Over 100 Photos Modern Kitchen Curtains

Are you thinking of change the kitchen curtains and you do not know what to put? We will show you the best designs and colors of curtains for all types of kitchens, also will tell you what fijaros to choose the best curtains for your kitchen. Join us! Then more than 100 photos Curtains for the kitchen.

Curtains for kitchen

Over 100 Photos Curtains for kitchen

Curtains for kitchen, modern curtains, air curtains rustic, kitchen curtains cotton, canvas, lace&# 8230; Even bamboo curtains for the kitchen!

The variety of shades you can choose for your kitchen is huge. To help you in your decision, Espaciohogar.com you more about curtains for the kitchen and we recommend some models that will surely Ikea will convince and show you the greatest photographic catalog kitchen curtains.

We started seeing this gallery, and then we show brands, designs, fabrics and of course, the best advice on how to choose your kitchen curtain.

We have already seen some proposals kitchens in the gallery, we see now that They propose three essential brands such as Ikea, Leroy Merlin and El Corte Ingles.

IKEA Kitchen curtains 2017

Let's analyze IKEA kitchen curtains where you will find all kinds of curtains that you choose the one that best left in your kitchen depending on the style.

Curtains for kitchen-ikea-green

When choosing a curtain you have to take into account several factors, not centraros only if you like it or not, the pattern and colors, but also in the tissue and material.

We will now see what we have to do to choose the right kitchen curtain, but in the case of Ikea, we must also look at the latest trends.

Curtains for kitchen-ikea-curtain-visillo

We can see the example of Sheer curtains which seems to have become fashionable. Not only for spaces like the dining room or bedroom, the kitchen and also in white.

Curtains for kitchen-ikea-cats-black

Ikea is very fixed patterns and models knowing that Flowers are trend, bet on them for your kitchen curtains.

curtains-for-kitchen-ikea-curtain-white-flowersHe estor &# 8211; blinds &# 8211; It is another option that can be very interesting and you can choose the type of fabric that you like for it. It is important to note that by occupying a space like the kitchen has to be a material that can be washed without problem, should stand the smoke, steam and moisture without spoiling. As a final indication, you have to have the style and design suitable for kitchen window and your house.

Curtains for kitchen-ikea-estor-pleat

With this type of curtains you will obtain that your kitchen look always decorated and stylish. They are also easy to install and remove.

So you can see more curtains or blinds IKEA catalog 2017 we leave the next gallery.

Video IKEA Kitchen Decorating Ideas

We leave you with a video of IKEA where you can see the wide variety of options that you can choose to decorate your kitchen.

There Ikea kitchens of all types, shapes and colors, and style is also essential for the curtains are adequate.

Kitchen curtains Leroy Merlin 2017

Now let we focus on another brand that also has a catalog of curtains for kitchens, we refer to the kitchen curtains Leroy Merlin 2017.

Curtains for kitchen-leroy-merlin-stripes-orange

When choosing a kitchen curtain we must take into account the color. The color must accompany the rest of the kitchen decor and this can get by choosing a simple curtains or generate a contrast, giving a touch of color to this room.

Curtains for kitchen-leroy-merlin-white-and-blue

He design It is another aspect to consider, flower prints are the most used, but also find stripes or geometric shapes.

And if we have to look at prints, Leroy Merlin in have models like this, with drawings of sweets that are well suited for a kitchen.

Curtains for kitchen-leroy-merlin-stamping Curtains for kitchen-leroy-merlin-forms-geometric-blue

Finally, the tissue with which the curtain is made. As are intended for the kitchen must resist moisture and vapor without remaining yellowish.

This type of model and others are already in stores of Leroy Merlin, if you want to see more models, os we now this gallery of photos.

Leroy Merlin video how to place a curtain rod

In this video you will learn to placing a curtain rod to fix it on the wall, check it out.

Kitchen curtains in El Corte Ingles 2017

Choosing curtains for the kitchen is one of the first steps we have to make when decorating and choose the style that we will give our kitchen.


