How do Bouquets for cemetery

He approaches the day of All Saints and maybe you feel like to make a nice bouquet of flowers to bring your family in the cemetery. The option to buy is also acceptable even if we ourselves can save money and sure we will have the satisfaction of knowing that we have worked on it.


How do Bouquets for cemetery


Make a good bouquet of flowers to take to the cemetery on All Saints Day or any occasion, It is not too complicated when you consider some important factors and that will allow us to take the right branch.

In the cemeteries we can find niches or graves, so that the bouquet to relocate will have to be an appropriate size depending on the pit having the family or person we go to visit.

If it's about a bouquet for a niche is the best one that is small, we can leave hanging or a vase within the niche. So we can unite various flowers that we like or that will appeal to the deceased. If it's for the feast of All Saints, there are many who choose to flowers such as chrysanthemums and today we can buy them in different sizes and even colors and above all is a type of flower that does not require a lot of care and hold pretty well.

The Roses are also a perfect flower For classes that can lead to a graveyard and of course, the lilies are a good choice if you want to take a nice bouquet and leave it in a tomb.

To make a bouquet for a cemetery, you must remove all the leaves leaving only the flowers and some little leaf that is on top, attached to the flowers. If you choose roses, do not forget to remove the thorns.

When you have all flowers without leaves set them a table so you can view all stems, and I do better when mounting.

Some also choose some green twig you are placing such Fiddleheads, or Chicoblad. You must place a couple or three of them with flowers.

You better wipe also leaves twigs. I join all with a rope or a tie and you're ready. In this video we explain how:

Flower arrangements for cemetery


Next to the bouquet that we can do to the cemetery, you can also elaborate flower arrangements.

You must pick flowers, although different, is better than the same size as this will get a center that is uniform and that we can put on a grave or hung in a niche.

The roses They are a good flower for a center to carry a cemetery, since the result we achieve is very nice and also better stuck in the Mossi, who is that little green piece in which flowers and leaves are nailed to the center.

With flowers, We can stick some leaves like ferns such and as explained in this video that I leave then: