Pools Summer catalog Carrefour 2017

Having pool at home? Of course, it is now easy. Refresh your summer with pools Carrefour better price. Then the Pools catalog Carreofur Summer 2017.


You can visit the furniture catalog Carrefour updated by clicking on this link.

Economic pools Carrefour

rectangular swimming-pool-carrefour-tubular-
First I want you to see new products from the pools that Carrefour presents for this year and the fact is we have a lot to recommend you.

We start with the model see above, a tubular square pool which it has a capacity of 1,200 liters of water and, as you see, fit into four. Ideal as a pool with which to entertain the children this summer, is made of PVC.

Also this summer, Carrefour highlights inflatable round pools and who possess a truly affordable price.

For less than 50 euros have this model, PVC with an inflatable upper ring, and with a capacity of 4600 liters of water. Wastewater treatment cartridge includes 2,200 / h and installation is really simple, just so we can remove it once through the summer.

For those seeking an even more complete model, we show one that is similar to the above although it is somewhat broader and higher, so including a small staircase we can engage and allow us access.

Carrefour inflatable swimming pools for children

swimming-pool-round carrefour-child
For younger children, Pools in the catalog of Carrefour, we find models like this, which is ideal since you have no fear that can hurt, which guarantees that everyone can have fun this summer. It costs only 29 euros.

Infants and young children also have prepared many surprises in the Carrefour catalog with inflatable pools designed for them. The figures have elephant, patterned their Favorite characters, etc.

This type of pool is perfect for babies to cool in summer. They must be filled with little water and always watch the baby and we all know that children are unpredictable.

In addition to the pools also you have everything you need to the beach or pool. Floats, boats or paddles beach mats. If you have to make a gift in summer time advantage Carrefour super prices. Pools, floats, float boards, water toys.

Carrefour removable PVC Pools

If you are looking for a more robust inflatable pool, you have the PVC ground pools, ground pool will not have to blow them. You also find different sizes with filter from about 3 meters in diameter and about 62 high four.

These models have swimming pools and a higher price from 690 € onwards. But we think it is an investment, as the inflatable pools can instead click and they will last you years and years.

They are simple to install has a galvanized steel sheet which makes very corrosion resistant. Many carry a manual system clean funds and tablet dispenser. The have an outdoor wood decorated with decorative exterior imitation stone, imitation or imitation steel tiles.

The oval or round is the most common but you can also find pools in square shape, as you can see in the photograph. The height do not worry you can also find stairs to suit the pool to access comfortably.

Carrefour spa and inflatable swimming pools

And for those looking for something else, we recommend this slightly smaller set size pool as it serves well as a massage cabin.

It is made of laminated PVC and is inflatable so that we can assemble it ourselves. It also has a sturdy structure that can be placed over the ground cloth, includes protective cap, the insulation and safety. This model also has 120 outlets Hot air bubble + 4 jets adjustable in intensity and direction of water effect pressure in order to ensure a relaxing massage.


Your own pool up in less than 15 minutes

So, as you read, the pools are easy to assemble and can be found in sizes from less than 25 €, but also have much more complete models like the previous one but has a cost of 1,200 euros.

For assemble the pool you just need a clear and firm place to install it. Yes, no tools needed for assembly.

A swimming pool at home is no longer a luxury because you have so many options at different prices it is not difficult to find which suits you.

Carrefour catalog Pools summer 2012. The coolest summer

Do you have various sizes but the most common are 244 cm x 66 cm (that fit both kids and adults with no problem). You also have another 305 cm by 76 cm. Some of the pools are included with sewage which increases the price more. Others go just the pool and a repair patch. The inflator has previously inflators have it but you can find quite cheap.

The easy installation, quick installation, resistance, price. For less than 250 € you can have your own pool, check accounts and see that really comes out very economical. In the brochure you can see children's pools, such as green for about 20 € or pool covers (useful to avoid falling leaves, mosquitoes or anything inside it).

Carrefour catalog Pools summer 2012. The coolest summer

Pools Carreofur catalog: previous years


Carrefour finally has its catalog dedicated to the pools that we can install on our terrace or garden for the summer. In this shop, models often have pools that we can assemble ourselves, and depending on each size, said installation will be more or less complicated and require a series of steps that we explain below.

Pools catalog Carrefour 2017

In this gallery you go to to see the latest catalog of Carrefour with pools and offers everything you need for outside, will be in force until June 22.

Here we show you the latest brochure of Carrefour pools, valid from May to June 22:

Photogallery Carrefour Catalog Pools:

Video how to install an inflatable pool at home