small and modern integrated kitchens 2017

Small integrated kitchens have been imposed on decorating trends for smaller rooms. functional and modern with which to enjoy this space designs.


What is a kitchen?

A kitchen is one that has everything it needs to be functional but in terms of aesthetic line, all furniture and appliances are the same design to stay harmony is maintained.

Therefore, it is common to find the perfectly integrated appliances in the design, both measures and colors so that everything goes on the same line. An example might dishwashers that have a cabinet door in the outer area so that no display.

In fact, almost always presented so modular, They are a very good option in case our kitchen space is limited. Let's see what models you can find in the market and what trends currently exist in small integrated kitchens, yes, before we recommend that you read our special dedicated to:

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small integrated kitchens



This type of integrated kitchens are characterized by Like all design, They result being a compact kitchen and whose elements like drawers, closets are quite large. Thus, we can store them all kinds of objects indispensable to the kitchen.

In addition, these ranges include other elements such as the hood, dishwasher or refrigerator with the same structure or the color we have chosen and so including them can go as the go shopping.


They are mostly modular, so you have from different modules They are joined integrally that would be to give them that name built by the known.

The houses are also seen as small firms engaged in the design of furniture and interiors aimed at fashion launch integrated kitchens, which are small, and thus giving a more unified look the final result. In fact, they also serve to save space by having it all grouped by modules that form.



For years this type of cuisine is also known as &8220; Kitchenettes&8221;, kitchens that are really single module and floors perfect for small type &8220; loft&# 8221 ;.

Still today are sold though more modern designs and striking. Do not you think the &8220; kitchenette&8221; superior image something spectacular?


Colors and styles for small integral kitchens

Black and white


They are perhaps the ideal for a kitchen that is small colors because with more intense colors like red, we can have the feeling of eating space. It is also colored current trend for integrated kitchens and allows us to get space the kitchen look more.

If you have a small apartment or a house and more space minimalist style This is the color that you currently choose for your kitchen, both small and large.

Gray or brown


They are also something &# 8220; strong&8221; but for a small kitchen combined with white, can be a perfect choice.

think also provide a feeling more &8220; hogareña&8221; the space in which the favorite, so they can be a great solution if the kitchen is integrated into the lounge and you can paint it or decorate with other colors that combine to him.



It is fashionable but not hit much if space is small. Of all ways this other picture looks that are sure you will like.

-Integrated-small-wood kitchen

Elements such as wood are the essence of rustic and you see how well you can get to be when it comes to integrated and kitchenette. Even they make you want to manufacture it for yourself.

Maybe in a kitchen of a city apartment does not stick too but what if you live in a small cottage or in a detached house ?.

modern or contemporary style



Being such a modern kitchen and a small space cover, this is the style that stick to your kitchen.

In fact, today's integrated kitchens feature mostly with this kind of design that is so modern, even seem bigger than they really are. You also come equipped with everything necessary, so that once you get to cook, It is not even necessary that you move too much to access everything.

Items that can not miss in the small integral Kitchens




It is essential that we have a kitchen to cook food. Currently all are made of ceramic. Much safer, faster, simpler and easier to clean. Integrated on the counter where we eat and even allow us to have a central island.



Also usually it come as standard, and is usually of different sizes depending on the size we have available in terms of space.

Drawers and cabinets


They are as I mentioned earlier, somewhat larger than in the old kitchens (whether for a small kitchen). As we have the desire (this type of cuisine can be modified from the original to show us in the store), and tend to be self-closing in the case of the drawers. Even the kitchens of one piece, as you see above these drawers include modern design.

Extractor hood


It is one of the elements that I mentioned earlier as something &# 8220; Extra&8221; we can add. Despite this it is necessary that have, and although in some cases is not included in the kitchen we choose, at the store will give us ideas to choose which smaller with the type and style chosen.

Table and chairs


Nor are necessary but in many kitchens are included in the integrated kitchens. In many models of kitchens for homes that are small, we will see if they have a table to eat or breakfast if you stools or chair are arranged in a side to take advantage of the counter are included.



Likewise the hood is not always essential but is included. Anyway we can choose to be the same style and color integrated our kitchen.

Other elements and accessories for small integrated kitchens

Who said you have a small kitchen and above means that do not give you importance to the decor?

Apart from the essential elements that you have seen, we have to mention others who are not so necessary but that allow us to bring more style to our kitchen.


Flowerpots, watches, and even lamps, They are not essential but necessary elements in any kitchen and when we find also small modern models that blend perfectly with integral kitchens. With a little help from these items we can make our kitchen look modern no matter how small.


