balustrades stairs

Best Handrails for stairs with photos. Handrails for modern stairs, rustic wood designs, fiberglass, brass, wrought iron, stainless steel&# 8230; There are many to choose from railings and we can probably even find trends.

What are stair railings?

Balustrades are protection element, since one can go up or down the stairs leaning on the railings and this will facilitate safer to do so. Therefore, the railings are also used in bridges or any space to be dimensioned to avoid falls. The railing adapts to the structure of the staircase, at the top is the handrail which is where we can support up or down the stairs.

Fulfilling a protective function does not detract from his decorative function, since it will also be essential to provide the style ladder you want to give the home item. It is therefore important to take this into account to choose a wooden staircase, wrought iron or ladder type manor.

One of the aspects that are positive for this element is that light does not detract from the house, since they often have a decorative fabric in the form of bars or geometric designs that enhance the ladder but are not opaque.

Types of railings for stairways

At present we can choose between different types of stair railings. Whether those wood, They carried using life, and those who are more modern, with all kinds of designs, or those of forging, which they are the most elegant and elaborate of all.

Wooden banisters


It depends on the type of decoration you have at home, it will be ideal type of wooden railing or another, always considering that you can also combine with other elements such as shape or iron, among others.

This type of railings always seems to look good and also have different colors and finishes for having a harmonious aspect with the rest of the decor. For example, oak, beech, cherry, mahogany, wenge, there are multiple wood finishes.

Wrought iron railings

The wrought iron railings They are true works of art. In Spain we have artists working blacksmiths forging as anyone and you can find designs everything from the simplest to drawings full of fantasy.

A wrought iron railing can adapt well to any style, it depends on the artist and design, may acquire minimalist designs as more baroque.

In addition, the combined forging wood is a very common option on the steps of many houses.

Modern Railings

Among the wide range of modern railings one can find railings made from aluminum, steel, glass or steel cable.

Modern stairs are lighter sight By using transparent or metallic materials and usually they have designs from classic to most striking, as this can lead to many interpretations, like the roots of a tree. Wood and wrought iron are more solid appearance materials that take up more visual space.

Clean design lines that let light and brings a elegant design staircase. Steel cables fit perfectly to wood and other materials can be manufactured in different configurations, with steel cable ladders are safe, simple and elegant.