Wooden chests

Espaciohogar we have already spoken at one time or another decorative possibilities for trunks and chests but specifically want to focus on those who are wooden trunks.

Although it seemed that having no longer had a home in the trunk to store all kinds of things, the rise of decorative styles such as vintage have made in many houses bet on them and in fact many people choose to decorate and to have a trunk, wood being the most colorful and indeed common.

Wooden chests:

  • As I mentioned wooden trunks are most common in houses, but also given many made in other materials such as wicker and being a type of trunk is handmade be added so that its price is usually quite high.
  • Despite how expensive it can resultarnos, depending on their size, we must say that the wooden trunks are not only very functional because they allow you to save all and was well protected from the cold or heat, but also have a more than obvious decorative style.
  • Wood often used when conducting the trunks is that of Pine tree, since it is quite resistant over time and we have to say that it is very moldable and can give any form, so it is ideal for this type of furniture that is usually large is made.

The wooden trunks also have an added factor due to the material they are made because they allow the remaining great in any room of the house while often a color, a style and has a finish that is very decorative.

Wooden chests for decoration:

  • I mentioned earlier styles like Vintage with the wooden trunks look great either in the living room of a house or bedroom, place where we can also use the trunk as a seat or as an element that serves to place on top other details like books or decorative elements, either a vase or sculpture and especially if the top and which opens is completely flat.
  • In the case of having a wooden trunk in our living room, and if we can well be used to store magazines, books or whatever we want, we can also use it as a side table, while in the room of the little ones you can paint in a color that is attractive and well serve to store toys, they they can be used to sit on.

If you have money and you want to have an item that you find several functions at once, do not hesitate to bet on a wooden trunk that also will last many years.

Photos of wooden trunks:

Video of wooden trunks:

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