As well appliances above are of small size, perfect for integration into a small kitchen. Purchase scales ingredients like this and get your kitchen look more stylish.


To the dustbin can be chosen depending on whether the kitchen is a larger or smaller. This model for example, is pefecto for a small kitchen.

More than 100 photos of small integrated kitchens

After have shown you and spoken delos latest models of small integrated kitchens, we leave you more pictures that are sure to inspire.

Video of the integral kitchens

Modern integrated kitchens 2017

The latest trends in modern integrated kitchens: styles, colors and features to consider. We show absolutely inspiring photographs of integrated kitchens.


We recommend that you read our special also dedicated to this type of kitchens for small spaces:

small integrated kitchens

The integrated kitchens seem to be the kind of kitchens sold more and, indeed, those for betting firms interior design and furniture stores.

This type of cooking can be of the most varied styles but if you want to get a kitchen to last, nothing like opt for models Modern integrated kitchens and then we show you ideas, tips, trends and especially explaining to you what they are.

Modern integrated kitchens How are they?

-Integral-modern-kitchens-they are

Modern integrated kitchens are characterized by not only with a modern design and allows us to modernize our full kitchen. bright colors, minimalist designs, funcionaliad systems and other concepts that are important in this type of cuisine but it is much more space to take advantage, to the point to say that a kitchen was created with the intention of making more functional and modern spaces.

Anyway, modern integrated kitchens can also be a great idea to spaces that are larger, so that thanks to everything that allows us to save on square meters, can take advantage to place, for example, a central island that are trend now, and seen in many of the proposals that exist precisely for this type of cuisine.


We can see, then, are some ideas for modern integrated kitchens and thus we can better explain to you how you can get more out of this space. We take advantage of space, but also we save time when cooking and cleaning the kitchen with these models.

Modern integrated kitchens: small spaces


Let's start thinking in modern integrated kitchens as a tool to have a kitchen equipped with everything you need and that we will place in a small space. Just what I said before. Do you think it's impossible?

In Ikea we can find clear examples of what I say. An integrated kitchen allows a single wall a refrigerator, stove, an oven and vitro ceramic is placed, without forgetting shelves or hood.

The good thing about this store is that it will be able to design your own kitchens depending on the space that you may tell it and you can always have an extra room for a zone dinning room or place a bar on the wall for more space.

Modern integrated kitchens: colors

modern-integral-kitchen-design-ideas ikea-minimalist

Another variable to take into account in the design of modern kitchen is the use of colors. For years we have seen how modern integrated kitchens were characterized by bright colors like red or black, but it must be added that the target is still a color that is secured within the trends.

If you look at the picture above, we have an Ikea kitchen, all white though details of other shades that break the monotony. Thus, the cabinets come in colors like brown with transparent doors and top in black.

Kitchen Design Gallery

Kitchen Design Gallery

It is important that you bear in mind this detail, and you not only find closed kitchens, also can choose windows fantastic to give the feeling that the space is larger and blurring boundaries.

large modern integrated kitchens


The integral kitchens They are also sensational for those with large spaces contéis option. As you will imaginaréis, one of the great differences that present this type of cuisine is that they have more storage possibilities may choose to include more cabinets, drawers and shelves.

In turn, the appliances may have other larger sizes and will not fail to raise the option to include a central island. The islands They can be a sensational choice, not just another decorative element if you do not like cooking, can be an extra table, a fantastic bar or include in her kitchen.


Another aspect that is setting trends in kitchen designs with plenty of space is creating common areas, dining room or kitchen. Worth to you planteéis it as an option to shuffle for your kitchen.

Modern integrated kitchens materials

-Integral-modern-materials-marble kitchens

If you look at materials, melamine and wood sheets such as ash are imposed for these types of cuisines, although we can find designs that use materials that become like trend.


It is the case marble both he looked in the kitchens of yesteryear and it is still possible to find it for current models of integrated kitchens.

Modern integrated kitchens: styles


What styles? We are talking about kitchens that are modern but this does not mean that other older styles are not possible, we always find modernized versions.

The style rustic is one of the trends of decoration that never goes unnoticed or season, always the effect will continue its natural wood and cozy feeling. What we do will vary is the combination of furniture, lines thereof used materials and colors.

Still, rustic kitchens competes today with more reminiscent of the minimalism, where everything is firm and secure lines, with functional furniture and where law governs less is more.

Built-in kitchens modern Photos

We leave these pictures of modern integrated kitchens and secure them find inspiration for your dream kitchen. You will see how there are very curious and original styles, others are closer to classic but with modern touches and colors, these always attract attention:

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