Ideas to decorate rooms with charm | Colors and styles

The first thing you have to think to Search decoration for charming salons is the style and colors you want to use. Each person has different tastes, and It must be clear what fits you before starting to look for other options.

No matter the space you have in the room, if you know coordinate the separate parts will get a decor 10. It is important to know how to mix textures, colors, finishes, lighting and all the elements that are going to include. For charming salons must follow the same aesthetic line and be faithful to it. 

How to decorate rooms with charm

For each of us will have a different answer to how to decorate rooms with charm. Some people enjoy pastel shades, and those who prefer warm earth colors. Others prefer to wallpaper on the walls, while some are faithful to the smooth white walls.

However, there are certain common guidelines that will help all the time to think about how to decorate rooms with charm. For example:

  • You must choose a color gamut. If you mix all the colors in the end be a recharged stay.
  • One element will be the protagonist. No matter whether it is the wall, the sofa or carpet. But everything will revolve around the main element that you like and you feel better AHGA. The remaining parts of the room are just to give support.
  • Mix textures and fabrics is positive. A sleek sofa with a pile carpet. Leather armchairs fabric chairs. No matter mix, sometimes this adds personality to stay.
  • Lighting is paramount. To feel comfortable in your own living room you need to find the right lighting.

If you follow our advice and ideas for decorating rooms charming, once you find the style that fits you.

And that, after all, the charming rooms are simply stays as we are welcoming us. And above all, they are full of details. It does not mean that we reload with things. But everything has a reason and logic into the room. In the little details is the taste.

How to decorate rooms with charm | Colors

One of the things you should first think, as we said, is the kind of color you want for your living room. Although the options are as many as there are colors, There are two styles predominating. On the one hand, there are the Nordic style rooms in white, and the other wooden ones.

On this basis it is easy to decorate rooms with charm and introduce small splashes of color to break the monotony. Lets go see it!

Charming rooms in white

and a few years ago when we think of salons charming white, think of the Nordic style. This type of stays leave the walls and Recho in pure white. Or play with the color in a single wall, breaking the visual routine.

Decoration items are mostly done in white, except one or two of furniture. These are the main protagonists and that will indicate what color will be the details.

Following choosing the protagonitas, salons charming white They may include small decorative elements in color. For example, vases, frames and cushions. With decor and never want to leave the room.

In nuestor last article on ideas small, modern and comfortable rooms for every budget will find many other ways to bring the Nordic style to the main room of your house.

Charming rooms with wood

If you choose the charming wooden lounges you can choose between two options. On the one hand, you can keep the wood floor and walls, looking for a cozy rural style cut.

On the other hand, You can choose to let timber be limited to furniture, leaving smooth walls. Still, the wooden floor is improtant to reinforce this style. visual and physical, and generates feeling of being cozy Dacalidez.

The charming wooden rooms blend seamlessly with fireplaces, as you can see in our article with photos of rooms with modern fireplaces.

Styles salon Boutique

Once you are clear about the color you want to use, it's time to define the style! The charming rooms are usually divided between rustic, vintage or minimalist. Which one do you prefer? Let's see examples of all three.

Rooms with rustic charm

Salons with rustic charm They are very typical in cottages or in homes Mediterranean style. Usually they feature a fireplace as the main element around which revolve the remaining furniture and decorations.

A key piece of the halls with rustic charm are the walls. Stone, brick, textured&# 8230; This style runs away from the smooth walls, and often incorporate earthy colors like brown or red. Add warmth and intimacy.

Rooms with vintage charm

Contrary to the above example, the halls with vintage charm are all color. turquoise blue, pastel pink, yellow mustard&# 8230; All these colors we associate with vintage style fast-and combine perfectly between them!

This type of classrooms can play with all kinds of furniture. Chairs of different models. A retro style chairs with a modern sofa. Wooden furniture. Anything with charisma can fit within the halls with vintage charm. It is important to be pieces that tell a story, and empasten well together.

Rooms with minimalist charm

For lovers of minimalist style also we bring a few ideas. For example, changing the traditional fireplace with a straight and finished ready lines. Minimalism less is more, so must flee ornate figures. The furniture should also look for those straight lines that help look towards the main elements.

Visit our article amplicar modern rooms for information on how to get a minimalist and cozy style.

When choosing rooms with minimalist decor charm, the ideal is to have a great stay. Minimalism in small rooms can be mistaken for lack of space. No emargo in large rooms it will clear the intention at all times.

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