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The red kitchens They are a stunning option when design your kitchen. A color that spread the passion for food and a place to enjoy.

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A few years ago color Red It became part of the kitchen, filling all one color that until then was unknown to us. A red color is no longer present only in cookware but part of the furniture and even tiles.

Of course, normally, this color is usually kept in kitchens of modern design but it is not a classic furniture, where we are still seeing wooden furniture in natural color or shades whiter.

That said, I also mention that while trends show us how to combine red kitchens with other colors, so that this very striking tone is not too burdensome and one gets tired of the kitchen.

Why choose a kitchen red?

red wood kitchen

If you are designing your house with a fresh and modern style, the color red can be a sensational choice for the kitchen. To be a space where one can be comfortable, we recommend combine it with other lighter shades, such as gray, brown wood or soft pastels.

In case you're doubting that red is your color, tell you that you can find more or less intense colors and with varied shades from closer to garnet as the tomato, depending on what you want but may have the option to customize it.

You can find Modular red kitchens, what will allow you to adapt your kitchen space you have, and thus get a custom design, taking advantage of the spaces well.


For those who follow in energy trends in decoration, it is important you to know that red is a warm color, so it is considered that if you choose for a kitchen or indeed to paint any room in the house, We activate our energies and we give the whole atmosphere much more stimulation.

Refrain choose a red kitchen all those who have a small space, as being a color so intense natural light is not reflected equally and can give the feeling that is smaller. Therefore, if you want a kitchen or yes red color and are in this case, we recommend you make a selection of items in red to add these touches of color but not opt ​​for a monochromatic kitchen.

Red Kitchens: Decorating Ideas

How to combine with other shades red kitchen

-Red-white-wall kitchens

When we talk about red kitchens we must bear in mind that not all reds are equal, so it is best to combine it with other completely different to try to have the entire kitchen in red colors but with varied shades.

That said, appliances and kitchen items They can go in other palettes to generate contrast and thus further highlight the red tones and can also promote natural lighting.

As I overtook before the colors that can combine well and allow you to enjoy furniture in red tones would be light gray, white, ecru and pastel tones. The black contrasts sharply but eventually darken too much the kitchen, so we are left with a small room and a feeling of lack of light.

red walls in the kitchen

kitchens wall-red-

Another option to bring the red color to your kitchen is to opt for paint walls in red and purchase kitchen furniture in light colors, you will see that also favors a lot and you may find it more economical.

We told you that you can go cheaper this option because sometimes, furniture in different tones most often can increase the price.

Kitchen complements red


For those who prefer a more classic cuisine or want more light on that stay, a way to include the red in your kitchen it is through supplements.

The advantage This option is not going to have to bite the possibility that the size of the kitchen seem inferior or that light is not reflected as in other cuisines, plus you will continue counting on the red as the tone highlights the same.

That said, it is important to note that the appliances red sUelen out more expensive and not so much variety to choose between. These things must also be assessed when selecting this option, since it can also be difficult to match the same shade of red.

Moreover, you can buy appliances in more frequent and economically affordable color, but choose to put the kitchen accessories and decorative details in red for passion continue to have that touch you like.

Play with lighting


Good lighting will make your kitchen red shine with all its splendor. Therefore, if you want to give prominence to this color, make sure the red light illuminates especially parts of your kitchen. Placing most of the furniture or decorative elements in red around a window, you will ensure that you always receive a lot of natural light that make you stand out above other elements that are farthest from the light source.

You can also get it with the help of lamps and artificial lights strategically placed to give greater emphasis to the red elements of your kitchen. Thus, for too few red elements that include them, they will have a very prominent role, since the light will glow above others.

Red kitchens: photos

Here we show you more pictures of red kitchens so you can inspire with different designs and spaces that have been created to wear this color.

Red Kitchens: Video

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