How to make homemade piñatas | homemade piñatas for children’s birthday

A time to celebrate a child's birthday there is nothing more like children than homemade piñatas full of goodies and details. Overall, a good decoration is the key to any party, and have a piñata can be the icing on the cake perfect.


Every day more They are fashionable custom holidays in which you choose a theme and all the decor revolves around him. They can be color themes for the series that likes the birthday boy or any other type of doll or toy that appeals to you more.

In this type of home parties piñatas are a success, they can be the centerpiece of the decoration. Want to learn how to make homemade piñatas? Keep reading.

How to make homemade piñatas

The first thing you have to think when plantearte how to make homemade piñatas It is in the way you want to give. The more angular shapes such as boxes, or numbers are the easiest to get, but also the most boring. The more original and fun is the piñata more to please young and old.

If the first you do certainly prefer to choose a model of straight lines and not to risk too. This type of homemade piñatas are the simplest. Alone you have to make the structure of cardboard and putting up decorations. In the next section we will step full step.


Consguir piñatas for winding there is a very good trick It means using a balloon as the base, cover with paper soaked in water and white glue paper and let dry. When the paper is dry, you can click the globe and will only be round frame. Note that for this option must leave a party without cover, where shall put the sweets and gifts, which then remain flat.


If the way you want is much more complicated, you have to combine both techniques or round cardboard using many small fragments. Knowing these two main techniques of how to make homemade piñatas get new forms is a matter of imagination.

How to make homemade piñatas step by step

You know already what you want to do with your homemade piñata? Well the first thing you should do is gather all the necessary materials:

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Scotch tape
  • Loose boxes or cartons
  • A balloon, if choose this technical
  • Newspaper and white glue diluted in water to cover the structure
  • fine colored papers of different types
  • decorations
  • Paper strips, threads or wool


With these materials the next thing to do is build your homemade piñata figure attaching cardboards or balloons with tape. When you have all the structure formed can strengthen with wet newspaper in diluted white glue with water. That will be more uniform and not be noticed unions.

You'll have to wait for the glue to dry before the next step. Yes, it is important that you do not close the whole structure with this mixture, because somewhere you have to fill the figure. Once it is dry you can proceed to put the paper around and relevant decorations.

The roles that are often used in making homemade piñatas are those known as crepe paper. This is because it is a very lightweight paper to give mobility to the piñata. With little breeze this role and it has movement and makes everything look more. In addition, it is inexpensive and handles very well.


Another feature of home or purchased piñatas is that the figure is constructed with several strips of paper, of different colors, cuts and fringes. You will see the final set is very characteristic and is very funny. To ask yourself how to make homemade piñatas step by step you should know that this is the most boring part because it must cut the fringes of all paper. But the result will be worth it.


When making a homemade piñata you have two options: either shut well and let the kids break with a stick to get everything inside, or leave a trapdoor. In the first case, you can fill the piñata before putting the mixture of newsprint and glue, to close completely.

In the second case you have to leave a portion of Figure open, fill out there and then covering that area with paper or a material which is easily peeled. That area will hang strings, wool or other material cuaqluier you can think and using it for children to pull and draw what's inside.

What it is not so difficult to learn how to make homemade piñatas step?

How to make homemade piñatas for birthday

Homemade piñatas They are a Latin tradition, especially from Mexico, so the colors and the most common are those that we inherited from them.


One of the most common ways to find traditional homemade piñatas for birthday are the burritos. Surely you've seen more than once.

Still, gradually trends have been changing and It is now easy to find figures of all kinds.


How to make homemade piñatas for children's birthday

If what you need is to know how to make homemade piñatas for children's birthday, it is best to get fixated on what he giusta the child celebrating the birthday. Surely you are clear about what they want, even if maybe it's not so easy!

Among the most popular homemade piñatas for children's birthday today there are two models that stand out more than others. The first has to do with any of the characters of the series of drawings Paw Patrol:


The other model that now more like children is focusing on the Pepa Pig characters:


You see, it is not so difficult to know how to make homemade piñatas for children's birthday parties. You just need imagination and the right materials. They love children!

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