Fashion colors for the house in Spring Summer 2017

It seems that with the arrival of spring We feel more than ever a renewal. Have more hours of sunshine and light it seems that fills us with joy and we change the mood, after a winter more gray and sad. Undoubtedly, the color can become a very special, able to activate us and involve us in the fresh air allied with Fashionable colors for Spring Summer house in 2017.

How would you define the seasons color?

During the fall and winter many emotions tend to be more nostalgic. Falling leaf and the nakedness of the trees usually causes very romantic emotions in all its definitions. In this way, the colors are associated with autumn usually brown and orange, ocher tones that can give a natural look to the home; while during the winter generally they choose another type of cooler tones like white and blue or even bet on intense colors like red reminiscent of Christmas.

In the case of spring often associated with states of vitalistas and optimistic mood, so we might think that the colors reflect those emotions are already reflect fashion trends at home: vital, intense, bright and bold colors.

If we think summer, these emotions and colors also will be present but will also have higher incidence of fresh and bright colors like white, compared to other colors we associate more with the beach and sea activities, such as blue and earth colors with shades warm.

Fashion colors for spring-summer 2017 home

If we are looking for an ideal time to renew and change the air or atmosphere of our house, the spring and summer season is ideal. Heat helps us everything dries quickly even if it is true that every time the paintings are better and dry much better, no longer a help.

Another factor to consider when painting a room smell the paint emerges, also becoming less intense and unpleasant, worse than ever ventilate better if we stay with the windows open.

When everything we've said we add optimism that gives us good weather, we have a perfect combination. Surely we bow us bright, cheerful colors and are these that inundate our spaces.

Nor should we go crazy, we also have to think about intense colors, in summer it seems incredible that in winter we can be tiring and even getting upset mood. The average has the virtue without reaching the neutral, impersonal and perhaps more in line with winter tones tones can brighten certain splashes of color this summer that turn our house into our home.

Fashion colors for spring-summer 2017 home | With sunlight

He yellow, cheerful, vibrant color, one of the most important colors of spring and that will perfectly fill of light and life this season our house. Both the sun and the heat seems to invite us to the point of madness that provides yellow.

Although it is always a color that be careful, the tone is very important yellows, bright yellow will cause a highly charged space and more, If the room is small. In these cases use ringtones yellowcake, It will be a great solution and give that beautiful light that we are both looking for.

It is said that yellow is associated with intellectual capacity the individual and a color that helps to express emotions and feelings. Get the word emanates more fluently, so it is a color especially recommended for areas of study.

Fashion colors for spring-summer 2017 home | Immaculate white

To change the decor of a home or renovate their appearance, there is nothing better than inundate light and nothing better for that, to use a timeless color, a color that never goes out or go out of fashion, we obviously refer to white.

Possibly a house in White you may give a very unpleasant feeling hospital, but the combination of white with other colors, get to highlight a certain corner or an ornamental important detail, etc.

the advantages of using white color are multiple as we can see, on the one hand easy to match with any color or tone, secondly by brightness it brings and thirdly by the ability of white color visually expand the space.

Fashion colors for spring-summer 2017 home | Neutral gray

As we have already mentioned, neutral colors They serve to highlight the decor, that is, when we decided on a gray, it is because we will use walls as canvases for decoration. If we hesitate to make a drastic change to our home or because it gives us a little afraid to be daring and two months later, being already a little tired of the color.

It is a safe bet, touches like vases in bold colors, wood accents to break the monocromía, cushions, occasional furniture, paintings, etc. In this way we manage to highlight these in addition decorative details, we can change the spirit of the decorated simply changing accessories.

Playing with shades of gray, highlight certain parts dela house or room as in this case, a wall that emphasize the fireplace. The color of the walls is a pearl gray, soft and relaxing, ideal for you to emphasize the more ornate wall. Also noteworthy as the clearest light wall with tapestries, in this case a leather upholstery in orange brown is the color grade breaks the monotony of gray and brown.

Fashion colors for spring-summer 2017 home | Natural green

The color of peace, tranquility, the splendor of grass, a sea of ​​calm and relaxation, that's what causes us the green. A color that can be used both to give harmony to generate a stay fun contrasts.

