Fernando Alonso’s home

Fernando Alonso can boast of being one of the mejors drivers with Formula 1 counts, besides being a very discreet man while it might have houses anywhere in the world, it seems that still prefer to live in his native Oviedo. We see now as the home of Fernando Alonso.

The House of Fernando Alonso although it located in Oviedo, what he was until recently Switzerland where the pilot apparently lived not only because of their work, it also seems that the costs of paying the Treasury was saved. Previously, the double world champion had resided in Oxford. There was near Enstone, where Renault It has its strength.

As is the new home of Fernando Alonso:

  • The house Fernando Alonso He has bought Oviedo and that under filtered images appears to be still under construction, it's a pretty big house, and it is located in the suburbs.
  • Currently there are no data about the house, but we know that for months Alonso He lives there and also his return to Spain has meant having to desembolsarle to finance some 10 million pesetas.
  • The Spaniard, always jealous of their privacy to the extent not even let you take pictures into or out of the house just as I show you, not that you have many more photos than those published.

The &8220; other&8221; Fernando Alonso houses:

  • Before this house Oviedo from which data are available only or at least only know of its location, Alonso He lived with his wife in Switzerland.
  • The pilot and singer Raquel del Rosario had a spectacular house on the beautiful Lake Leman, in the town of Mont-sur-Role in the Swiss canton of Vaud.
  • For this house the pilot paid more than 900,000 euros. The house consisted of 435 square meters of which only 180 meters are habitable.

  • After this came another house, located in in Lugano in the Italian area Switzerland. So he could be closer to his team, Ferrari, In addition to lead a quiet life as he has claimed since he was unveiled at racetracks around the world.
  • On the other hand, we must add that before the house Oviedo from which Alonso already enjoys, the pilot and Raquel del Rosario They were about to go live Gran Canaria.

  • The couple then in January 2011, was looking for a house alehada the peninsula for comfort and found on the island of Gran Canaria and settled on a farm of more than 37,000 square meters, located in the municipality of santa Brigida.
  • 8 million is what it costs the house after negotiations remained at 5.5 million; but eventually the couple was not done with her.

Video Fernando Alonso:

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