Catalog kitchen curtains El Corte Ingles you are going to find many articles and all the styles that you can imagine. Prints, bold colors, latest trends, quality brands&# 8230;


But not only will you find curtains, too, if you prefer, you can see different types of Blinds with different materials and colors.


He White color is another essential shades for kitchen curtains. They are very &8220; Sustained&8221; as much stain, but being so simple curtains to attach and remove, we can wash them when necessary.

In addition you have those modern prints. If you look today, and modern models, you can choose one like this, with rhombus in such bright colors like blue or green.


If you want to see more curtains and blinds in all colors and materials El Corte Ingles, we leave the next gallery.

Photo catalog of curtains for kitchens 2017

We know that a picture is worth a thousand words so that nothing like seeing below the photographic catalog of kitchen curtains.

A photo catalog that also has all kinds of trends, both in prints and solid colors.

Retro kitchen curtains 2017


We know that at present, the white curtains They have become very hard to spaces like the kitchen. In addition, there are many people who enjoy retro style or type vintage decor, here we show you some pictures that can be inspiring.


Among the photos in the catalog that I leave then also you find models with prints as flashy as this.

Curtains for kitchen-print-apple

Or you can also find less geometric prints but that hint at issues that have to do with cooking and food.


Another example is the curtain with a different design to the above. A very cool style in white, with a picture of a lemon yellow.

Curtains for kitchen-print-graphic-blue

Then there are the curtains that are committed Modern graphics prints, as we saw with the brands or stores mentioned. Thus, you can choose models like this, which also comes in a color as fashionable as blue.

Blinds for kitchens 2017


On the other hand, Blinds are also a good idea to place in the kitchen window.
If you're tired of the usual fabric curtains, you can choose options like you see in the picture above, which will provide a completely renovated your kitchen look.


Among the curtains for the kitchen, we also find a wide variety of designs and models to highlight, for example, those who are white and with some kind of pattern.

In the picture you can see how well they are even for small kitchens. They are facils to place and can fold them when we want to take advantage of the light.


The blinds are not just found in white, can choose models like this that They are gray, but also have a transparent part.

Thus, you can have all the fully lit kitchen, without entering bugs or without fumes and odors go outside.

This is the photo catalog of kitchen curtains for this 2017

Tips for choosing the kitchen curtain

Tips for choosing the kitchen curtain

If you want to change the look of your kitchen, the curtains will help create a more joyful, colorful and modern kitchen. on the market much to choose from, so to guarantee you the maximum options to succeed in your decision we give you practical ideas for better to choose curtains for the kitchen.

When choosing a curtain for our kitchen we have to be as practical as possible.

Tips for choosing the kitchen curtain: Fabrics

Seeks resistant fabrics, since they do not suffer the same bedroom curtains the kitchen. The choice of fabric is important, cotton, canvas and even bamboo. Tissues are washed well and are durable.


Tips for choosing the kitchen curtain: Fabrics

Can make kitchen curtains at home or carry them with you make them the fabric chosen.

For calculate the fabric measure the width of the window or door, adds more 30 cm width. Multiply by 2, 2.5 or 3 (depending like curtain have more or less gathers). Please note that the kitchen curtains are different from other rooms in the house as, shorter and less decorative, more functional room.


Tips for choosing the kitchen curtain: Design

Whether modern, rustic, traditional, more urban or juvenile, etc. style, you must look at the design of the kitchen.


You can mix styles if you like, whenever you do with logic. In a rustic kitchen you can put a modern shade type blind and a modern kitchen curtain in a gauzy ruffled fabric. There is no fixed rule regarding kitchen curtains, the important thing is to find a harmony of colors and styles.

Levels have curtains or drapes coffee. classic shades collected every lador by a tie-backs. Roman shades, blinds, valance curtains&# 8230;

Tips for choosing the kitchen curtain: Colors


As for the choice of colors, Curtains can be the point of attraction of the kitchen if they are cheerful and print or contribute to the decoration without attracting attention, in neutral colors.

If your kitchen already has a lot of color on furniture, wall tiles, looking light curtains with some small valance. Ikea, for example, and now we'll see more detail you have plenty of curtains kitchen with all kinds of colors and prints.

