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Furniture Mall is the largest furniture store Canarias and now has 25 years of experience. Furniture Mall has stores in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Las Palmas. In them you can find a variety of furniture: Furniture for kitchen or bathroom, living room furniture and bedroom, etc. In you more furniture shopping center and its latest proposals.


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furniture shopping center, 25 years in the Canary Islands

furniture shopping center, 25 years in the Canary Islands

With centers Tenerife, La Palma and El Hierro, establishments that Furniture Mall It has in the Canary Islands They have furniture for all needs, offices, lounge, kitchen, children or youth. In the Mall of the cabinet are constantly updated so you can find the latest national and international trends in furniture design.

feature more than 20,000 square meters of exhibition, the largest furniture store in the Canaries.

professional advice to choose furniture while you informed of the latest trends and furniture that best suit your needs.

Further, They have these other services:

  • Free transport and assembly.
  • Payment facilities, have all financing systems so that you take the furniture you need and can comfortably pay in installments.
  • After sales service, for advice or if you have any complaints, in Mall of furniture are there to inform their customers about anything they may need.

For all this and much more has become one of the leading establishments of furniture and decoration Canarias. But what is it that we can find right now in the catalog Furniture Mall?

What furnishings are in the Furniture Mall?


In the Furniture Mall you can find all kinds of furniture anywhere in the house. For example, for the living room you have the Current furniture like this chaise longue sofa minimalist pearl white and gray top photo. Sofa cushions complement many smooth pads and printed following the same color. Black, anthracite gray, pearl gray and white. And this is just one example of the variety you can find.

What furnishings are in the Furniture Mall? dinning room

In the photo above a rustic dining furniture in shopping center also have rustic furniture which include warm wood finishes. You have rustic lounges, dining rooms and bedrooms rustic rustic. If you're a lover of wood and cozy dining rooms and a homey feel, surely you prefer Furniture CC to other options &8220; Prefabricated&# 8221 ;.


What furnishings are in the Furniture Mall? Bedrooms

Of course, one of the most important rooms in the house is the bedroom, and Furniture Mall you can find all kinds of decoration for this stay. The bedrooms  newest neutral colors like this one in the photo above lacquered wood clear pine color. With comfortable wood color and white drawers. Box-spring bed goes under Japanese guy in the same color as the head. A simple and modern bedroom.

You can also opt for a more functional room, ideal for singles and for more modern or cosmopolitan people black and white tones, more minimalist air.

Furniture Mall 4

children and youth bedrooms

And trade-center-bedroom-furniture-children

Room for your baby like this combined with white and pastel colored Maderto. A functional cradle bearing pedestals attached on the sides and in the lower drawers. It is combined with dresser and closet. In the image below we can see a baby sleeping style even more clean and clear, with touches of colored sand that give an original touch without being burdensome. In addition, the cradle is also different because in this case incorporates Ruedin to put it in different places of the room.

What furnishings are in the Furniture Mall? baby bedroom

What furnishings are in the Furniture Mall? youth bedroom

youth bedroom with modern design and space for everything in the photo above a bedroom with trundle bed with drawers at the bottom, corner wardrobe white finish and wood. Pistachio comfortable wood color. Lejas on the wall and a study table with chair in white. In the image below we can see a cute little children's bedroom and specially designed for brothers, incorporating a cabinet berth, ladder, night light and table desk.

Furniture Mall 8


What furnishings are in the Furniture Mall? office

The Offices the most modern and practices are in Furniture Mall, as this office with yuppie minimalist look. Done in metallic tones, it incorporates a L-shaped table ideal for work, and low furniture in wood color with transparent doors. Catalog Furniture CC you can also find offices more sober and classic, it all depends on how you want to decorate your workspace. And, who would not like that your workspace is as comfortable as possible?

Sections that offers furniture Mall

In general, CC Furniture covers virtually every room of the house, and even more. In their schools you can find accessories and decorations for:

  • auxiliary furniture
  • Bath
  • Kitchen
  • youth
  • Marriage
  • Living room furniture
  • Office
  • Rustic
  • Sofa
  • Terrace

In closing, we leave you with a video and some interesting links to supplement the information. We hope I was helpful sorry!

Christmas Video Furniture Mall

Now coming Christmas is a good time to make us this gift for the house we were both waiting, or even to give to any of our family something for the home. In that case and if you are the Canary Islands, one of the best options is Furniture Mall, which also just started their Christmas campaign. From now until January will also be open on Sundays, so do not miss the opportunity.

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