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If you're thinking about changing fridge perhaps you would be interested to know the latest Ikea Fridges, refrigerators that can be both independent and integrated, high refrigerators, undercounter refrigerators in drawers. This means that the offer is varied and to prove nothing better to do now look at what proposes in its current catalog. Espaciohogar we mention the Ikea philosophy which aims to simplify your life, and to check and knowing that Ikea find everything you need for the house we show the best and brightest in Neveras Ikea.


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Ikea Fridges 2015


If you are looking for any type of refrigerator to renew your kitchen this year, we recommend you take a look at what is proposed as a signature is highly known as Ikea. We know that the success of this brand is to make everyday life easier, ensure that everyone is entitled to furniture and design elements and quality at a reasonable price; so if your fridge is too small or need more capacity refrigerator in the kitchen, there are new solutions in Ikea.

What are you looking for? A simple integrated fridge ?, Or your family needs a very large freezer? The range of refrigerators or refrigerators with freezers Ikea presenting this 2015 fits your space and your needs. They are very easy to clean and use appliances, and have a non-frost function and an energy efficiency class A ++ , something that is very important to many (and indeed for all) and today is valued that when buying any appliance can save on consumption and especially that we care for the environment by not polluting or spending more than necessary .

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Among the new features of the latest Ikea catalog, and if we go to refrigerators, we find amazing models refrigerators and freezers and paneleados wardrobes in the kitchen space.

these models We provide variety, quality and price as Ikea have refrigerators and freezers are located integrated under the counter and they are latest design. As you see in the Pictured above are think that kitchen drawers and yet it is a fridge. Ideal for kitchens (and houses are small).

ikea fridge-freezer with

Also in Ikea we find the refrigerators with an integrated freezer but have cn less than 60 cm wide. If you want more freezer or if instead need more capacity refrigerator. These are models that look like a closet over the kitchen and yet you have a refrigerator, freezer or both in that space; This is another perfect for kitchens of small size model.

framtid-FHR - fridge-freezer-gray-ac-inox__0103018_PE248786_S4

On the other hand, already talking a little designs and decorating styles, we must say that between 2015 Ikea refrigerators models that can be very well integrated into predominates modern kitchens like the minimalist style, or if your cooking integrate in the lounge following the loft style, integrated appliances allow you simplicity of lines.

Visually kitchen will look diaphanous without spaces occupied by appliances is another good idea to save space, something you already know that this firm is quite essential.

For those who busqéis models that are more clásiocos, as we recommend, independent refrigerators have freezer whenever and also they are available at Ikea.

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Two other models, see above. Refrigerators freezers that are primarily or those that are white or aluminum finish as marking the trend. These models, as we have pointed pay much attention to energy efficiency and achieving an A ++ also have anti stains on the doors. If you are looking for durable, practical and appliances plus a good price before buying your fridge cooler compares Ikea. You have incredible prices.


I do not want to miss the opportunity to show you one of these coolers Ikea by dentror. You see that even a model of a conventional size is quite spacious with shelves that can remove or change height depending Delo let's get inside. Freezer, down, usually has three drawers in an organized manner to place the frozen food.

frostig-sc - fridge-integrated-blanco__0117704_PE272902_S4

In addition all these models of refrigerators or refrigerators all you can coordinate with other appliances Of the same Ikea range, as bells, wall panels, dishwasher, oven dual function, hotplates.

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