Here we can see how the green, in a very soft tone, creates harmony in the room. A color in a small, dark room gets brighten. soft tones that do not saturate the eye and create a climate of welcome and calm.

Within the range of greens that are trend this season, we can choose from soft gray with green hues, up to a dark olive green, as it has been used in this room to create the contrast with the side walls. A subtle and elegant way to highlight an interesting detail can be a showcase, a picture or some ornamental element.

Fashion colors for spring-summer 2017 home | Orange

Colors oranges we may cause a rejection, the truth is largely due to not knowing very well that particular color orange we can refer. For change the look the walls of a room you can choose between two variants.

You can opt for a bright orange, strong and alive. A color can wake up in the morning, if you've chosen this color, we suggest you use it only on a wall or part of it. Another option would be to use pastels, where we can find some more subtle coral and capable of illuminating entire stay oranges, giving it a much more beachy look.

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In EspacioHogar, We enjoyed the decor, know that colors combine better and which serve to highlight. Colors are not only able to change the look of our house, but is also able to change our mood. For all this, we thought to offer you some links so that you continue to enjoy our articles and tips, sure you'll love.

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Fashion colors for spring-summer 2017 home | Image gallery

Trendy colors for the house: Fall Winter 2017


Home trends for 2017 have brought us colors like gray sky Y pearlescent tones they are sensational and are easy to match with different styles of decoration. This trend is suitable for color combine it with metallic finishes, both in furniture as chairs and tables, which can be joined pearled or golden tones that we mentioned to finish give a unique touch decoration.


One of the trends that are very present this year, and more during the summer, are the water colors that we can see in shades blue but also green. Colors, as we told you before, remember to seawater but also lakes, oceans, these differing intensity and shades that make a stay a unique and inspiring place.

The Trendy colors for the house in 2017 autumn winter send us to that feeling of well-being and vitality that always stands out from these stations. Many people associate different moods depending on the season in which they find themselves.


As we mentioned before, the fall colors are often related brown, red and orange colors in all shades. In many cases, we find that fashion and trends only offer colors too dull, do not shine this season but we are lucky that this time will not happen.

Chocolate colors in different shades


As you see in the image of this section, we find wooden elements and tones chocolate in many shades but if you look good, they have combined with other colors (yellow and red) that enhance the feeling of light and brightness.

brown and gold colors


Zara Home Trends (you can see it by clicking here &# 8220; Zara Home Catalog Fall Winter 2017&# 8220;) presents a loaded autumn light through the use of golden tones and gold color on white.

No matter where we stay speaking, golden It may appear in the bedroom, in the living room, in the kitchen&# 8230; The only important thing is that you can create a bright and lively stay, autumn taste to live it.

Autumnal exotic decor


Here we are another completely different design but still autumn. The earth tones wood elements appear in both the floor and the furniture but are still in progress fall season winter.

If you look, this kind of exotic decoration Maison du Monde presents a Autumn alive but in dark tones. Blue is one of the colors that will be very present and yellow will give you the brightness you need to turn on sunny cloudy days.

dark green


Those who enjoy a natural decoration, as if you crearáis a cottage in your home where you can relax without having to escape the city, this type of decoration can be the most suitable.

Another decoration designs Maison is this that combines brown in different shades, being the clearest those who bring the light to the room, facing the greens will be those who provide the natural tone but also dark, so associated with autumn.

Decorated in muted tones


For those who seek one rooms with more muted tones but it is equally beautiful, harmonious and relaxing, you can opt for a design as we show in this photograph.

Notice that has the colors we have gone above: Blue but its cold and dull dark green version, brown in different shades and grays add, as associated with winter.

Trendy colors for the house: Fall Winter 2017

Based on the latest fashion trends presented by large firms home decoration, we are going to present what colors they will cause a greater feeling during this season are.

Trendy colors for the house &# 8211; Vivid colors


If something stands in the spring months is the vividness of colors, the intensity of them and how they can get very natural spaces (using wood and plants, as we see in the picture) combined with warm and intense as are the yellow and red colors.

This particular image is of one of the stores that I like, Maison du Monde, and its tendency Brazil Jungle 2017. We have dominated this style dark wood, bright colors, plant fibers and exotic motifs.

