Catalogs Silestone colors and surfaces for countertops

In this article we present the Silestone color catalog for countertops and surfaces so that you can choose the color that you like and feel better to the counter or surface. Join us and discover what!

Silestone countertops

The Silestone brand has a great weight in the sector of kitchen countertops since for many years offers its customers security, reliability and quality.

This has been achieved year after year in many countries in the world that offers a wide range of colors and textures that allow their clients to get the kitchen of your dreams with quality furniture. Discover what colors can now choose for your countertops.

Silestone surfaces for countertops and

Silestone ensures that there is a color for each of us, taking into account materials, decoration, colors, textures&# 8230; Therefore offers 90 colors making sure we find our favorite, also knowing that we can rely on three textures we can combine as you want (volcano, polished and suede).

As we show in the picture above you will choose the tone you will, that is, these six possibilities:

  1. Light Gray and White
  2. Cream Beige
  3. Dark Gray and Black
  4. Pink and red
  5. Green
  6. Brown

After the tone you have to think about the style, with four options:

  1. Smooth
  2. with Vetas
  3. With fine-grained
  4. Coarse-grained

And finally, you will choose the finished, Consider which of these four you fancy putting.

  1. Polished texture
  2. Suede texture
  3. texture Volcano
  4. Everybody

Catalogs Silestone colors and surfaces for countertops

Within six colors we have discussed above then there are many variations and different shades within those six colors that we are going to show below.

Silestone colors catalogs &# 8211; Light Gray and White

White and all its derivatives and color tones is most used in worktops and surfaces. Silestone knows and therefore offers you a variety of them.

As you can see in the two pictures you have fifteen possibilities to choose light gray and white for countertops.

Silestone colors catalogs &# 8211; Cream Beige

Surfaces for countertops or cream-colored or beige are going to have eight kinds of colors that will be changing that you may find the one you like.

You're going to have other furniture and colors both furniture and walls to make it right and not the harmony of the room break into account.

Silestone colors catalogs &# 8211; Dark Gray and Black

As with white, black is another color widely used and more and more people choose for your countertops because it is very elegant.

In this case you are going to be able to choose between 24 tops dark gray and black so that you have the best choice.

Silestone colors catalogs &# 8211; Pink and red

For the more adventurous, who want to cheer and encourage the hob an idea that can take into account it is to incorporate warm colors.

As can be pink or red that we show in pictures. What do you think?

Silestone colors catalogs &# 8211; Green

Finally, if you prefer cold colors for countertops green you can also be very good.

As you can see there is a very dark green so it will not give you a sense of low light.

Which of all that we give catalogs for countertops Silestone colors you like best?

Photo catalogs Silestone colors for countertops and surfaces

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