Santos kitchens 2017 Catalog

The Santos kitchens are known for sleek design, which takes care of everything in detail to achieve quality and beautiful furniture. We show your latest catalog so you can meet in photographs what their proposals are.


Saints It is one of the companies or brands dedicated to furniture design and decoration that can not miss when we want to find a good fit for our kitchen. If you have the idea of ​​changing cooking this year or perhaps you want to make a reform, we recommend you see your proposals which certainly might find interesting.

Today, the existing catalog of 2016 continues, so do not miss the eye of what we show below.

Santos kitchens


Kitchens you can find in the catalog of Santos 2017, are characterized by not only a very careful design, but are also produced in materials that are resistant and functional, so we will greatly facilitate life, allowing us to save time while cooking, and also will meet our needs work, storage and organization.


Functionality, beauty, strength. Those are the basic rules of kitchen designs Santos, so let's discover how apply highlighting the best of their 2017 catalog.

2017 Santos kitchens materials

As for materials, and they will talk a little then it is worth highlighting the laminates &# 8211; furniture presented lacados &# 8211; and the marine board, She is making her very special designs.


The laminated board is a thin sheet material composed of solid wood bonded together with phenolic glues, which ensures that kitchens Santos modules may arise because, for its strength, rigidity and moisture resistance, It offers the best results to the toughest test for our kitchens: over the years.

Let's look at some proposals and styles, and colors that stand out in the catalog of Cocinas Santos 2017.

Santos catalog Kitchens 2017 | Designs and styles


As we have already mentioned, Santos Kitchen designs are always modern and the most functional furniture but also the company reserves the different options to present designs to see how the big bet of the firm are often the minimalist style kitchens with a cozy design.

The use of modules for the design of kitchens

catalog-kitchens-santos-DESIGN en-form U

The fact that the Santos kitchens we can meet you in modular designs facilitates that they can be introduced into any space, however small or large the kitchen can customize the size of the furniture in order to have quality cuisine.

In turn, in addition to the modular kitchens we will also be able to find U-shaped kitchens, which facilitates one can save space and cook more comfortably.


2017 Santos functionality in kitchens

The catalog of kitchens Santos, includes all kinds of features to make our lives in the kitchen is simple, and is also the most effective of all.

To the automatic handles furniture or cabinets that open with one touch small design details that make, for example, can cook with a book of straight, just above the hob without falling join us.

Modern catalog-kitchens-santos-design-

Santos catalog Kitchens 2017 | Colors

Furniture design catalog kitchens Santos 2017, also it highlights to get to transmit a special warmth.

Simplicity for quality designs that make the kitchen will become the most elegant room of the house. To do some of the hottest colors this season as we see below are included.



One of the first colors that we are in the Santos catalog Kitchen for this 2017, it is the beige color that is also one of the tones trend for this year.

The kitchens in light colors or neutral colors, They are the best choice not only to make our kitchen look more spacious, but also brighter. In addition, the firm is committed to the combination of tones that are trending, such as white.



He gray It is another trend tones for this year 2017, so we realize that is very present in many kitchens catalogs that you are showing these days.

It is therefore not surprising that not lack models of kitchens Santos, and you see how well you can get to be the choice of this color when combined with others like white or wood color.

Wood Colour


Wood is one of the materials present between the proposals Santos catalog Kitchens 2017, As in other firms that have opted to include not only wood but its natural color.

The firm is committed to presenting kitchens that have a wood color clear, also it presented with the rolling effect that makes it more elegant.



Similar to white, we have the presence of a neutrally, Santos called as Color &8220; Silk&8221; and it will make your kitchen look stylish.

It is a very soft tone, like gray, so that will be able to also combine it with white. Fijaros how well it is a laminated wood flooring Would not you think?

White color


And of course, we could not forget to mention the color white as one of the best options for the kitchen.

It is a color that remains constant over the years because the light power of the stay and the feeling of space. Santos kitchens we can also find white kitchens or combined with other colors, as we have gone already seeing in the photographs.

metallic color


Finally, an option which I find very novel is to choose colors or metallic shades. The best for those who wish to have a kitchen that has really new and modern design.

Santos catalog Kitchens 2017 | Lacados


Regardless of color, we must make special mention of the commitment of lacquered Kitchens Santos 2017.

The company opted for an option that became very fashionable years ago and returning with force. Thus, we find designs that allow kitchens look more modern than ever.


We have to show you, for example Karmel model has lacquered on the counter and on the central island. In addition, it is one of the most outstanding models in the catalog of kitchens Santos 2017, thanks to its commitment to white and its modern and functional design.

Santos catalog Kitchens 2017 | small kitchens

I have already talked about the functionality of Santos kitchens, but also I want to emphasize the firm commitment made to find a kitchen for each space depending on the dimensions.

Minos kitchen


The Minos kitchen is a model designed for spaces of 20 square meters.

Since the signing we also propose to bet to place this type of kitchens with windows, so that the influence of natural light is enhanced because the kitchen is successful white color. And to make more space, the island concentrated several work areas, while furniture major appliances meet column.

 Kitchen Umbra E


Umbra E model is one of those with an ideal design for smaller spaces.

Style cuisine in a gray tone furniture grouped into modules, so that unifies the space occupied, allowing us to make better use of the surplus.

Kitchens like this are ideal for small or those that are integrated with other rooms, like the living room or dining room houses.

Epoca-lacquer kitchen


The Epoca-lacquered model is one of the models in the catalog Kitchen Santos 2017, which is Perfect for small spaces.

A modern kitchen with a simple design that allows us integrate it into other spaces, as the dining room. Within the model, it highlights the shutter cabinet that, while taking advantage confined spaces, serves to collect inside various elements that otherwise would be exposed to view.

catalog of kitchens Santos

In these recent developments we find an interesting variation where the added elements offer more possibilities but you get to subtract space in the kitchen. In turn, the interesting thing is that also thins the furniture to be more stylized but without losing capacity or resistance, permiteindo also provide more space.

In turn, the lines used usually always smooth to bring more simplicity to the kitchen, although one might say that it is much easier to clean.

Then you will be able to see the last Santos catalog Kitchen this year with all the news, where you will see the latest himself. You can move easily from page with arrows moving and so do each of the options that you are getting for this season:

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