Trendy colors for the house &# 8211; Orange and ochres


Orange tones, browns and earthy colors are usually very present during the fall season but we can also see them in the spring if you know how to combine gracefully. On this occasion, the Maison du monde makes us a proposal with a very sober, elegant and functional style that combines element of glass, metal and black leather.


If you want to see a combination of these colors but more intense, with more striking details, here I leave as you can see the shades orange and gold with white and exotic funds that can give a perfect result.

This proposal, in particular, is again Zara Home for spring summer and winks at the light, joviality decoration.

Trendy colors for the house &# 8211; pastel colors


Again we echo the new trends for this season are proposing the Maison du Monde, one of the styles that we proposed is Origamix, which have come to be translated as a decorative style pastel colors in which the geometric patterns will have a very interesting relevance.

If you look, this type of printing is quite subtle but it does not go unnoticed. The combination of pastel colors looks good although very different tones, as comprobáis.


Moreover, I want to also share quite another way to combine pastels but with a spring trend and not as annual. What do you think this proposal launched by Zara Home?

In addition to choosing fashion colors for your home, as to bedrooms I recommend that you also have in mind that patterns (floral, geometric, ethnic&# 8230;) and photographic prints is one of the trends that looks like we will not miss much time.

If you want to change your bedding bet on any of these options and if the combináis with the colors that I have discussed, you will see how the result is even better.

Trendy colors for the house &# 8211; blues and greens


As before I overtook one of the colors that are generally very representative of summer are shades blue at its best. One of the easiest ways to see how you can get a sensational decor, remember the Mediterranean and islands like Santorini is this image.

Notice that perfectly combine the most intense blue with pastel blue and aqua green and turquoise give that feeling of contrast but always within a very consistent tone. In addition, all on a white background that allows the colors are enhanced with an inordinate success.

Trendy colors for the house - Grayscale

Gray has become, over time the typical color of elegance and style. Back fame gray where everything he touched was dark and fell off. Thanks to its perfect gray and combination with other scales of the same tone, we can consider the new neutral color.


One thought the gray was dark and made everything around him cringe, but seeing neutrality and how it combines, we went realizing that it is a color of the freshest and no longer just a full color styling, but simply by their presence, it seemed the rest of the room could combine.


No need to paint it all gray. You can try a darker wall cushions in a lighter shade, a carpet in pastel gray. Gray has many shades approaching the clear dark colors and, starting from there, decorating a living room or bedroom, with these colors apart from simple, it is easy because you just have to play with scale, making protagonist the lighter gray and contrasting with the darker tones.

Trendy colors for the house - a garish color

Although we said that soft pastel colors and take, we can not prevent the color invade the house. Especially in summer, when asked what the house is joy because the heat came and vacation days.


Keep neutral colors you've always liked and contrast what is the structure of the room with a gaudy, orange, red, purple. A color that you do not expect, a color most fun, which is able to fill the room with light. With a Screamer on walls or on cushions or on a carpet color, the room becomes different.


So do not be afraid of bright colors, because they are fashionable and at home, especially to welcome hot days.

Trendy colors for the house - Metallics

¿Metalizados? Yes, metallized. Long ago are entering the houses, but with some difficulty, because people are afraid of how it will be. The metallic color of the walls, especially for nothing will have the effect light bulb as many believe. The silver walls are not asemejarás to foil, not even close.


Just choose the technique that is going to paint the wall: by sponge, brush, spray, with designs. We can give walls a beautiful metallic tone, in the amounts and with the design you want, giving it an elegant touch and the most original.


As for accessories, you can always choose the shade that best suits what you want, something duller or more intense, but without the brilliance. It is metallic, does not mean you have to shine like a disco ball.


Want to see what the best part of the metallized walls? When the sun sets or dawns and leads directly to the walls, the whole house is filled with an incredible light. You must not give up.

If you want more ideas on how to decorate your living room in the latest fashion, colors and accessories, sure you will be interested in the following link.

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We hope that you liked the different fashionable colors we have for the house. With these ideas, you'll get the details you need to get your house ready for the heating season.