Today take a lot kitchens white color but that does not mean you do not have many more options to decorate the kitchen curtains. Your curtains can be red, blue, flowers, pictures, or any other drawing. Definitely, the limit is always your own taste. Your curtains will be something that will highlight and add joy to the kitchen.

Tips for choosing the kitchen curtain: Harmony and light


On the other hand, you must Also look out for the other elements of the kitchen, not only the color of the walls and thus make you combine with shades you choose.

Thus, we can look at the color of the furniture and color that have chairs or the table in our kitchen.


As for the fabrics we have to choose them depending on the amount of light we want to let pass. The sheers curtains are kind let light, however if you want more privacy in the kitchen there are designs of curtains designed to leave a strip of open window to not subtract light.

There are areas of Europe and in the Netherlands, where the curtains throughout the house including the kitchen are fit to let light. They are very nice curtains, however they are delicate in the kitchen as they will get dirty more easily.

How to put curtains in the kitchen

Systems to place curtains

At this point we will address one of the fundamental aspects of your kitchen curtains, systems or bars to hold curtains. You should be aware that if the curtain is made of fabric or have chosen a estor, the fastening system entirely.

cherrieslarge  bedbathstore_2171_7053326292

Place curtains in the kitchen: curtain rods

Lass curtains are fastened loops, rings or decorative curtains grippers and are easy to install.

There are many designs and also at the ends of the bar you can put decorative finials. The important thing is that the curtain rods are of the proper length and are placed in the right place.

Place curtains in the kitchen: rails

Curtains allow a better handling, but are more difficult to install, require more installation time, so it is usually advisable to go to a professional, if you do not see enough hands ..

Place curtains in the kitchen: Estores

For them you should place the child restraint system either roller, or &8220; typical&8221; Venetian blinds that go up and down like a window shade.

I hope haberos been helpful these tips and count him easier to choose the perfect curtains for your kitchen. Finally, we leave you with a video and some other items of interest.

What you should not do with your kitchen curtains

Kitchen curtains near the fire

Never choose a wooden bar

When we talk about choosing some new curtains for the kitchen, usually we always worry fabric, which is its main part, easily forgetting that they also have other important components.

The most prominent with fabric undoubtedly is the bar that holds and bar too prominent or inadequate you can certainly spoil the effect you want to achieve with the chosen fabric if you have not considered. But here we want to emphasize a very particular type of bar: the wood.

In a moment in which styles such as rustic or natural they are very fashionable, sometimes decide to buy a bar wood shades in order to provide a more authentic look to decorative set.

However, this is an option that we recommend that you never choose. It is not only very dangerous have a wooden bar in a place where it is easy for a spark to escape, although the curtains are initially removed from the area reserved for the fire, but also because it is a material that is severely affected by changes in temperature and humidity the environment.

Thus, smoke and fumes which they are always associated with the activities carried out in the kitchen very negative effect on the wood. So, given the problems that can assume, we recommend that you never use for your kitchen curtains a wooden bar. An aluminum or iron will always be a better option in this area.

Never put long curtains near the place where you are going to cook

Kitchen curtains blinds

This seems basic, but every year a large number of domestic accidents are related Burning kitchen curtains.

If your window is close to the cooking area, especially if you already have a gas cooker, you run the risk that any spark or neglect garment curtains, causing serious damage to your home and even a fire that can risking your life and your family.

Therefore, never put a long curtains near the cooking area or in places where you think there is the slightest chance that a spark that could create a fire.

If your window is in this area, then it choose to put a short curtains on top thereof never reach closer to the fire area or coqueta shutter that can move away from the stove when you are cooking.


Do not be fooled by the "insulation" factories

In recent years have become very fashionable those curtains which by its type of tissue, help Cold isolate houses, making them a great option for saving on heating while redecorate the house. However, although it may be very useful in other parts of your home, it's an approach that does not work very well in the kitchen.

The insulating curtains tend to be very thick and are often made with tough and heavy materials, which makes them very difficult to handle and, above all, to clean regularly.

Also, this kind of curtains are also often block light and air flow, so they may even make unpleasant your activity in the kitchen. Believe us.

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