of golden bows on a Christmas tree accompanying other ornaments.


Making Christmas ties: Step by Step


As you have seen in the previous section on a Christmas tree can not miss Christmas ties with the typical colors or you are most like. Let's see steps to make bows to decorate a Christmas gift.


It's time to make many gifts at Christmas is when most do so we will see what materials we need to make loops to personalize gifts.

  • Gift wrapped
  • Scissors
  • Velvet ribbon
  • golden color or whatever you want to tape
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Tulle ribbon
  • glue gun

Video of how to make a Christmas tie for a gift

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